Reasons Students Work with Me

Examples of why students decide to work with me one-on-one:

  • Understand getting into medical school is tough and want the been there, done that, experienced guidance
  • Not sure how to put together a winning medical school personal statement
  • No clue how to prepare for a medical school interview
  • Want help in developing study schedule to prepare for the MCAT
  • Having trouble academically and need guidance in studying and test-taking strategies
  • Want to ensure their secondary essays sound right for AdComs
  • Need someone to be their "boss" and push them throughout the application cycle
  • Failed the MCAT and need help in planning a retake and application options
  • New to premed and looking to find the best extracurricular activities
  • Looking for the best post bac program that will get them into medical school
  • First time applying to medical school and want expert guidance
  • Need help in choosing which medical schools to apply to
  • Parents who want to ensure their kid is on the right track for getting into medical school
  • Premeds who need help in deciding when to take their prerequisites for medical school
  • Career-changers who need guidance in pursuing a career in medicine
  • Non-traditional students who can't afford to make any mistakes after deciding want to become a doctor
  • Help in understanding "what are my chances"
  • Waitlisted and how do you show the medical school you want to attend
  • My situation is different from everyone else, I need your help
  • On the fence about whether to apply this cycle and want to know their options

I was once a premed student myself and now as a medical student who's already been through the process I can help you get into medical school and become a doctor. If you're unsure about your chances or looking for guidance, you can trust me to have your best interest at heart. Contact me today and let's get you into med school!

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