Want the Most Clearcut and Shortest Path for Getting Into Medical School? 

And if you ever asked one of these questions you've come to the right place.

What are my chances?

What's a good MCAT score?

How do I find doctors to shadow?

Is getting into medical school as hard as everyone says it is?

How do I distinguish myself from everyone else who is applying to medical school?

My school's prehealth advisor is telling me to choose a plan B, but I don't want to?

What to Expect

I am going to give you the most clearcut, straightforward path to medical school.

Get into medical school now this is the place to be 

IN believe in taking an honest approach in helping you achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a doctor. I'm not here to buy things, rather to provide objective advice in a constructive way so you have your best chances to succeed.

Besides, "you'd rather hear bad news from me, rather than the medical schools when then it's too late."

Stick with me and I will lead you to your white coat and stethoscope, Future Doctor!

About Dr. Spears

Student Dr. Jason Spears

DoctorPremed was founded Jason Spears in 2008 after friends and classmates were asking him about how to get into medical school.

Why Jason?

While an undergraduate student at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) served as the president of the premier society during his junior and senior years. Before then he was the treasurer.

Dr. Spears were in a position where he was constantly in touch with the gatekeepers your future, the medical school admissions officers. He became friends with AdComs from the top medical schools in the country and ultimately allowed him to gain and better understanding of what the medical schools were seeking in appl

When it advises students it's never "well this worked for me, so it should work for you."

He gives you advice and recommendations used by a variety of medical schools so you know what he will do and will lead you to the best possible.

Educational Background

Jason Spears will graduate from a New York City medical school in 2019.

Graduate School:

Boston University School of Medicine - MA in Medical Sciences


Northwestern University - BA in Political Science

Harvard Summer School - premedical coursework fulfilled

Parting Words

Becoming a doctor is a journey and everyone takes their own path.

You have to believe in yourself, you can do it and be willing to work harder than you have ever imagined.

If you have people who don't believe in you, then you need to limit the amount of contact with those individuals.

I believe you have to be competitive with your MCAT score and GPA to get into medical school and graduating as a physician. 

However, the sole litmus test should not be purely number based. 

Always remember that becoming a doctor is a privilege and not a right one. You are entering a very noble profession and the patient will always come first.

"Study Wisely."

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