Want the Most Clearcut and Shortest Path for Getting Into Medical School? 

If you ever asked one of these questions you're in the right place!

Student Dr. Jason Spears

What are my chances?

How do I improve my MCAT score?

How do I find doctors to shadow?

Is getting into medical school really as hard as everyone says?

How do I distinguish myself from everyone who is applying to medical school?

My school's prehealth advisor isn't helpful, what should I do?

The Only Premed Coach You Need

Can I tell you a secret?

I'm not like the other premed coaches you'll come across.

Most people who say they can help you get into medical school do not have the expertise to back it up. Often someone will wrongly claim since they got into medical school they are now qualified to advise you on getting into medical school.

However, if you asked them what made them successful in getting into medical school they wouldn't have a concrete answer.

Or worse...

They wrongly believe what worked for them will work for you.

Remember, a sample size of one does not make strong science. When you are working to become a doctor is that a chance you're willing to take?

I'm the real deal.

When I advise students you'll never hear me say, "well this worked for me, so it should work for you too." I give you advice that is recommended by the top medical schools across the country where it's not limited to just one medical school. Meaning, you can rest assured you are being led towards a medical school acceptance no matter where you apply. 

How a Northwestern University Premed Student Founded DoctorPremed 

This website actually came into existence by accident. I never envisioned I'd be helping you become a doctor.

So what happened?

While an undergraduate student at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), I served as the president of the premed society president during my junior and senior year of college. 

This position along with my engaging personality put me on a first name basis with medical school admissions officers from across the country because it was my job to invite them to campus every spring quarter.

When you're on the telephone and corresponding via email with AdComs for several years a professional relationship is bound to develop. Plus, AdComs will share what they're actually looking for in applicants... the stuff you can't find anywhere.

As a popular and knowledgeable student at school my classmates began asking me for advice on how to get into medical school. Over time, I noticed the same questions were being asked again and again.

Being the efficient and pragmatic person that I am there was only one thought, "Why not start a website" this way my knowledge could be accessible to anyone at any time. 

And there you have it the beginnings of DoctorPremed in August 2008.

My Credentials and Degrees... Those Fancy Titles

Boston University School of Medicine
Northwestern University logo
Harvard University logo

My academic background.

Graduated from New York City area medical school in 2019.

Graduate School:

Boston University School of Medicine - Master of Arts in Medical Sciences

Thesis, "Rising Incidence of Cesarean Sections and Implications for Mother and Neonate"


Northwestern University - Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Harvard University Summer School - Premed Coursework Completed


Howard Hughes Medical Institute - EXROP Program at Partners AIDS Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital

Northwestern University - Undergraduate in the Success Sciences Program "Lead Poisoning"

What to Expect

I am going to give you the most clearcut, straightforward path to medical school.

I believe in taking an honest approach in helping you become a doctor. This means I'm a straight shooter.

You'll receive objective advice in a constructive manner so that you have your best chance at admissions success.

Stick with me and you'll have your white coat and stethoscope in no time. 

Parting Words

Not everyone takes the same path to medical school, however you have to believe in yourself and be willing to work harder than you ever thought possible.

If you have negative people who do not support your journey, then you need to limit the amount of contact with those individuals.

However, I believe you need a competitive MCAT score and GPA to get into medical school and graduate as a physician. 

Although numbers matter they should not be the sole determinant of who gets admitted to medical school.

Becoming a doctor is a privilege and not a right.

"Study Wisely."