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Believe me, I understand you just want to get into medical school. You're tired of all the work required as a pre-med student. As the MCAT approaches you become very anxious. As you begin your med school applications you can only wonder, "What happens if I don't get in?"

HELP has arrived!

How would you like to know exactly what the medical school admissions officers from the top med schools expect of you? Well it's all possible with the ebooks on this page. This is your opportunity to spend a little money to avoid the pain of rejection.

The main purpose here is to get you into the best medical school with the least amount of:

  • Stress
  • Time
  • Money!

If you're serious about getting into med school you'll realize you never let an opportunity pass you by that will get you one step closer to the finish line. Not to scare you but there are way more qualified applicants than spots available in med school so purely based on the numbers not everyone is going to get in.

This is your chance to purchase books to give you a competitive advantage...ensuring you end up where you need and want to be. I reveal more tips, advice, and knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere.

You didn't work this hard in organic chemistry or physics to let a few dollars stand between you and the grand prize of your medical school acceptance so go ahead and get the ebook that will help you get into medical school!

If you have a question, the answer can be found within the ebooks presented on this page. Go ahead... and take a look at the selection of ebooks currently available. Be sure to click on the book cover or link to learn more!

Post Bac Guidebook for Getting Into Medical School

Get the inside scoop on the top post baccalaureate and master programs with a reputation Post Bac Guidebook of getting their students admitted to medical school.

If you are struggling with choosing a post bac program or want to know your options as a:

  • Academic-Record Enhancer
  • Career-Changer
  • Underrepresented in Medicine (URM)
  • Master Program
Then this is the book for you. Click to learn more about the Post Bac Guidebook.

2014 Medical School Acceptance Rates

Want to know your chances of getting in? Add to Cart Medical School Acceptance Rates

Use medical school acceptance rates to take the guesswork out of applying and give yourself a leg up against the competition. Each medical school is ranked by difficulty making easy to discover the hardest and easiest schools to get into.

Rankings are listed according to the factors that matter the most:

  • Overall Acceptance Rates
  • In-State Acceptance
  • Out-of-State Acceptance
  • Interview Rates
If you can think of it, the stats are covered.

This year's edition has BONUS material on MCAT scores and GPAs of accepted students too!

What are you waiting for? Click here to discover the schools that will give you your best chance of getting in.

How to Beat The MCAT

The MCAT is the make or break test for getting into medical school and is one of the final aspects of your application that you still have control over.Add to Cart How To Beat The MCAT

At this point in time your grade point average (GPA) will not be changing so you must excel on the MCAT the first time if you want to get into medical school.

Here is your chance to get an ebook that offers only the best in preparing for the MCAT. This is NOT a science review book. Instead, this is an ebook that will show you:

  • How to study for the MCAT
  • How to tackle Verbal Reasoning passages
  • When to take the MCAT
  • How much MCAT prep time you'll need
  • Study techniques to improve your science grades.

Of course there's much more too.

You have worked too hard over the past three years to not perform well on the Medical College Admission Test. Get everything you need to be successful on the MCAT and make medical school reality. Don't delay, here's where you can click to discover How to Beat the MCAT.

Med School Admissions Secrets

This is your must have eBook where you'll discover everything you'll ever need to get into medical school.Med School Admission Secrets Whether you're just beginning as a premed student or actively applying you cannot go without this guidebook.

Discover exactly what medical school admissions officers really want from applicants and how you can standout amongst everyone to ensure med school becomes your reality.

Just a glimpse of what's covered:

  • How to prepare and study for the MCAT
  • Crafting a winning Personal Statement
  • How to intelligently prepare for Medical School Interviews
  • Step-by-step guide for completing your Application
  • Combined knowledge of over 100+ Admissions Directors
This is just a small "taste" of what's in store for you, simply click on Med School Admissions Secrets to learn how you can alter your chances of medical school acceptance success.

How to Write the Perfect Medical School Personal Statement

Did you know your personal statement is the deciding Purchase Personal Statefactor when the medical school admission committee must choose between two equally qualified applicants?

Get secret writing advice from a top ranked medical school, ensuring you stand out amongst the competition and get your most wanted response: a medical school interview! Learn more about Writing the Perfect Personal Statement here.

How to Choose Medical Schools

Discover how to pick the best fit medical schools for you. There's a science and strategy to choosing medical schools where you have your best chances for admission.

Uncover 30+ strategies to help you target your application to medical schools that are looking for applicants just like yourself. Get ready for an insider's view on what actually goes on behind closed doors when the admissions committee meets to evaluate candidates.

This is just a sampling of what's included:

  • Application Process Strategies
  • Medical School Selection Factors
  • Number of Medical Schools to Apply
If you like what you see so far, then learn more about Choosing Medical Schools here.

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