Want to Get Into Medical School?

You got over 99 problems as a premed, don't let the MCAT be one of them.

Yes, I Want my FREE 5 Day Crash MCAT Course
Yes, I Want my FREE 5 Day Crash MCAT Course

Ready to distinguish yourself and actually get into medical school the first time around, despite the 60% REJECTION rate?

I'm here to make medical school a reality for you and it's not just my knowledge as a former premedical society President at Northwestern University and current medical student, instead the combined experience of:

  • AdComs
  • Doctors
  • Professors
  • Medical Students
  • Premed Advisors

all of whom I have on speed dial so you can trust me, when I say you won't be led astray at DoctorPremed.com.

You're at the right place if you realize...

Research, getting ready to be published, high GPA, okay MCAT, 1000+ hours of clinical experience, awesome Letters of Recommendation and extracurricular activities is not enough to get into medical school. 

Maybe you feel...

You basically have to save someone's life by performing a solo heart surgery in the middle of a flash flood for a committee to even consider your application.