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Want to Get Into Medical School?

You’re about to discover the single most straightforward, most clearcut, and most comprehensive guide to navigating the best path to Med School available today…

Whether you’re…

  • Preparing for the MCAT
  • Writing your Personal Statement
  • Confused about which schools to apply
  • Considering Post Bac Programs or SMPs
  • Stressed and not sure what are all the pieces to your medical school application
  • Want to ace your med school interview
  • Reapplying for the first time or more…

Imagine earning a top MCAT score. Now you can breathe easy knowing you passed the biggest hurdle standing between you and medical school. Never will you have to explain why you bombed the MCAT, instead you’ll be too focused on completing secondary apps that will have AdComs inviting you to more medical interviews than you can handle.

…There’s one thing I can guarantee –

Getting accepted to medical school this cycle is much easier when you stick with me as I show you every step of the process, in sequence, with exactly what to do at each step of the way with firsthand knowledge and strategies.

And that’s what I have for you…

DoctorPremed is my website that will dramatically improve your chances of getting into medical school, saving you a ton of time, helping you avoid any missteps and dropping your stress levels overnight.

Have you ever thought?

“Research, getting ready to be published, a high MCAT score, decent grades, awesome LORs, and 1000+ hours of clinical experience and extracurriculars is not enough to get into medical school. And feel as though you basically have to save someone’s life by performing a solo heart surgery in the middle of a flash flood is the only way for an admissions committee to even consider your application.”

Even if you’re not saving someone’s life, I can show you how to standout and make a lasting impact that will get your medical school application seen by AdComs.