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Medical School Admission Success

I was the president of the premed society in undergrad and made contacts with admissions officers from the top medical schools across the country. Everything I present to you has been taken from them.

This is insider information you can't get anywhere else.

Trust me because you're not getting just my advice and input. This is the combined experience of:

  • Premed Advisors
  • Med School Admissions Officers
  • Doctors
  • Professors
  • Medical Students
All in one place. With such a diversity of opinions and backgrounds you won't be led astray at

My goal is very simple: to make medical school a reality for you. I do this by walking you step-by-step through your premed years all the way to your white coat ceremony in medical school.

We all know that grades and MCAT scores are important for getting into medical school. Did you know there are strategies you can use to boost your chances for admission regardless of your "numbers?"

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Who I Can Help

  • Those who've been told your chances of getting into medical school are slim. You know, when you're encourage to start thinking about alternative careers.
  • Those with a marginal science GPA at best and if you're concerned about performing well on the MCAT.
  • You've considered post-bac programs or Caribbean medical schools.
  • You're premed and want guidance to medical school success.
If you can identify with any of the above then you're at the right place.

What's In Store For YOU

  • A clear path where everything has been outlined for you step-by-step

  • The honest truth about what it really takes to get accepted

  • How to take ownership of your academics from improving your grade point average to how to best prepare for the MCAT

  • Post Bac and Master programs with a proven track record for getting students to medical school. Also how to apply with a low GPA.

  • Tips for approaching professors for getting the strongest letters of recommendation possible

  • Not sure how to get started with your personal statement? Discover how to write a compelling essay that forces the reader to invite you to an interview

  • You'll uncover alternative paths to becoming a doctor. From the best caribbean to osteopathic medical schools
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  • Getting involved in extracurricular activities that are meaningful and turn heads on the admissions committee

  • Facts and stats on the top schools in the United States

  • Retakes. What to do if you need to retake the MCAT or reapply to medical school. Strategic steps to lead to new success

  • Completing secondaries. Must know tips about when to complete, what to write and why

  • You've been invited to an interview, now what? Understand, the importance of knowing your application, current events and selling yourself

  • Money matters. You've got multiple offers how to you decide where to attend without piling up a mountain of debt

Trust Me

Hi. Jason Spears of DoctorPremed

I'm Jason and my goal is simple...get you into medical school!

Being premed is brutal. It's always one hurdle after another and even when you cross the finish line there's no guarantee you'll get into medical school.

You're here because you want to become a doctor and I'll show you how to get there.

I'll teach and show you exactly what you need to do. By following my advice, you'll dramatically improve your odds of getting into medical school!

As the former president of the premed society at Northwestern University you can rest assured that I know my stuff. Plus, everythign I learned from my interactions with medical school representatives is found throughout

I can't be all things to everyone.

My expertise is working with nontraditional premed students. And students who need additional academic assistance. If you're sailing through your premed classes with a 4.0 GPA, scoring 35s on MCAT, have stellar extracurricular activities and know where you're applying then you'll need to look elsewhere.

If you're in high school it's probably too early for you to begin thinking about medical school. But if you're intent on becoming a doctor do realize you there are combined BS/MD programs you can apply to coming out of high school. Overall, high schoolers should focus on the SAT/ACT at this time.

Meeting Your Needs

GPA and MCAT scores are important but that's only half the battle. Stick with me and you'll discover the hidden truth to what it actually takes to getting into medical school.

Believe it or not but your personal statement for medical school should not be taken lightly at all. Most premeds do not put enough time and thought into what they are going to write and this negatively affects their chances for admission. There are two questions that all personal statements must address.


What's new
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Letters of Recommendation. Learn exactly how to got about requesting them. This includes what to say, how to say it and when to say it. I even tell you when you should decline having someone write a letter on your behalf.

Post Bac options are available if you aren't competitive enough to get into medical school. Uncover all of the possibilities you have and there's even a guide book for each program in the top 4 categories that most students fall into.

If you need someone who is going to go to bat for you and do everything possible to streamline your chances for getting into med school then this is the only place you need to be.

I could go on and on about the premed process but I'm sure you get the point by now. So take a moment and look around at all the great content, products and services offered here at

"Most important, I probably had not yet fully realized that becoming a doctor would involve work, hard, unrelenting, disciplined, often body-and soul-consuming work, from dawn to night and then some. The full knowledge of that would come later-and take me by surprise. I think I assumed because the prophecy had been made, the career in medicine would simply be waiting for me when I was ready..."

~ Rose-Marie Toussaint, M.D.

How to Beat the MCAT

How to Beat the MCAT

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