"Want to be a doctor? First you have to get into medical school...Let me help!"

Getting into medical school is ridiculously tough. 

There are over 781,602 applications submitted each year by 52,550 of your classmates. Meaning just one medical school can receive over 15,000 apps. Out of all those applications only 1,000 premeds will be granted a med school interview. To fill a class of only 120 medical students.

You don't have to be a math whiz to see the odds are stacked against you for getting into medical school. 

Matter of fact, 60% of first time applicants are REJECTED from medical school.

The Student Doctor Will See you now

Medical Student in White coat

I'm Jason Spears and currently a 4th year medical student in New York City. I've been in your shoes as a premed student and even as a med student right now I understand everything you're going through.

  • Questions about what are your chances?
  • How do I get better grades?
  • Keeping up with rising MCAT scores each year?
  • What can I do to look more attractive to adcoms?
  • The best extracurriculars?
  • I study science, not English, how do I write a great Personal Statement?

As a medical student I'm in the perfect position to help you. I'm just a few years removed from being a premed but also not a doctor who's forgotten what it means to be a student. Basically, I could be the student voice on the admissions committee and voting on whether you get accepted or not. So trust me when I can give you an insider's look on how to be the most competitive applicant for medical school.

Here's What I can do for you

I've been helping students since 2008 and have a 98% customer satisfaction rate. 

With me you won't have to settle for barely getting into medical school. You can go to your top choice program. You'll be getting offers from the likes of:

  • Baylor
  • Case Western Reserve
  • Northwestern - Feinberg
  • Stanford
  • Temple
  • Tufts
  • UIC

I really do have your back on this journey and will help you avoid any pitfalls that unsuspecting premed students like yourself  aren't aware of. 

The top three reasons students reach out to me centers around their:

  1. Grade Point Average - it's low and may have to consider post bac programs
  2. MCAT - not going as planned
  3. Personal Statement - can't figure out if it's "good enough"

Of the hundreds of students I've worked with over the years there hasn't been one who I couldn't help. 

I'm a straight shooter and will give you an honest and objective assessment of how competitive you are for medical school. At certain times, I have to bring bad news but I tell students, "You'd rather hear it from me as opposed to the admissions committee, when it's then final.

I can't make miracles happen but have come up with many out of the box solutions to help a premed student move forward when their pre-health advisors and mentors have suggested otherwise. If this sounds like you, let's talk.

Especially if you ever felt:

Research, getting ready to be published, high GPA, okay MCAT, 1000+ hours of clinical experience, awesome Letters of Recommendation and extracurricular activities is not enough to get into medical school. 

You basically have to save someone's life by performing a solo heart surgery in the middle of a flash flood for a committee to even consider your application.

What Premed Students are saying...

You have helped me tremendously with my personal statement and on my journey as a premed student. I wish I would have known about your website earlier, but I am glad I found out about it before this application cycle. Thank you for taking the time to help students that hope to be in your place in the future. It truly means a lot!” – Navedeep

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