Want to Get Into Medical School?

Imagine taking the MCAT with confidence. Writing a killer personal statement. Nailing your med school interviews. And finally receiving your offer of admission to Medical School!

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I'm Jason, a 3rd year medical student and past president of the premedical society at Northwestern University where I made contacts with the decision makers at the top medical schools across the country. Stick with me as I reveal everything I learned from them.

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My goal is simple: to get you into med school. Get ready for step-by-step guidance throughout your premed years all the way to your White Coat Ceremony.

What I Have For YOU!

The honest truth about what it really takes to get accepted to medical school. If you're like most premeds you feel,

As an applicant to medical school everyone is already brillant with a perfect 4.0 GPA and in the 99th Percentile on their MCAT. The competition has Department Chairs writing their Letters of Recommendation and they've done volunteering work in a 3rd world country. As you look around, you realize you aren't published and the kid next to you has 100s of more hours of shadowing than you while holding more leadership positions than humanly possible. Just to make matters worse, you don't have an Uncle who can open doors to your dream medical school by placing one telephone call.

Don't worry about the factors outside of your control because I will show you how to package yourself and make a compelling story to the AdComs. 

Did you know?

59% of premeds who apply to medical school get rejected. This means it's going to take more than a great MCAT score and GPA to get admitted. 

How you spend your time with your extracurricular activities matters more than you think. Discover the meaningful extracurricular activities that actually turn heads on the admissions committee. 

And yes I answer the question, "Is research necessary to get into medical school?"  

Not sure what to put into your medical school personal statement? I'll walk you through the process of writing a compelling medical school essay that forces your reader to invite you to a medical school interview.

Worried about the MCAT?

I got you covered with everything you need to know for How to Beat the MCAT. Leave nothing to chance with this test which determines if you even have a shot of becoming a doctor. I know the stakes are high but there are steps you can take to systematically boost your MCAT score with the least amount of time or effort. 

Success on the MCAT comes down to having a plan and a bulletproof system in place which I will share with you. 

Completing medical school secondaries, great! Uncover must know tips about when to complete, what to write and why. How the timing of your secondaries actually matters to AdComs too.

You made the cut and now it's a mad dash to prepare for your medical school interview. Understand the importance of knowing your application, being on top of current events and ethical issues in medicine and how to sell yourself without coming off cocky or arrogant.

Money matters. You've got multiple officers which is a good problem to have. But how do you decide where to attend without piling up a mountain of debt.

By sticking with me, a medical student who's already gone through the process I will help you avoid any pitfalls that can derail your chances of getting in but more importantly by the time you apply you'll never have to post in a random forum, "What are my chances!"

You can relax knowing you have one of the best applications and in no time will be preparing to receive your White Coat from the medical school Dean as you join the noble profession of medicine. 

"Most important, I probably had not yet fully realized that becoming a doctor would involve work, hard, unrelenting, disciplined, often body-and soul-consuming work, from dawn to night and then some. The full knowledge of that would come later-and take me by surprise. I think I assumed because the prophecy had been made, the career in medicine would simply be waiting for me when I was ready..."

 ~ Rose-Marie Toussaint, M.D.