AACOMAS Is Your Application to Osteopathic Medical Schools

AACOMAS is the equivalent of AMCAS for those applying to allopathic medical schools. Just know that the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS) will streamline the application process for medical school.

Think of AACOMAS as the common application used when applying to undergraduate colleges and universities. Except the stakes are much higher this time around... your medical future is on the line.

The application cycle for admission to osteopathic medical school begins in May and ends the first week of April.

The key to applying is to apply early and this includes osteopathic medial schools.

Many institutions use a rolling admissions process so if you're one of the first to apply you have a better chance at admission. Processing of your application begins when the application has been submitted and payment is received. Two key aspects to your application are transcripts and MCAT scores.

You should request official copies of your transcript be sent directly to AACOMAS and keep a copy for yourself. You will need the transcript to complete the Academic Record portion of your application.

MCAT scores are required for admission into a college of osteopathic medicine and they are not automatically forwarded.

It is your responsibility to designate American Association College of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service as a recipient (Social Security Number is needed for this transaction to occur, electronically). Your application will not be processed without your MCAT score and if taken on a later date your application will be updated.

There's a fee associated with applying to osteopathic medical colleges and this fee can only be paid via credit card or money order made payable to:


1900 L Street, NW, Suite 603

Washington, DC 20036


Application Specifics

Letters of evaluation (recommendation) must be sent directly to your designated colleges of osteopathic medicine. Do not send to AACOMAS, otherwise they will be returned to you.

Please note: rocessing of your application generally takes from three to six weeks.

There will be an applicant profile generated and provided to all the osteopathic medical schools you designate. Your profile will include the following:

  • Colleges You Designated (applicant copy only)
  • Name and Social Security Number
  • Sex and Date of Birth
  • Preferred Mailing Address
  • Permanent and/or Legal Residence (County/State)
  • Citizenship and (if applicable) Visa Type (blank if US)
  • Disadvantaged Response
  • Self-Description
  • Year of Most Recent Application to a D.O. Institution (Year of Most Recent Application to This College: specify individual college)
  • Misdemeanor or Felony Conviction
  • Family Member a D.O. or M.D.
  • Advisor Release Statement
  • How you first learned of osteopathic medicine
  • Degree, Date, Major and Institution
  • GPA and Hours by Subject
  • Course Record GPA and Hours by Subject
  • Deficiencies in required course hours based on the specific requirements of each college
  • Hours less than a grade of C or 2.0
  • Date to take or retake the MCAT
  • Number of times the MCAT was taken
  • MCAT Scores (upto three sets)
  • Quality Points: Science, Non Science, and Total
  • Date Applicant Profile was printed

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