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My help.

Trust me to help you get into medical school
I’ll make becoming a DOCTOR your reality!

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17 Years of Success

We provide businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive set of
solutions that meet their needs.

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Deep expertise, broad experience

Mostly your business runs perfectly: your employees do their jobs,
your customers buy from you, and you stay ahead of the competition.

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Why Premeds

Choose DoctorPremed

Our History

Since 2008 I have been helping premed students like yourself successfully get into medical school. With years of experience behind me you will always have knowledgeable advice that works.

Student Doctor

I was once in your shoes so know exactly what you’re going through and what it takes to get into medical school. Trust me my first-hand experience will prove to be very beneficial to you.A

Premed Dream Team

You’re not getting just my knowledge or what worked for me. Instead, it’s your premed dream team: doctors, professors, medical students, AdComs; with such a diverse wealth of knowledge you’re going to be successful on getting in.

Your Success is My Success

I absolutely enjoy helping premed students think outside the box and show them what they can do to get into medical school. Even if you’ve been told your situation is hopeless don’t give up before speaking with me.

Competitive Rates

I’m not out to make a quick buck or gouge you with obscene fees. My job is to give you the best information so you can be the most informed applicant to medical school all at very competitive rates.

Skilled Pros

All members of our big united team have a vast experience, profound skills, and an immediate urge to fix and implement any management ideas within their sight! Our team can do anything!

Record of Success

Throughout all the economic stagnations, crises and the Great Recession, we were able to call the right investment options, always being on the move and winning!

Fair Fees

Thankfully, we’re located on the Wall street. That is why having a price range that is fair, affordable and attainable for any corporation is what makes our fees so unique!

Student Doctor.



Let me help you! Your success is my success and I’m dedicated to helping you successfully navigate your premed years so you can earn your White Coat & Stethoscope.

Hi, I’m Jason.
I’m really excited that you’re premed and on the road to becoming a doctor. This is no small undertaking but you couldn’t have come to any better place. Trust me when I say I will be your strongest advocate and give you everything you need to outshine the competition and make medical school a reality for you. My promise to you is always to be direct and give you my honest feedback as I tell students, “you’d rather hear bad news from me, rather than AdComs when by then it’s too late.” Stick with me and I’ll turn you transform you from a “diamond in the rough” to the must have applicant AdComs drool over.

I Offer a Range of
Premed Products and Services

Personal Statement
MCAT Mastery
Post-Bac Guide
Med School
Interview Prep

Start improving your

chances for acceptance today!

Our Services
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$400per square
  • 3 month free maintenance; 24/7 Customer support; Quality service guarantee; Business Plan 1 yr; Franchise Assessment
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$700per square
  • 3 month free maintenance; 24/7 Customer support; Quality service guarantee; Business Plan 1 yr; Franchise Assessment
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Read What Students Say About Me:

Theresa MayJune 14, 2016

Just want to thank you for all your help that you have provided on this matter. Since the moment you and your team of Tax Consulting pros had gotten involved, I had not had the stress that I had before. You guys handled my situation with the utmost professionalism…

Jean GordonJune 14, 2016

Whenever I feel like I am head over heels with the decision on which exact investment option to take, I call these guys up. They’ve made me more than $789 million in profit, and that’s just in the last few years! Whatever they advised me, turned out to be gold…