Your Transcript Verification is Critical to Application Success

Transcript verification can be an extremely difficult task to complete when applying to medical school, but I am going to walk you step by step through this process.

Initially, you will have all official transcript(s) (OT) from every post-secondary institution sent to AMCAS. AMCAS will email you when they receive each transcript and indicate how long it will take for processing.

What You Need to Do

It is very important that the transcript verification is correct on your AMCAS application. Be sure that everything correlates in the following categories:
  • OT Hours
  • Sem Hours
  • OT Grade
  • AMCAS Grade

The OT Hours correspond to your Official Hours i.e. what is listed on the original transcript.

The Sem Hours correspond to the Semester Hours given by the institution attended for the particular course.

While OT Grade corresponds to the Official Transcript Grade i.e. what grade you received in the class.

AMCAS Grade is the grade which AMCAS has given for the course and ideally they should be the same.


When reviewing the transcript verification aspect of your AMCAS Application it is very important that all the above mentioned categories have a value of either a letter grade or number.

If something seems incorrect or does not match you can email AMCAS or call to have them look into the matter on your behalf.

Additionally, if you already submitted your application for verification and see an error later, you have the right to submit an Academic Change Request.


You want to ensure everything is correct because this is your medical school future on the line and although this may be a tedious task it is worth the effort.

Please remember the values located in this section of the AMCAS application are generally entered into a computer before being seen by a human to automatically screen out applicants, therefore it is only in your best interest to be absolutely sure of what is verified.

If you are having difficulty with this section please speak with a premed advisor, contact AMCAS, or use a source who is familiar with the application process.

My Story

MY transcript verification process did not go well. I signed off on my AMCAS as being correct after having several premed advisors and medical school admissions representatives review my Official Applicant Copy.

If you looked at everything you would see that it was correct: OT Hours, OT Grade, AMCAS grade, the course name and institution were correct, etc. I should reiterate my undergraduate institution (Northwestern University) operates on the Quarter System, while I completed my Biological Sciences requirements at Harvard University Summer School which operates on the Semester System.

To make a long story short, there were discrepancies in what went to the medical schools. AMCAS had admitted they made an error and gave me "zero semester hours for my Harvard courses," while they listed the full 8 OT Hours correctly on my AMCAS application.

Therefore, every medical school assumed I had not taken the required courses of Biology and Organic Chemistry and this derailed my candidacy for medical school because the error was caught after the fact.

Hence, I take this section of the medical school application process very seriously and if you have any doubts please ask.