Top Ten Medical Schools

These are the top ten medical schools that are consistently leaders in medical education and health care. You'll find the top 10 medical schools for research. 

Before diving into the top ranked medical schools let's briefly consider what factors were used in deciding which institutions made the cut.

Research institutions as the name implies are known as research powerhouses, where they lead innovation across all of medicine. But simply having research doesn't automatically put your medical school at the forefront because the selectivity of students is a key factor. 

Specifically how hard it is to get into the medical school is considered using the criteria of MCAT scores, GPA and acceptance rate along with the faculty to student ratio. Although, this last issue should not be weighed too heavily.

I say this because at most medical schools you attend a large lecture with minimal interaction with the professors. You are then expected to take full responsiblity for your education and learn the material.

Rankings of Research Medical Schools

The top research medical schools represent the best of the best in all of medicine. You'll find these are the institutions receiving the most National Institutes of Health grants per faculty member along with net dollar amount of funding for both the medical school and their affiliated hospitals.

If you're familiar with medicine you'll realize that most schools do not fluctuate in their medical school rankings...each year is typically consistent and predictable.

Without further delay here are the top ten medical schools for research:

Rank Medical School Name Location
1 Harvard Medical School (HMS) Boston, MA
2 Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
3 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Baltimore, MD
4 Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Saint Louis, MO
5 Duke University School of Medicine Durham, NC
5 Stanford University School of Medicine Stanford, CA
5 University of California - San Francisco School of Medicine San Francisco, CA
5 Yale School of Medicine New Haven, CT
9 University of Washington School of Medicine Seattle, WA
10 Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons New York, NY
10 University of Michigan Medical School Ann Arbor, MI

At the end of the day do not make these numbers your sole or deciding factor for choosing a particular medical school. The top ranked medical schools are not always the best for every medical student.

You need to seriously consider your learning style, grading system used and other factors such as location, study time allotment for United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) preparation, etc. Let these be the prevailing motivators for selecting a medical school.

For your information it should be pointed out that there are actually eleven top ten medical schools listed and all the medical school rankings come from 2011.

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