Tom Brady and Super Bowl 5 - But The Greatest Doctor Of All Time is Carson

Have to switch it up this week and be motivational instead of MCAT now that Super Bowl happened and this Student Doctor loves the game of 🏈!

Listen up bc there's a golden message that's not just sports...

Tom Brady continues to set the bar and with 5 Super Bowl rings he is the greatest NFL player of all time. You don't win that much and that often by luck or chance.

You want to know someone else who is the best at what they do Dr Ben Carson. Let's put aside politics and think about him and just medicine.

Tom and Ben have some commonalities.

It burns Tom that he was passed up by 166 other players before being drafted in the 6th round. He thought he would have to become a salesman bc wouldn't get into the NFL. He is grateful to the Patriots and will forever win for them bc they took a chance on him.
Ben came to UMich medical school and was told to see the Dean bc he did so poorly on his first set of medical exams. The Dean suggested he was smart w an undergrad degree from Yale but maybe medicine wasn't for him. Ben wasn't going to hear this or the advice to maybe take a reduced courseload. Instead he prayed about the situation and became ferocious about studying and learning in depth. He studied and studied until knew everything and could explain it to others. He went from being told medicine may not be for him to graduating at the top of his class and landing a prestigious neurosurgery residency at John Hopkins.

It's not how you start it's how you finish that matters. Go out and prove the naysayers wrong bc it's in your power to do so.
Play to win, win to play.

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