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The Princeton Review

Princeton Review MCAT is the industry leader when it comes to what they can do with you and generating more than an average MCAT score. The Princeton MCAT program fully delivers on their promises and you must take a look at how you can be helped in your MCAT preparation saving $100 on any Princeton MCAT course.

Imagine how it will look to the medical school admissions committee if you are able to lift your MCAT score by over 10 points using MCAT Princeton Review methods. This is absolutley huge when you consider the range of scores on the Medical College Admissions Test has a low of 3 to a high of 45.

You have several options to tailor a MCAT prep program to your specific needs ranging from classroom courses to private Princeton MCAT tutoring.

Classroom MCAT Courses

For most premeds there is only one way to ensure you will study for the MCAT on a consistent and regular basis and that is through taking a Princeton Review course. Two courses are offered the Hyperlearning MCAT Classroom Courses or LiveOnline Courses to put you on the path of success well before you take the real MCAT.

The MCAT Princeton Review program is second-to-none and that is why they guarantee the quality of their programs. For instance, if you are not happy with your MCAT score you can retake the whole course again for free with absolutely no questions asked!

How many other MCAT test preparation companies do you think would do that for you?

Not many. But what exactly are you getting when you enroll in a MCAT Princeton course? The Hyperlearning MCAT course includes:

  • 105 hours of live instruction, in 42 sessions
  • 9 Full-length computer-based MCATs with detailed score reports
  • Unlimited access to all 8 AAMC practice MCATs
  • 6 Additional MCATs' worth of subject-specific drills
  • Team of 3-5 instructors, each an expert in his subject
  • Up to 4,300 pages of up-to date materials
  • Up to 22 hours of Verbal preparation

Course Resources and Tools

  • Physics and Math Review
  • General Chemistry
  • Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review
  • Biology Review
  • Organic Chemistry Review
  • Science Workbook - 700 pages of MCAT practice passages and questions with complete explanations.
  • Verbal Workbook - MCAT practice passages and 4 full-length Verbal Reasoning practice tests with explanations.
  • In-Class Practice Compendium - equivalent of 4 MCATs worth of practice questions.
  • Science Questions and Solutions.
  • MCAT Essay Grader - feedback on your essay from an expert.
  • Verbal Accelerator - boost your reading comprehension skills.
  • Receive the AAMC's Official Guide to the MCAT Exam free upon enrollment.

I think the Hyperlearning MCAT course by the Princeton Review is a must have for any premed who is serious about becoming a doctor. The first step in the process is getting a competitive MCAT score and you cannot go wrong a Princeton Review MCAT course.

As was said earlier, what other program will allow you to retake the course for free as often as you need to get the desired score you want and if that is out of your reach offers a full refund policy! Click here to improve your MCAT score with Princeton.

Private Tutoring

With the MCAT Princeton Review you'll have access to 48 hours of the best MCAT tutoring available.

Meet with an experienced tutor two times a week over a period of 4 months and learn everything you need to know in-order to do well on this essential exam for getting into medial school.

There are three levels of Princeton Review tutors to meet whatever type of need you may have:

Private Tutor: get the best at this level, where your tutors have proven themselves to be excellent classroom instructors as seen in their evaluations from staff and students.

Master Tutor: at this level you'll be getting a tutor who can adjust to your particular needs and learning style to maximize your MCAT prep allowing you to see great results come test time.
These tutors are often requested by name because they have built such a reputation for being great at what they do.

Premier Tutor: it doesn't get any better than selecting a tutor at this level anywhere in the Princeton Review program.
If you are demanding and are determined to shine come MCAT test day then you definitely want to learn from an instructor at this level.

When you use Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring you automatically gain access to the following:

  • 9 Full-length computer-based MCATs with detailed score reports
  • Unlimited access to all 8 AAMC practice MCATs
  • 6 Additional MCATs' worth of subject-specific drills
  • Up to 4,300 pages of comprehensive manuals and workbooks
  • Feedback from your essays from an MCAT expert
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Option to add more hours
  • Receive AAMC's Official Guide to the MCAT exam, free upon enrollment

Princeton MCAT Wrap Up

You cannot go wrong when studying with The Princeton Review MCAT. One of their strong suits is being very thorough and comprehensive to their approach to the sciences. This means you will be more than prepared come test day.

I have read over and actually studied using their materials and if you want more than a cursory review of physics, orgo, general chemistry or biology then you absolutely must use Princeton Review MCAT materials in any shape or form that you can get your hands on. You will thank me later when your MCAT score arrives and you see how well you have done on the make or break test for getting into medical school.

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