All The New Medical Schools Waiting for Your Application

New medical schools offer you your best chance of getting into medical school. Here is the latest medical school information from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), which is responsible for accrediting allopathic (MD degree granting) institutions in the United States and Canada.

When applying be sure to apply to all the new medical schools.


These institutions want a diversified incoming medical school class. Plus, it is a lot easier getting in when most students don't realize the medical school is accepting applications (hey it's not your fault that you're an informed premed).

I'm sure you're aware of the need to create more doctors to meet the needs of a growing population in the United States and to care for elderly people who are going to need medical care. 

There are 5 steps a new school must go through before it is considered to have "Full Accreditation" status by the LCME. There are roughly 134+ institutions with full accreditation in the United States. 

To make things easier I am going to list the new medical schools based on where they stand in the accreditation process, obviously starting with the schools that are currently accepting applications. 

The schools are the top of the page are closer and/or are accepting students, while the schools at the bottom are further away from accepting students.

Step 4 Provisional Accreditation

Here are the medical schools currently having provisional accreditation by the LCME:
  • University of California - Riverside School of Medicine
    Riverside, California
  • Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University
    North Haven, Connecticut
  • Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
    Camden, New Jersey
  • University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville
    Greenville, South Carolina

A medical school with provisional accreditation has enrolled a charter class, has completed administrative paperwork which I'm sure you don't care too much about. But more importantly, the medical students enrolled in the program can continue their medical studies in the third and fourth year (clinical rotations) and the school can continue to enroll new students.

Step 3 Preliminary Accreditation

Here is a listing of new medical schools with preliminary accreditation where the official name of the medical school is provided along with the location (city and state):
  • University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix
    Phoeniz, Arizona
  • California Northstate University College of Medicine
    Elk Grove, California
  • Central Michigan University School of Medicine
    Mount Pleasant, Michigan
  • Western Mighican University School of Medicine
    Kalamazoon, Michigan
  • The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School
    Austin, Texas
  • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine
    Edinburg, Texas

These medical schools can begin to recruit and accept applications for enrollment. The medical school must enroll a charter class within two years of receiving this accreditation status, otherwise it must reapply for preliminary accreditation as a new program and pay a reapplication fee.

As you can tell, the medical school has an incentive to accept students, that is why getting into medical school is somewhat easier at this new medical schools.

Step 2 Candidate Status

Here is a listing of medical schools with candidate status where the official name of the medical school is provided along with the location (city and state):
  • Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Medicine
    Las Vegas, Nevada

These medical schools have paid their application fee to the LCME, but at this time they are not accepting students. Medical schools at this stage are still processing their medical school curriculum and need to have a site visit by the LCME.

Step 1 Applicant Status

Here is a listing of medical schools with applicant status where the official name of the medical school is provided along with the location (city and state):
  • California University of Science and Medicine, College of Medicine
    Colton, California
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Seton Hall-Hackensack School of Medicine
    South Orange, New Jersey
  • TCU & UNTHSC School of Medicine
    Fort Worth, TX
  • College of Henricopolis School of Medicine
    Martinsville, Virginia
  • Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine
    Spokane, Washington

Medical school information here is in the very beginning stages. These new medical schools have paid their application fee and meet the basic eligibility requirements to apply for accreditation.

To ensure that you have the latest information pertaining to where each medical shcool stands in the accreditation process by the LCME, please visit the LCME medical school status.

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