My First Medical School Interview

The format is called Multiple Mini Interviews. We were split into groups of 7. There were 7 closed doors in this maze of hallways. Each door had a paper with a typed scenario on it regarding an ethical question or hypothetical situation (one just had the question "why do you want to be a physician".) Each person stands in front of their respective door and they have 2 minutes to read and think about the question. Then, a light comes on, a looming speaker comes on saying "You may enter the room." Then you go into the room and there is an interviewer (could be a med student, faculty member, or community member) in there waiting for you, and you discuss the question for 7 minutes. Then the speaker comes on again - "Your time is up. Please proceed to the next room". Then you rush out so you have time to get to the next door and read the next scenario. Kinda weird.

I was so nervous on my first interview. I totally flubbed it...I had no idea what was coming out of my mouth and the look on my interviewer's face reflected that. In fact, at the end she told me not to be nervous and I should calm down. And so I did calm down and performed respectably (I think at least) in my next 6 interviews. One of my interviewers said he really liked my passion and another two said they really enjoyed talking to me. I only cringe when I think about the first - if I can only have those 7 minutes in time back!- but thank goodness they take an average of all the interviews.

Anyway, there were about 32 people in my interview slot, and only about 2 were girls! Is that nuts?!

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