Getting Into Medical School Is Only the Beginning - Do You Know How to Study, the Keys to Success, and How to Survive?

You only have once chance to get it right; the stakes couldn't be any higher as you try to land a Residency based on your Board Scores and Grades

Do You Know What You're Up Against?

Congratulations! You got into medical school. This is only the beginning of a grueling four year journey leading to your medical doctor degree if you can survive.

You're now competing against the best and brightest students from across the country. These are the students who graduated Magna Cum Laude from undergrad and scored in the 90th percentile and better on the MCAT.

They are now your classmates.

Medical school waits for no one. The pace is fast and unrelenting.

You'll often hear your professors say, "I'm not going to cover this, you guys already learned this in undergrad."

What happens if you didn't or you forgot?

Your professor isn't going to slowdown and make sure you're caught up. Nope, he's going to keep the facts coming fast, saying this is "High Yield" or "you should know this already". There is no hand holding in medical school. It's sink or swim. Darwin survivial of the fittest.

You got a major problem.

How well you do in your medical school classes will determine how you do on your United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) aka Step I e.g. Boards and the rest of your future in medicine.

"Board Scores and Money Matters"

I know you didn't come to medical school to become rich but let's not forget the fact doctors are compensated very well.

But not all doctors will see the riches found in medicine.

Those who struggle in the basic sciences or have to remediate any coursework can say goodbye to landing the most competitive medical specialties. Without a top medical specialty you'll never be able to purse a lifestyle specialty instead you may be stuck in a field that you don't like, the hours are horrible, patients are problematic and insurance reimbursements take forever.

Let's not even forget the crushing student debt you'll have when graduating from medical school. I'm talking to the tune of $183,000 in federal student loans.

I'm going to break things down and show you why you should be very concerned.

The average high USMLE score was 248 for Otolarngology and the low was 218 for Family medicine. Now not everyone is going to choose one of these specialties but here's what's at stake.

The highest earning specialty is Orthopedics at $443,000 per year and the lowest is Pediatrics at $204,000 per year. It doesn't take a math whiz to see that's a difference of $239,000 per year.

If you consider a physician will practice medicine for 30 years, how you do on your boards can mean losing out on over $7.1 million over the course of your career just because you bombed your Boards.

This is your motivation for why you need to do well in medical school from a money standpoint.

"You're In the Business of Saving Lives Now"

The money is one thing but what's more important is becoming a great doctor!

You're in the big leagues now.

What you know or don't know can make the difference in whether a patient lives or dies.

In medicine there are no do overs, or second chances. Your patients expect you to perform at 100% each and every time. There are no life lines, phone a friend or quickly look something up.

You're the student doctor who should have the answers.

Patients as soon as they see you in your white coat (even if short) you're a doctor and not a medical student.

You're going to need the tools to become a competent and knowledgeable doctor so you can face patients with confidence. I won't even tell you what's going to happen with your attendings.

Your attendings are going to pimp you and do everything to expose gaps in your knowledge. Once they find your weakness they will be relentless in the line of questioning. They know they know more than you but you have to just suck it up as they attempt to make a fool out of you.

The only way to combat this phenomenon that every medical student will experience is to have a strong foundation in the basic sciences. Otherwise you're dead. You'll be the med student who looks like a deer caught in the headlights and feel really embarrassed because all you can tell your attending, "I don't know."

Two choices about how to approach your medical education

Option 1: Go it alone. Trial and error approach. Think what worked in undergrad or grad school will get you through medical school unscathed. Study harder and believe it's just about sacrificing more for better grades.

Option 2: Follow a proven system built by experts who've already gone through the process. Learn what works and what doesn't. Discover how to study smart without working harder. Truly understand how to master the material so it actually sticks and you don't forget it.

"Let Me Help You Survive Medical School"

I'm Jason Spears, a 4th year medical student in NYC and the creator of the Ultimate Medical School Survival Guide course.

My goal is help you become the most successful doctor possible and it starts with excelling academically.

You'd be shocked by the number of students who contact me because they have horrible GPAs and want to know what are their chances or the medical student who is struggling to keep up with the pace of their coursework.

I don't want you to suffer and use a trial and error approach because the stakes are just too high. No one wants to spend an additional $50k to go to grad school just because they couldn't hack it in undergrad. And if you're a med student a red flag for residency programs is remediating any coursework or failing your Boards.

Study skills and techniques to do learn more and study less is my goal for you.

I went to Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) for undergrad but completed my premed coursework at Harvard Summer School. Then spent time at Boston University School of Medicine earning my Master degree. While in grad school I'd work with the tutors and finally discover the secrets to top academic performance in the sciences.

To really dig in and put myself on the path to success from day one of medical school I even travelled halfway across the country to work with a learning specialist for a week honing in the skills and strategies necessay to be considered an academic superstar.

Life has totally changed for me.

Because to be honest when I was in organic chemistry my TA told me, "With grades like these you'll never get into medical school."

Those days no longer exist.

I no longer pull all nighters, frantically cram before exams and hope to just pass.

I shouldn't say this but I hardly have to study nowadays. I've committed myself to following a system I learned from the top experts across the country and the results have been amazing. I walk into my exams calm, chugging some coffee, totally relaxed and even if I don't know a particular question on my exam I know how to effortlessly get to the best answer choice.

As you can tell, I've been in your shoes but was able to go from the bottom of the class to the top and want you to have this academic transformation too.

This is why I created the Ultimate Medical School Survival Guide Course.

Jason Spears - Founder |

"Really Enjoying the Videos"

Thanks Jason. I'm really enjoying your videos. Great suggestions you have. I'm creating my must do plan for success!

David Z.

"This Is Very Helpful Especially Self-test and Review"

Thanks for taking the time to put this together today!! It was very helpful and I appreciate how honest you are in the videos. I really liked the Self-test and Review and will begin using it...that's amazing!!

Danya P.

Is This For Me?

The Ultimate Medical School Survival Guide course is for any student studying science or medicine.

Certain sections are geared specifically for medical students such as Board prep.

What I'm sharing with you I picked up before arriving to medical school and if you're smart you'd be wise to implement what I teach before you get to medical school. There's no point in waiting when the stakes couldn't be any higher.

How It Works

I've worked with hundreds of students one-on-one since 2008 helping them improve academically.

I've worked with students who needed to pass a class to graduate, medical students who want their best shot of crushing their boards and medical students who have had to remediate their coursework.

All the students I work with walk away with their minds blown and their academic lives changed forever.

I'm going to reveal to you true secrets to success your professors don't know about. This is much more than the cliche advice of:

  • study more
  • do more problems
  • recopy your notes

What you need are proven strategies that work and realistic for a busy medical student. I won't bog you down in activities that only work if you had 36hrs in a day. Nope. I know what it means to be drowning in course work and just needing a breather. Being grateful for a weekend just so you can catch up.

There's only one of me and thousands of you.

It would be impossible for me to work with each of you individually. So I've come up with a WIN-WIN solution for everyone.

I've gone ahead and recorded my best lectures and tutoring sessions just for you. You're getting premium material that students pay premium price to access. If you cannot afford my hourly rate this will level the playing field so you can enjoy the benefits of expert coaching and tutoring for academic success on yourjourney to becoming a doctor a first-rate doctor.

What's Included

Your Ultimate Medical School Survival Guide is a video course designed to help you excel on your journey to becoming an awesome doctor.

  • The #1 factor to improve your grades immediately
  • What to do before stepping into the classroom
  • How to beat back the fire hydrant of info coming your way
  • A Revolutionary approach to actually determining what you don't know
  • How to make the most out of practice exams
  • Incorporating auditory senses to improve learning
  • Go from always forgetting to remembering anything
  • Discover a Board test secret to immediately get to the correct answer

I could go on and on about what's included but we'd be here for days and you don't have time. At this point you see the value in what is being offered to you and you'll take action today.

Or you'll walk away and try to do it on your own. Hoping things go well on each test.

Table of Contents


Why everything matters in medical school. Big picture of Boards. At the end of the day you'll be treating patients and decisions mean the difference between life and death.

Letter to Yourself

You have no clue what you just gotten yourself into. You're going to need to write a letter to yourself because it's going to come in handy at the most least expected times.

About Jason - Your Course Creator

Who's Jason? Let me introduce myself share my background and why I'm uniquely qualified to help you on your journey to becoming a great doctor.

The Schedule and Calendar Keeping You Honest

"Those who hate the schedule need it the most," R. Orwig. Discover how to maximize your 168 hours each week and actually gain more time. Never feel guilty again about not studying either.

The 50/10 Rule

This is a huge game changer. Say goodbye to all day study marathon sessions. If you were a fan of all-nighters you won't be pulling any more of these. You're about to become ruthless in what you can accomplish in a shorter amount of time.

Preview for The Big Picture

In under 10 minutes get the big picture of any reading assignment or lecture you'll be attending. You'll be able to jump in knowing the key concepts your professor will focus on while seeing the forest from the trees.

Treat Class Like the Movies

If you're going to class and writing down everything your professor is saying you're doing something wrong. Discover how you can take in class like you're watching your favorite movie and walk away knowing more than your classmates who are busy copying every word your professor says.

Marking the Text

If all you're doing is highlighting paragraph after paragraph along with underlining here and there you're not contributing to your learning. I'm going to help you become deliberate in how you mark up your textbooks and PowerPoint slides. Trust me there's a method to my madness.

Active vs Passive Learning

Passive studying where you read and re-read your notes is an outdated model of studying that gives you the impression you're learning when in fact you're not. Discover how to take ownership of your study materials, put it in your own words for long-term mastery.

Become a Teacher with Mini Lessons

Use Mini Lessons to determine what exactly you know and don't know. Plus when you teach it will get you ready for clinical years of medical school on the wards and getting "pimped" by the attendings.

Are You Making the Most of Practice Exams?

Time to have a paradigm shift. No longer are you going to save your practice exams for the days leading up to your exam. Here's the secret to getting the most out of practice exams.

Stop Watches and Laser Focus

I will show you how to incorporate a stop watch to your study sessions to regain control over your time and eliminate absolutely all distractions so you can get out of the library as fast as possible. Your classmates will think you never study because they haven't discovered the golden rule of being laser focused.

The Daily List

You're going to make a daily list by hand. This list is going to serve as your roadmap and also as your free pass while studying. Discover how it eliminates procrastination and boredom.

Read and Records

Time to get your auditory senses involved. Discover how using an entirely new modality for learning can help you retain more info. Plus, your studying becomes fun when you do things outside of the box with read and records.

All the Cool Kids Have Whiteboards

This isn't about saving the environment rather adding to your toolkit of strategies you can employ at a moment's notice. Seriously though the top achievers use whiteboards as an extension of their mind and to determine where there are any gaps in their knowledge. I suggest you do likewise and I show you how to do so.

Self-test and Review - You Have to Get This Correct

The manner in which you use this strategy can prove deadly if you're planning on crushing any exam. This is the key tip for rising to the top of the class in every way possible. And yes the order in which you follow this strategy matters tremendously...I tell you why.

48 Hours to Mastery

What's the best time to learn new material? Right now. If medical school is like drinking from a fire hydrant you'll want to know how to drink up every factoid in under two days and be ready for your exam.

Put Your Learning on Steroids with FireCracker

Rarely, do I endorse outside products but as a medical student FireCracker is going to give you the competitive advantage you need to do damage on the USMLE. Starting this program from Day 1 of medical school will absolutely set you up for success as you will be using spaced-repetition to never forget anything you want to commit to memory.

The Most Sought After Secret Behind Practice Exams

Count yourself very luck if your medical school provides you with practice exams from previous years. But how you use these exams can determine if they help you score higher or lull you into a false sense of believing you know the material. There's a little known secret on how to use these exams that will have you skyrocket to the top when done correctly. I can guarantee none of your classmates are doing this.

Med School Exams are a Different Beast

What you've seen in undergrad and grad school is a joke compared to medical school exams. I'm going to show you the difference when you're studying to be a doctor and what your professors expect you to know. You're going to be shocked at the level of detail required but there are ways to master your medical school exams.

When You Purchase the Ultimate Medical School Survival Guide, You'll Get:

  • All of the features and tools listed above
  • 96 minutes of premium video content
  • Responsive and individualized for all of your questions

Hundreds of Students Have Been Helped with This Systematic Approach

I deliver results for the students I work with. Everything I do is designed to help you improve your grades, learn more and become the best doctor possible. The results I get for students speaks volumes.

"Discover the Secrets Your Gunner Classmates Use to Crush it Academically"

Classmates who seem stress free, totally relaxed and naturally brilliant are the ones who don't want you to know how hard they work and the unfair advantage of hiring tutors to get ahead in school.

You should do the same.

Let an Expert 4th Year Med Student Tutor You to Top Board Scores and High Honors GPA!

I can help you earn top grades and scores. Act now to see for yourself.

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I stand behind the Ultimate Medical School Survival Guide Course 100%. You're going to be completely satisfied. This is why I offer an unheard of 90 day guarantee.

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