How To Get A Medical School Personal Statement That Gets You Interviews!

I'm going to show you how to write the perfect medical school personal statement.

By the time you're finished with this page you'll have a concrete roadmap on how to get started writing your medical school essay. 

Common Thoughts About Medical School Essay Writing

Here's what will be going through your head as you attempt your personal statement for medical school:

  • How do I get started?
  • What do I even write about?
  • Wondering if your medical school essay is good enough?
  • You struggle talking about yourself?
  • Debating if you should talk about that "bad" grade on your transcript?

If any of this sounds familiar, you know you are not alone.

I've worked with hundreds of premeds who all struggled with how to share their life story in only 5,300 characters and at the same time trying to make the strongest case of why they should be admitted to medical school.

Let me tell you about Joanna.

She struggled tremendously with writing her medical school personal statement before coming to me for help.

She was in your shoes and thought she had a good medical school essay - but I was able to quickly point out the common pitfalls she and premeds write about. Luckily, she took everything I said to heart, made all the changes and now she is living her dream as a medical student at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

Here’s what I taught Joanna to help her write a medical school personal statement that would lead to an acceptance letter.

Medical School Personal Statement Killers

1. Personal Statement as Resume

From the words of an AdCom at a top 15 medical school, " People your personal statement is not a resume in prose. "

What this means is that you do not simply refer to your extracurricular activities in paragraph format. You have a limited amount of space to sell yourself to the committee and there is a reason why we ask for a personal statement.

We want to know who you are as a person.

This is your opportunity to find everything else that you can find anywhere else in your application.

2. Be More Personable aka Share Your Personality

One of the biggest gripes AdComs mentions is not enough for their medical school personal statement.

The students are confused by what this means.

It doesn't mean you share details about your life that would be embarrassing, so you need to get the reader into your life and get a glimpse of what motivates you and who you are as a person.

I tell you by the time I am finished with your essay you should make me meet in person.

If you are not able to do this then you have failed to write a convincing medical school essay.

3. Don't Vomit Your Entire Life On The Page

Another common mistake student is trying to accomplish too much in their medical school personal statement.

You do not need to give us a chronological timeline of all of the most significant events in your life. You only have 5,300 characters so choose wisely.

It's much better to focus on only 2-3 topics and cover them in depth then it's about to write about everything under the sun.

As a reader this gets confused and makes your essay seem very disjointed. Plus, you never engage your reader where they become emotionally invested in you. 

Here are some topics that are written about all the time that will kill your medical school personal statement ...

You Are Been Warned, Don't Do It

1.) Shadowing Dr. Jones / Dr. Smith

We understand you shadowed Dr. Jones and he embodies all the qualities of a warm, competent and compassionate doctor.

But remember you are writing about why you should be admitted to medical school and not a glowing review of Dr. Jones.

If you see yourself headed down this path stop immediately.

Your medical school personal statement needs to be about you.

2.) Falling In Love with Anatomy and Science

Medicine and science go hand-in-hand.

If you are going to tell me you took an anatomy class or any of the sciences and just fell in love with the subject and the intricacies of the human body we've seen this a million times.

It won't move us.

This is not original and we would expect as a future medical student you will have an appreciation of the sciences.

3.) Growing Up Education Was Stressed In My Family

If you are pursuing medicine we know that education must be important.

Do not believe you are unique in having parents who worked very hard, and advocated for education.

This is not new to the admissions committee and plenty of students admitted to medical school are first generation college graduates or medical school applicants.

Having a Theme Will Set You Apart

Here's how you can get ahead of everyone else applying to medical school when it comes to your personal statement.

Instead of focusing on:

  • Doctors Shadowed
  • Love of Anatomy & Science
  • Importance of Education

Take a themed approach that allows you to incorporate different aspects of your life, which are related to your chosen theme. 

I can't stress this enough, you still want to answer Why Medicine and Why you in your medical school essay too. 

If you have a theme to your essay it will be easy for your reader to follow along and you stand out from everyone else who is applying to medical school.

By applying the principles I outlined above you are going to be years ahead of everyone else applying to medical school with their boring and uninspiring medical school essays that do nothing to get them closer to a medical school interview.

Remember the purpose of your medical school personal statement is to get the admissions committee to meet you in person by offering you a medical school interview!

When Joanna began applying a theme to her medical school personal statement her essay started to come together effortlessly and was a solid mix of making a strong case of why she should be admitted to medical school but did not come off as cocky or arrogant.

That's the line you have to balance too.

After working with me on her personal statement Joanna had a problem: attend the exclusive, private medical school with huge name recognition or attend the public, state school that was willing to give her a full scholarship.

Now, I call that a good problem to have.

This may seem crazy but Joanna is not my only success story, I have a 100% success rate with the students who I work with on their medical school personal statement.

Looking at my numbers this would be over 30 students who’ve been lucky enough to work with me and then gone on to live their dreams as a newly accepted medical school student who is just four years away from being a doctor.

Do you want to be my next success story?

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You're a smart, highly motivated student and now is not the time to drop the ball.

Go ahead and discover how you can write your way to medical school and start having medical school options like Joanna, all because you finally figured out the framework for writing a compelling medical school personal statement.

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