Concierge Level Medical School Application Services To Help You Get Accepted

Concierge level medical school application services so that you can apply and get accepted!

Are you ready to become a doctor?

My goal is to provide you with the highest level of personalized premed advising and coaching so that you can walk across the stage to loud applause and slip into your crisp, whitecoat signifying your entry into the noble profession of medicine, future doctor. 

How DoctorPremed Can Help You Get Into Medical School

I'm going to take you from a "diamond in the rough" premed to a medical school applicant who outshines the competition and becomes a no-brainer acceptance for AdComs. 

My approach to getting you accepted involves finding what sets you apart and then weaving components of your unique story throughout your application so it becomes obvious to AdComs exactly what you are bringing to their medical school. 

If you have any negatives in your application you are going to be amazed at how I am able to turn them into positives by using my special "learning and growth technique".

I will help you put together your medical school application for what works best for you but also taking into account what AdComs are expecting to see and how it compares to everyone else who is applying to medical school. 

No stone will be left uncovered when you use my medical school application services.

There are plenty of advantages when you work with an:

  • Experienced
  • Knowledgable
  • Trusted

premed advisor who has successfully gone through the process himself and is where you want to be.

Guiding You From Start to Finish

You need my medical school application services.


There are 51,679 premeds who have the exact same goals as you. I can guarantee if you don't know how to distinguish yourself beyond MCAT score and GPA your chances of getting admitted are slim.

Did you know on average each medical school will receive over 10,000 applications for only 150 spots?

This means AdComs are actively looking for reasons to reject your application. 

Here's what you need to do.

You need to use my medical school application services to guide you step-by-step throughout the application process so that you don't make any silly mistakes that can derail any chances you have of becoming a doctor. 

Why you can trust me...

I'm a 4th year medical student so I'm intimately aware of what goes into making a medical school admissions decision. Plus, while an undergraduate at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) I served two years as the president of the premed society. 

From this position I made contacts with AdComs from the top medical schools throughout the country. Along with understanding the unspoken rules of what gets a premed student accepted or rejected across the board at any medical school. 

These are experiences you cannot find anywhere else. 

Therefore, when I'm working on your application you aren't just getting my knowledge but the combined experience of:

  • AdComs
  • Doctors
  • Professors
  • Medical Students

this ensures you will have a remarkable application that stands out.

This is why you cannot rely on family or friends to guide you.

They may be well meaning and have the best of intentions but they aren't at the admissions table with a full understanding of what goes into getting accepted to medical school. 

You need an expert like me who knows medical school admissions inside out and here's an overview of my medical school application services I will be assisting you with.

Medical School Application Services Details

Application strategy: determining what sets you apart, and nailing your special talent that you're going to bring to the field of medicine. Plus, ensuring you have an overall understanding of timelines and expectations for getting into medical school.

Primary Application: crossing all your "t's" and dotting all your "i's" to ensure you have a flawless application because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Personal Statement: helping you craft an essay that gets you to a medical school interview. Students have absolutely loved how I have transformed mediocre essays into masterpieces.

Custom School List: based on your "stats," school preferences, geographical locations and personal interests together we develop a list of idea programs to target.

AMCAS Most Meaningful: here I help you pick the three activities you want to write about in-depth and really sell AdComs on what you gained from these activities and how it will allow you to contribute to the medical community.

Extracurriculars: this is where you package yourself to AdComs so they readily understand your passions, diversity and what you are going to bring to the incoming class. How you go about this matters and don't just think of this as listing how you spent your time.

Secondaries: helping you show AdComs why you belong at their particular school but also flipping the script and acknowledging why the medical school should admit you. Don't make admissions a one-way street.

Mock Interviews: not sure how to approach the interview, then you're going to enjoy these sessions. As I prepare you how to answer the tough ethical questions, explain any deficiencies in your application and even tips on being confident. You'll walk away feeling completely prepared for any question thrown your way on interview day.

Admission Advice: when you have more offers of acceptance than you anticipated and need to figure out what is the best school for you to attend. 




Application Strategy Session (1 hour)




One Primary Application (e.g. AMCAS)




One Personal Statement Edits (unlimited)




Custom School List




AMCAS Most Meaningful Experiences (3)




Extracurricular Activities (upto 15)




Advising Time

1 hour

2 hours

5 hours

Secondary Applications




Mock Interview Hours




AACOMAS/TMDSAS (counted as)

1 secondary

1 secondary 

1 secondary

Unlimited Email Exchanges




Waitlist Advice




Acceptance Advice




Promise of Acceptance*








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Level of Service

Package Details and Considerations

Turnaround time for each round of edits will be approximately 1-2 business days. Rush rates can be purchased for an additional $250 per request and comes with a 24 hour turnaround time.

Advising on financial aid or any component of award packages is NOT included.

Packages must be used within one application year. You may purchase packages in advance and designate year to be used. 

Promise of Acceptance: applicant must have 3.5 cumulative GPA or better, MCAT score of 508 or better and primary application submitted/verified no later than August 1, of application year.

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All rates are expressed and billed in U.S. dollars

Services are subject to availability

Once work has begun on your application all sales are final. 

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