Medical School Application and MCAT Schedule

by samira

If my friend takes his MCAT in September 2011 and then sends in his medical school application in June 2012 will he be able to start medical school in Fall 2012?

Also, should he submit his medical school application in June or does he have other months where he can submit his medical school application?


If your friend takes the MCAT in September 2011 and submits his application in June 2012 he will start medical school in Fall 2013. It takes approximately a year to apply to medical school.

When applying to medical schools he will want to submit his application early i.e. June, July, and August at the latest...your chances of acceptance improve the earlier you apply to medical school.

Also, if your friend wants to start medical school in Fall 2012, he needs to take his MCAT much sooner than September 2011, he should attempt to take his MCAT in the Spring of 2011 or at the latest early in the Summer 2011 because it takes approximately 30 days to receive your MCAT score(s).

When it comes to timing your MCAT knowing that it takes 30 days to receive your score, take the test by early May at the latest because if you do not get the score you want, you still have time to retake the test and apply in the same application cycle. The medical schools will see that you have designated a future MCAT score on your application so they will be aware that new scores will be coming.

Finally, many applicants wait to submit their medical school application until they receive their MCAT scores and you do not have to do this, unless you are unsure if you want to apply depending on the MCAT score you obtain. Otherwise, while awaiting your MCAT result go ahead and apply to medical school early in June/July so that your application can be received by the medical schools. In this way, the medical schools will simply put your application aside until they have your MCAT score, this is much preferred as opposed to waiting until you get your MCAT score before applying.

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Mar 04, 2011
April/May MCAT
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
Your site is so helpful!
I am signed up to take the MCAT April 16th of this year; however, with my course load I do not feel ready - even though I am still devoted to studying, I feel like my progress is not what I expected. Does it hurt my application to push it back to May 7th? My AMCAS wouldn't be totally complete by June 1 or 2. So if I got everything in my June 7th ish when my scores are released, is that still early or will I be at a disadvantage? I feel like those extra 3 weeks to go over practice tests will help and probably be more beneficial than taking it April 16. I realize I won't have much time to retake it, but honestly, I feel like the MCAT is, or should be anyways, like a one time thing, right?
Anyways, I guess what I am getting at is that I think May 7 would give me a bit mroe time to prepare...and it doesnt hurt my app that med schools wont receive my score until a week or so into June right?

DoctorPremed's Response:

You are doing the smart thing in pushing back your MCAT and waiting until you are most prepared. This is a test you want to take once and only once, and there is no harm in moving your test date. I only see a lot of upside in doing this and besides the medical schools will never know that your date was changed. The medical schools are going to be concerned about your MCAT score and now when you took the exam. And sitting for a May MCAT will give you enough time to get your score back and apply, while still being considered early.

I am going to be discussing MCAT prep in my newsletter and one major point is to do more practice tests and problems then trying to memorize all the facts...this will really help to improve your MCAT score.

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