Medical School Admissions Service

Do you need professional medical school admissions advising services?

You've come to the right place to get answers to all of your premed questions. Together we'll come up with a plan to make medical school a reality for you. 

I absolutely enjoy working with premed students one-on-one as I have been doing for the past few years but unfortunately things are changing. Now that I'm in medical school I simply don't have the time to personally conduct individual advising sessions. 

But there's no need to panic. I'm not going to leave you without help.

Today, I would like to announce my partnership with MedSchoolCoach. MedSchoolCoach is one of the best medical school admissions groups and I trust them enough to fill the void in my absence.  

Going forward MedSchoolCoach will be handling most of the services offered at including: 

This team of physicians knows their stuff. Trust me when I say you want to work with MedSchoolCoach.

They're extremely knowledgeable and capable medical school consultants who have solutions to your most difficult problems. What really sets MedSchoolCoach apart is that they are really invested in helping you become a doctor and are very solution oriented. 

Just like me, MedSchoolCoach is committed to your personal success.

Did you know there were 45,266 students applying to medical school most recently but only 19,517 were admitted. This means 57% of applicants were rejected. I don't want you to fall on the wrong side of the medical school admissions decision so help has arrived today.

With such a high rejection rate you must do everything possible to ensure you get into medical school.

When you have <strong>professional help</strong> on your side you may end up with a letter that reads, "Congratulations on your acceptance to...." And you can beam with pride a few months later as you walk across the stage as a first year medical student to receive your white coat. 

Below are links to some of MedSchoolCoach's specific medical school admissions service offerings that will be of interest to you:

Getting into medical school is tough and there are plenty of things you need to aware of as an applicant because if you miss one minor detail it can derail your chances of becoming a doctor. Don't let this happen to you so get expert advice now, before it's too late. 

Jason, Do You Do Advising?

I used to do personal advising but there was too much demand for me to work with everyone who needed my assistance. Believe me you are in the best of hands with MedSchoolCoach.

If you absolutely must work with me then that can be arranged but there are no guarantees I will be available. My hourly fee is $150. 

If you'd like to pursue individual advising with me please email using the form on my contact page.

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