Medical School Acceptance Rates

Have you ever wondered, "What are my chances?" If so you should be using medical school acceptance rates. 

I don't have to tell you that getting into medical school is very tough. Medical school is the hardest professional program to get into!

The numbers speak for themselves. In the most recent data from 2016, there were 53,042 applicants for only 21,030 seats. This means 60% of applicants were REJECTED!

My goal is to keep you on the winning side of these numbers and help you become a doctor. 

When you see medical school acceptance rates for the first time, but don't be fooled.

Use the numbers as a guide to direct you to appropriate medical schools.


Well, as the percentage of students accepted to a particular medical school decreases you need to be a more competitive applicant to get admitted.

To improve your chances aim to excel in:

  • GPA
  • MCAT
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation, etc.

Don't let the medical school acceptance rates deter you, use the numbers to your advantage while applying to medical school.

Below are data from 2012 on medical schools with the percentage of applicants who were accepted to each school. Using Alabama (first medical school listed), only 8.65% of all premeds who applied to Alabama were accepted.

Use the Numbers to Your Advantage

Use medical school acceptance rates to be strategic about where you're applying. 


If you see a medical school has a very low percentage of applicants accepted then that means there's a lot of competition and you'll have to be a very strong applicant yourself. I know commonsense but you'd be surprised how many premeds look over this fact. 

As my Dad says, "There's a difference between smarts and commonsense."

Here's where you need to be at the top of your game to impress AdComs and improve your chances:

  1. MCAT
  2. GPA
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Letter of Recommendations

I know the numbers can paint a harsh picture but don't become discouraged. You now know what you're up against so get to work and study hard.

Below you have data from 2012 on medical schools showing the percentage of applicants who were accepted to each medical school. For example with Alabama's medical school only 8.65% of those who applied were admitted.

Percentage (%) of applicants who applied and were accepted by that medical school:


  • Alabama 8.65%
  • South Alabama 6.12%


  • Arizona 18.5%


  • Arkansas 10.1%


  • Loma Linda 3.69%
  • Southern Cal-Keck 2.4%
  • Stanford 1.3%
  • UC-Davis 2.01%
  • UC-Irvine 2.22%
  • UC-San Diego 2.41%
  • UC-San Francisco 2.74%
  • UCLA Drew 1.45%
  • UCLA-Geffen 2.18%


  • Colorado 4.43%


  • Connecticut 2.97
  • Yale 1.93

District of Columbia

  • George Washington 1.33
  • Georgetown 1.73
  • Howard 2.02


  • Florida 4.74
  • Florida State 4.98
  • Miami-Miller 4.18
  • South Florida 4.17


  • Emory 2.11
  • MC Georgia 9.04
  • Mercer 11.6
  • Morehouse 1.49
  • Hawaii-Burns 3.27


  • Chicago Med-Franklin 1.8
  • Chicago-Pritzker 1.37
  • Illinois 4.6
  • Loyola-Stritch 1.43
  • Northwestern-Feinberg 2.28
  • Rush 2
  • Southern Illinois 6.13

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