Use Med School Admissions Secrets to ensure you get into medical school. Getting admitted is knowing what you're up against and realizing that 60% of those applying do not get in.

Today is your chance to own a groundbreaking, step-by-step guide that walks you through the med school admissions process so nothing is left to chance. No matter where you are in your premed career you absolutely must own this invaluable resource.

Med School Admissions Secrets Reveals Everything from...

  • Preparing for the MCAT
  • Writing your Personal Statement
  • Completing your AMCAS application
  • Deciding which med schools to apply to
  • Tips and strategies to ace Med School Interviews
  • Access to real Secondary Applications
  • Uncovering alternate paths to med school

Whether this is your first go around applying to med school or you're a reapplicant this is the guide that makes all the difference.


Med School Admissions Secrets is written specifically to get you where you need to be with the least amount of effort on your part. Words are not minced, the advice is straight forward and exactly what you need when you need it the most.

If you don't have the connections to get on the phone and speak with admissions officers at the top medical schools then you need this guide! In short, you're getting access to all of the unspoken rules of getting into medical school straight from the source...the medical schools themselves.

Med School Admissions Secrets contains frank and blunt conversations about the rules of getting into med school. You'll learn:

  • What goes into a personal statement and why
  • Why taking a year off may be necessary
  • Secret formula used to admit applicants
  • What goes on after your interview
  • Why the 4.0 GPA and 39 MCAT applicant doesn't get admitted whereas others do
  • Is it worth using a professional application service/consultant?
  • Waitlisted and what your options are... if any
  • When you need to begin plan B
  • Tips to ensure a timely application

Is This for Real???

Absolutely YES!

The rejections and failures of others can be used to your advantage. There are no gimmicks, everything comes from firsthand experience. The stories contained are real.

You've spent the last few years taking science courses and spending more than your fair share of time in the lab using bunsen burners, optics in physics, calculating yields to let anything get in your way at this point.

How about all those hours volunteering. Saying no to your friends because you're premed and they aren't. Remember you've sacrificed to get where you are and now is not the time to think you're good enough to get in.

You need to use every legal means necessary at your disposal because getting into med school is the toughest program to be admitted to. I'm sure you personally know friends who've been rejected so don't end up like them. No one wants to say, "I applied but didn't get I have to figure out what I'm going to do now."

You don't need to go through the pain and humiliation of being rejected where hopes are deferred and dreams are delayed. Make med school a reality with Med School Admissions Secrets today!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Never be Caught Off Guard With These Timelines

  • Monthly Application Timeline
  • Seasonal Application Timeline

Chapter 2: The MCAT

  • The Great Equalizer
  • MCAT Scoring
  • When to Take the MCAT & Why
  • September MCAT
  • Retaking the MCAT
  • How Med Schools Really View Retakes
  • Mental MCAT Preparation
  • Sports and MCAT
  • Choose Your MCAT Score
  • MCAT Visualization
  • Best Way to Prepare for MCAT
  • Practice Tests and Problems
  • Practice Materials
  • Discrete Questions First
  • Answer Passages in Order Presented
  • Working Memory
  • Unique/Unknown is Wrong
  • How to Get More Rest Time During the MCAT

Chapter 3: Perfecting Your Personal Statement

  • Personal Statement Basics
  • Length of Essay
  • How to Format Your Essay
  • A Primer on Appropriate Case to Use
  • No Turning Back
  • The True Significance of Essay
  • Choosing The Right Topics
  • How to Present Academics
  • How to Correctly Present Extracurricular Activities
  • Personal Interactions
  • Two Crucial Questions to Answer
  • A Balancing Act
  • 5 Steps to Writing & Structuring Your Essay
  • Use This Timeline
  • Choosing The Right Reviewers

Chapter 4: The Science of School Choice

  • Competitive Schools
  • Safety Schools
  • In State vs. Out of State
  • Public vs. Private
  • Scholarships
  • Using the Numbers
  • Institutions Represented
  • Activities
  • Take Time to Get Experience
  • Medical Experience
  • Research

Chapter 5: Interviewing with Intelligence

  • The Secret Trick to Making Your Interview a Success
  • Review These Materials Extensively
  • The Real Questions to Expect
  • How to Prepare Your Responses
  • Be Truthful and Make Sense at the Same Time
  • Read, Watch and Ask
  • A Simple Yet Powerful Trick to Interview Like a Pro
  • How to Deal with Blanking Out
  • A Hidden Resource to Cut Interview Costs
  • The Interview Committee
  • Making the Decision
  • Do This If You're Waitlisted

Chapter 6: The Absolute Guide to Completing Your Application

  • What to Submit and By When
  • AMCAS Application
  • Identifying & Biographic Info
  • Coursework
  • Academic Record Explained
  • Verification
  • MCAT Test Scores
  • Work and Activities
  • Admissions Perspective on Activities
  • AMCAS Activity Format
  • Most Meaningful Experiences
  • How to Write Activities
  • Why Activities Matter
  • The Hidden Scoring System
  • How to Fast Track Your Application
  • A Money-Saving Strategy

Chapter 7: Lock and Load Your Letters of Recommendation

  • The 5 Steps to Getting a Letters
  • Gentle Reminders
  • Keep in Touch
  • 9 Questions to Prepare For

Chapter 8: Slam Dunk Your Secondary Applications

  • Fees
  • Secondary Formats
  • Screened Secondaries
  • Secondary Speed
  • Triaging Secondaries
  • Getting Ahead
  • Keep Records
  • Give Them What They Want
  • Real Secondary Questions

Chapter 9: Recharge Your Application

  • Winter Panic
  • Retaking the MCAT
  • Not Being Prepared
  • Stress on Test Day
  • What the MCAT Tests
  • Steps to Improving Next Time
  • Rejected Due to Lackluster Credentials
  • Don't Make This Mistake with Your Grade Point Average
  • Poor Personal Statement
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Medical School Interview
  • Expand Medical School Options
  • Caribbean Medical Schools
  • Osteopathic (DO) Medical Schools

Chapter 10: Post Bac Programs...A Hidden Resource

  • When to Apply
  • Post Bac After College
  • No Rush to Becoming a Doctor
  • How to Avoid Glide Year
  • Academic-Record Enhancer
  • Career-Changers
  • Groups Underrepresented in Medicine (URM)
  • URM Almost Ready for Med School
  • Masters Programs
  • Masters in Public Health
  • Hard Sciences

Chapter 11: Alternative Paths to Med School

  • Osteopathic (DO) Considerations
  • Shadow Before Applying
  • Caribbean Considerations
  • Three Real Caribbean Stories
  • Clinical Rotations
  • Residency


Everything Which You'll Need is Covered

You've just read the table of contents and saw that this is one of the most comprehensive guides that you'll find anywhere. You're looking at 100 pages worth of hard-hitting, insider tips and advice straight from medical school admissions officers.

Every topic that counts when it comes to getting into med school is covered in this guide book. Where else in one place can you get information on:

  • MCAT preparation
  • Writing your Personal Statement
  • How to get your Letters of Recommendation
  • Post Bac options
  • Filling-out your AMCAS application
  • Completing your Secondary applications
  • Extracurricular activities to participate in
  • How to choose which med schools to apply to
  • Preparing for your Medical School Interviews
  • What to do if you don't get admitted
  • Going the DO or Caribbean route
  • and much, much more.

What's contained here is absolutely explosive and can truly sway your chances of getting into medical school one way or the other. Now is not the time to second-guess or doubt what needs to be done.

I have yet to meet a premed student who chan resist the secrets revealed here."

Secrets like...

  • When NOT to take the MCAT! Surprisingly, there are situations when it is actually best to wait and take your MCAT at a later date to improve your chances of getting into med school (This is often overlooked during the application process).
  • Get MCAT test center location and day you want. You won't believe how many students scramble to find a test center and date to take the make or break test for getting into med school. I will show you how to avoid any hassles come MCAT exam registration.
  • Your personal statement comes down to addressing two key questions. Find out exactly what they are and how you can make a winning impression where the med school can't wait to invite you to an interview.
  • Extracurricular activities aren't all the same but regardless there's something that medical schools absolutely want to see? This is so easy to accomplish, but most premeds ignore this advice not realizing it is exactly what the medical schools want.

There's No Risk to You at All

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee
I am confident this is the best ebook anywhere and will offer anyone a 100% guarantee.

If for any reason you decide this guide did not meet your needs, simply return it. No questions asked and no hassles. I will personally assist you with anything you feel my ebook didn't cover.

Don't forget you get to examine, use and try out everything risk free for a full 90 days. No risk or hassles.

No where else are you going to find a policy that puts you the premed student first. Again, my goals and intentions will always remain the same: to get you into medical school seamlessly the first time around.

"I believe giving you the chance to personally experience what this amazing ebook has to offer is the best way to "spread the word."

Need More Convincing? Check This Out

Instead of worrying about what comes next in getting to medical school it is all presented to you in advance...before it's too late.

  • What needs to done in advance of AMCAS: don't have delays in your application because you didn't realize certain components to your application had to be ordered several weeks ago or you should've began working on XYZ three months ago.
  • Get inside the the heads of the top admissions officers and learn what they told me "point blank" about what causes them to reject applicants.
  • Use my 8 years worth of conversations with admissions officers to your advantage and discover with certainty, exactly what's important to them. No more hearsay or rumors.

Making Sure You Get Into Medical School
By Leaving No Stone Unturned

Extra Bonus

I'll be including my own "Medical School Acceptance Rates" as FREE bonus for you.

With "Medical School Acceptance Rates" you can see the acceptance rates for all of the medical schools and know immediately what your statistical chances are for being accepted at each school:

  • Take the guesswork out of applying by knowing which are the hardest and easiest schools to get into.
  • Save time and money by only applying where you have the best chances of admission.
  • See the categories that best match your particular situation by having acceptance rates for Residents, Non-Residents and International.
  • Spend your time completing applications and not researching where to apply when you use "Medical School Acceptance Rates" to apply to the best schools for you, streamlining your application process.
  • Use it to eliminate one wrong school and you save over $60/per application which is the cost of completing a secondary application.

Buy Your Copy Now

Could I go on and on telling you all of the wonderful benefits that you'll get with "Med School Admissions Secrets"?


But at this point either you know this is the ebook that is going to change your life and make med school a reality for you or you're simply going to pass and press your luck along with the 60% of other applicants who will be rejected from medical school this year.

If you want the very best chance of fulfilling your dream and getting accepted into medical school to become a doctor then look no further. The opportunity is now here to put yourself on the path to success and accomplishment as your graduate from premed to medical student and ultimately DOCTOR.

It all begins with "Med School Admissions Secrets" available right now for immediate download for only $97.

Medical School Admissions Secrets

In under two minutes from now you can discover everything you need to know to make medical school admission a success...ensuring you get admitted and are on your way to becoming a doctor. You've put too much into being premed to let this one of a kind opportunity pass you by.

It's simple to get your downloadable ebook (PDF file) of "Med School Admissions Secrets." Just click on the image below. You'll be taken to the payment page.

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