A Killer System to Guarantee a Boost In Your MCAT Performance Has Finally Arrived!

Are you ready to take the MCAT? Do you have a plan for how you'll review three years worth of premed science coursework? Have little known tips and tricks for beating the MCAT been revealed to you?

Forget an overpriced MCAT prep course that only repeats what you already know. Discover a more comprehensive and faster way to prepare for the MCAT while getting better results!

Hi --

If you're familiar with DoctorPremed.com you know the objective is to make medical school a reality for you. Being premed is tough! My goal is to help you successfully navigate your premed curriculum and get into the best fit medical schools for you.

You're here because it's time to face the MCAT. Since becoming premed you knew this day would come. Only one test stands between you and medical school.

Doing well on the Medical College Admission Test is key to getting into medical school. If you do poorly on this exam your chances of becoming a doctor are slim to none. What are you going to do to ensure you get a great MCAT score?

Knowing you need a great MCAT score is not enough. Do you have an action plan in place for meeting the challenges of the MCAT? The Medical College Admission Test is unlike any exam you've taken and what worked in your science classes won't cut it on the MCAT.

To get that medical school acceptance your MCAT strategy must be more comprehensive than:

  • purchase some MCAT review books
  • take a few practice tests
  • signup for commercial MCAT prep course.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly MCAT Study Course that works then I have the best solution for you.

What's the Ultimate MCAT Study Course?

It's a comprehensive, detailed and structured Medical College Admission Test course delivered to you electronically in 6 installments over 7 days. Finally, you can begin preparing for the make or break test of your premed career with the step-by-step guidance allowing you to avoid any pitfalls.

How the MCAT Study Course Works

Upon enrolling you'll receive your first installment of the MCAT Study Course delivered to your email inbox immediately.

Going forward you'll receive an email focusing on a particular component of your MCAT preparation. Each email will contain an overview of the day, access information to your password protected course materials found online and clearly assigned homework/tasks to ensure you're on the path to MCAT success.

What makes the Ultimate MCAT Study Course a great way to prepare for the MCAT is the very structured format. You don't want to take a random approach to preparing for the test that ultimately decides if you get into medical school and where. Since, all the emails are scheduled to be sent to you over a period of days it ensures you're only working on what needs to be done at the moment.

Plus, once you've completed all six installments of the course you can always return to any Day in the course for follow-up, additional review or more clarification. Since your materials are online you will always have access to the latest updates and changes ensuring you are well positioned to get the MCAT score you need.

What's Included with Your Ulimate MCAT Study Course

This is an electronic Medical College Admission Test course that is constantly being updated to give you the best preparation for the MCAT. Here are the key materials found within your Ultimate MCAT Study Course:

  • How to Beat the MCAT: this is an ebook that will serve as the foundation for getting you up to speed on all things related to the MCAT. In particular this book emphasizes learning strategies to use for the MCAT and all of your science coursework...students have found this to be especially beneficial.

    How to Beat the MCAT will teach you how to study indepth so that by the time you take the MCAT you won't fall into a pattern of somewhat knowing the topic but not having all the pieces to get the question correct.

    There are a ton of tips and tricks that are geared specifically for the Medical College Admission Test. Some are so good you'll feel as though you're cheating that's how good the advice is.

  • Free MCAT Practice Test. You'll be provided a link to a free full-length computer-based MCAT. This online MCAT test comes from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) the offical body for administering the MCAT.

    You're going to use this full-length as a diagnostic MCAT to see exactly where you stand with the material. Determining your strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this knowledge you'll have a laser-focused approach to your MCAT preparation.

    How is this possible? One of the first tasks you'll complete in the ecourse is taking a full-length MCAT before you begin your MCAT review. This will allow you to focus your energery on your weak areas without wasting precious time reviewing content you already know.

  • Error Analysis Worksheet. The only way to do well on the Medical College Admission Test is to do as many MCAT style questions as possible. You'll learn early on that students who score the highest on the MCAT generally do the most amount of problems.

    Now you can't just keep doing MCAT style problems without analyzing your work. Meaning, you'll have to carefully spend time going over all the problems you do to determine if you're making systematic mistakes, learn where you can improve and hone in on what is keeping you at a ceiling MCAT score you are having trouble overcoming.

    With the error analysis worksheet you will be one-step ahead of everyone else who just guesses why they did well or poorly on their MCAT practice exams. As you'll come to learn it makes no sense to do MCAT practice problems without spending time going over the answers and truly understanding why one answer is correct versus another. You'll learn how to do this with the error analysis worksheet and overtime your MCAT scores will zoom upward because you'll be targeting your weak areas.

  • Official MCAT Topic Outlines. You'll need a way to know exactly what is and is not on the Medical College Admission Test. Having a map helps you reach any destination with ease and the same goes for your journey to MCAT scoring success. In this case you'll be shown links to the Official MCAT Content Outlines which detail exactly what topics are and are not covered on the MCAT.

    These outlines will definitely streamline your studies. Besides, not everything you covered in your basic premed classes will be found on the MCAT. This is a simple way to cutout the excess studying and only focus on the material that will lead to points on the MCAT.

  • MCAT Subject Review Materials. If you're studying for the MCAT having all the strategies in the world will not do you any good without having a solid foundation in the sciences and the Verbal Reasoning tested on the MCAT.

    You'll be getting the best of the best in MCAT review materials. Get ready for a compressed, no fluff or filler set of review materials.

    Finally, no more reading multiple pages or several paragraphs to learn a concept that could have easily been explained in a sentence or two. The goal is to take laser-focused approach to your MCAT preparation which certainly means eliminating excesses and getting right to the material that directly affects your MCAT score.

    What's amazing is you can pair up the subject review materials with the Official MCAT Outlines and you will see that nothing has been left out. Now you can rest assured that although you're spending less time reviewing you'll actually be making more progress because of the efficient manner in which the material is presented to you.

The "how to" guide for a great MCAT score

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll discover in Ultimate MCAT Study Course...

  • When to take the MCAT and how much preparation time to give yourself.
  • How medical schools really view multiple MCAT attempts and why you want to take the test Once and Only once.
  • How knowing the author is key to raising your Verbal Reasoning score.
  • How to study indepthly so you can make critical connections between topics and think like the MCAT test makers.
  • How to build up your testing stamina so fatigue is not an issue on test day.
  • How to use the strategy of Self-test and then Review to improve retention of previously learned material.
  • How to use the Writing Sample to prepare for the Biological Sciences (a little known trick that you must begin using now)
  • Why timing is very important and it's never a good idea to cherry pick the order in which you'll complete passages.
  • Begin with discrete questions first and mentally prepare for tougher passages later.
  • How to use the computer tutorial to remember more facts and equations than you thought possible (this is practically cheating the advice is so good).
  • How to determine what type of learner you are and what methods are best for you to have the most success.
  • Why you must study a topic and then immediately follow-up with related problems on that topic to boost know-how and retention.
  • How to make and use flashcards in a manner that parallels the expectations found on the MCAT.
  • Discover why mental visualization is just as important as knowing the science.
  • Why reading more broadly and widely is the worst strategy for Verbal Reasoning and can actually negatively affect your MCAT score.
  • How to plan each MCAT study session so you get the most done in the least amount of time.
  • How to choose appropriate MCAT review books for your specific learning style and needs.
  • How you can still apply early to medical school even if you haven't taken the MCAT or need to retake it.
  • How to determine if your MCAT testing mistakes are due to a lack of time or not knowing the material.
  • How to think like the test-makers and strategically eliminate wrong-answer choices on the MCAT.
  • Discover why you must know the concepts behind the science along with understanding the thinking behind equations.
  • Learn when NOT to take the MCAT! There are situations where your best bet for getting into medical school is to wait and take your MCAT at a later date.

This kind of "inside" information is priceless for anyone looking to do well on the MCAT the first time around. You can't find these best MCAT strategies anywhere else.

About Me

Jason Spears of DoctorPremedHi! I'm Jason Spears...

I help students successfully navigate their premed curriculum to get into the best fit medical schools for them with the least amount of time, money or stress.

At Northwestern University, I was the President of the Premed Society for both my Junior and Senior years of college. This is good to know information because I was constantly helping my peers figure out strategies and avenues to get into medical school.

On a regular basis I set up seminars with Admissions Officers and Doctors who are the decision makers for who gets into their respective medical schools. I had access to and developed personal relationships with these admissions directors.

As a result, I bring over 8 years worth of frank and honest conversations with admissions officers, premed students and medical students about what really matters when it comes to the MCAT.

In a nutshell this is the advice you'll hear from the top medical schools, "The MCAT is a test you want to take ONCE and ONLY once." Also when preparing for the MCAT, "shoot for the stars" because getting into medical school is extremely competitive and a strong MCAT score certainly helps.

I created this course for you simply because there is NO single MCAT self-study kit that fully addresses the concerns of premed students. Not only do you need the basic content review, but also tips and strategies for handling the MCAT itself, and guidance on how to improve your MCAT score with more than just doing more problems and review. You get all of this and then some in the Ultimate MCAT Study Course.

Who Should Use the Ultimate MCAT Study Course

This couse is not for everyone so pay close attention.

If you are on a budget but still need all the review materials to meet the challenges of the MCAT then this course is for you. You'll get study methods, actual review content for all sections of the MCAT, plus strategic tips and advice to boost your MCAT score.

Basically, the Ultimate MCAT Study Course is for every premed student who does not have the luxury of shelling out $2000 for a commercial MCAT prep course. Just because you don't have lots of money laying around should not prevent you from having access to the best MCAT preparation materials.

If you were not an academic superstar in your premed classes and know the MCAT is going to play a significant role in whether you're going to be a competitive applicant for medical school then this course is for you. Not only will you learn how to change your approach to the sciences...a skill you can use throughout medical school, you are getting a complete MCAT preparation program too.

Even if you were an academic superstar it never hurts to use the Ultimate MCAT Study Course because you'll learn how to become more efficient in your MCAT preparation because the goal is to study smart and not hard. This ecourse comes equipped with everything you need to excel on your quest to becoming a doctor.

What's Not Included

MCAT exams are copyrighted and the AAMC administers the Medical College Admission Test. Therefore, the only materials not included in the Ultimate MCAT Study Course are practice MCAT exams.

You will be directed to the AAMC website where you can purchase as many official MCAT exams as you feel you need.

Please note the cost of these official AAMC MCAT exams are not included in Your Ultimate MCAT Course.

Valuable Bonus Gift

BONUS: 30 minute Individual Advising Session ($75 included)

Get answers to your specific MCAT questions. I will personally set aside 30 minutes to go over anything related to the MCAT with you.

I've advised many students on creating a timeline specific to their situation on when to take the exam. What are your options if need to retake the MCAT. How to bounce back from a poor testing experience so it doesn't happen again.

This is your opportunity to pick my brains and get the insider information you need to do battle against the MCAT.

Simply email me after your purchase and we'll set up a convenient time to chat!

Try All of This Risk-Free for 90 Days
I'll Assume All Your Risk

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee

I totally guarantee your satisfaction with "Ultimate MCAT Study Course". If for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide this course doesn't meet your exact needs...simply return it.

  • If you're not completely satisfied -- for ANY reason -- email me and I'll refund 100% of your money right away.
  • No questions asked, and no hassles and... I will personally assist you with anything you feel my course did not cover.
  • There are no strings to this offer.
  • Other "MCAT Prep Courses" would never give students 90 days access to this information with a money back guarantee.

How Much Can You Afford?

Is it realistic as a college student to spend $2000 on a commercial MCAT prep course? For most students the answer is no! That just isn't going to happen.

How about individual tutoring?

Do you have the resources to spend anywhere from $60-150 per hour to work with a tutor. Where everything makes sense while the both of you are together but as soon as you start to do problems on you're own you find yourself stuck.

Sure you can buy MCAT review books for $30 each but that's only going to teach you the science. You still need to study and think critically like the MCAT will require and no review book does this for you.

Or perhaps you think you'll just review your premed textbooks, class notes and old labs. This definitely won't cost you a lot of money but is this really the appropriate way to prepare for the MCAT? You'll come to learn half of what is in your textbooks doesn't even appear on the test. Honestly, you could be setting yourself up for disaster trying to devise your own course without truly knowing what the MCAT tests and does not test.

As you can see there are a lot of expensive routes (not only in money but in wasted time) you can choose for preparing for MCAT.

Let's tally how much you could be spending in preparing for the MCAT, all without any guaranteed results:

  • Commercial MCAT Course: $2,000
  • MCAT Tutoring: $60-150/hr.
  • Review Books: $150
  • TOTAL: $2,300

You shouldn't have to spend: $2,300 in preparing for the Medical College Admission Test.

Sign up today and the Ultimate MCAT Study Course is yours for only...


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Think about it...you've spent the last several years slugging away in your premed classes cramming, pulling all-nighters and spending countless hours in lab learning the science all for the MCAT. Now's the time to do everything in your power to ensure you get the MCAT score you need. When you consider the ridiculously low cost of this ecourse the decision is a no-brainer.

Plus you get access to a One-on-One MCAT advising session to go over any specific MCAT related questions you may have. You cannot go wrong and this bonus in itself is worth the course.

Finally, you don't risk a penny at all. Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You have 90 days - 3 whole months - to put these strategies and tips to use for a better MCAT score. Even if you decide you want your money back, you can keep the course. There's no downside and you're actually coming out on top.

Will you become an academic superstar? Maybe. Maybe not. Neither of us will know until you try. What I can tell you is you'll be much more efficient and better prepared to meet the challenges of the MCAT with this course than without it. If you haven't had the success in the classroom now is the time to change your strategy and try something different. I want the best for you and am rooting for your success!

If you do nothing, in 90 days you'll be kicking yourself and pulling your hair as your MCAT test-date approaches and you realize you don't know the material like you need to. Now you'll only have two options 1.) take the test and hope for the best 2.) delay taking the MCAT and fall further behind in the medical school application process.

This is your chance to take control of your medical future by gaining a new way to study and conquering the biggest hurdle that stands between you and admission to medical school...the Medical College Admission Test. Go ahead and download your MCAT ecourse now! This is the best action you can take to make medical school a reality for you.

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