Ready for Your MCAT Registration? Here's Everything You Need to Know! 

Excited about your MCAT registration? If you're like most premeds the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is just another obstacle standing between you and getting into medical school.

You're in luck because I'm going to walk you step-by-step through the entire process of getting started on taking the MCAT. There's lots you need to do before you actually arrive at your MCAT testing center which hopefully will be roughly 3-4 months from now.

You heard that correctly.

A premed who is on top of their game knows it takes about 3-4 months to adequately prepare for the Association of American Medical College (AAMC) MCAT. 

Who Takes The MCAT?

You register for the MCAT if you're a premedical student applying to:

  1. Allopathic (MD) medical school
  2. Osteopathic (DO) medical school

And let's not forget our friends who aren't interested in becoming physicians but who still need to take the AAMC MCAT. These include students who are applying to:

  • Podiatry (takes care of feet and ankles) School
  • Veterinary School

So just keep in mind not everyone who you meet on your MCAT test day is gunning for a seat in medical school. 

Let's Cover Your Registration Timeline

Did you know you can register for the MCAT months in advance of when you plan on sitting for the exam?

Before getting ahead let me tell you that the MCAT is offered multiple times throughout the year from January through September. Apparently, there have been a number of changes since when I took the MCAT way back when.

Previously, you could just register for any MCAT test date as long as seats were available and that was the end of things.

Now, registration is slightly more complicated.

There are two testing blocks offered each calendar year:

  1. January thru May
  2. June thru September

What this means if you register for the first block of MCAT exam dates you cannot register for the second block of MCAT exam dates until that registration period opens up.

I can see why too.

I'm sure some folks would reserve and hold spots just in case they weren't prepared for their test and this would cause headaches for other students who are trying to register for the MCAT but seats aren't available due to a student who registered for the first block and also the second block too. So luckily you won't have to worry about this happening due to the AAMC MCAT registration policy.

Tip: Getting into medical school is easier when you apply early. Medical school admissions officers will tell you the early bird gets the worm. I want you to take the MCAT in the first registration block of January through May if at all possible. This needs to be your goal.

I hope you're a fan of the Olympics and their medal system...because this is what the AAMC does in regards to your MCAT registration. 

There are three levels of registration deadlines such as:

  1. Gold Zone: last date to reschedule at the lower rate and last date to receive a partial refund for canceling an exam.
  2. Silver Zone: last date for initial registration without a fee increase and last date to reschedule.
  3. Bronze Zone: late date to cancel a registration. 

To put some of this in perspective the earliest you can register for the January to May MCAT block is mid-October. While if you wish to take the MCAT in the second block of June through September the earliest you can register is February. 

These earliest registration dates fall within the Gold Zone in case you were wondering. 

I know this is complex stuff that doesn't make your life easy. Previously it used to be that you could register 7 months in advance and then if you were two weeks out from your test date you would incur additional fees for rescheduling/canceling or making any changes. 


Get ready to spend money when you prepare for the MCAT.

How about $275 as your initial registration fee...because that is the current going rate to take the AAMC MCAT.

$275 is MCAT registration fee$300 roughly what you'll pay to take the MCAT

Instead of me trying to walk you through each registration zone for the MCAT, I think a chart is a lot simpler to illustrate the fees and expenses you'll incur on the Medical College Admission Test.

Gold Zone (1mo or more prior to exam)

Initial Registration: $275

Reschedule fee: $65

Cancellation refund: $135

International fee: $90

Silver Zone (3-4 wks prior to exam)

Initial Registration: $275

Reschedule fee: $125

Cancellation refund: N/a

International fee: $90

Bronze Zone (1-2 wks prior to exam)

Initial Registration: $300

Reschedule fee: N/a

Cancellation refund: N/a

International fee: $90

If you have extreme financial hardship the AAMC does offer their Fee Assistance Program (FAP) where you can take the MCAT for only $100. 

Obviously, you are going to need to submit paperwork probably tax forms and W-2s to get this assistance. But there's something really important I need to tell you. If you take the MCAT and do NOT use FAP you cannot use the FAP when submitting your medical school applications.

So if you will have financial hardships then it is best to use it on the MCAT even if you can swing the $275 now because once you're submitting applications and secondaries which run from $50 to $125 per medical school you're going to wish you did the paperwork.

Ready to Register for the MCAT?

You've heard enough and are ready to get the ball rolling on your path to becoming a doctor.

Well, don't let me stand in the way...

Here's where you need to go to actually register for the AAMC MCAT.

You're going to see a blue screen that looks like this...

MCAT Registration login webpageMCAT Registration Webpage Login

You're going to become very familiar with this webpage. It's going to follow you around long after you complete your MCAT registration. Not only will your login credentials get you into your MCAT profile but you'll use it throughout the time you're applying to medical school.

Your MCAT application will ask you to complete basic demographic information, what college/university you attended, choose a test date and location, and of course pay for the exam using only a MasterCard or VISA.

What If I Need to Make Changes to My MCAT Registration?

Life happens and sometimes things do not work out as planned for your MCAT registration. The Association of American Medical Colleges recognizes this and they will give you several options. But it is going to cost you to make any changes after your initial MCAT registration as I outlined in the chart above.

If you're studying and are not prepared to take the Medical College Admissions Test on your chosen date you can always reschedule to another date. Only problem being there may not be any seats available or you may also have to go to a different testing center.

As you can see you'll have to pay a fee for each of these changes. Therefore, be smart about choosing a test location and time.

Honestly, knowing you may not be able to make any changes should be enough motivation to ensure you hit the books hard and will be ready for the exam date you registered for at the outset. This is a test where you don't want to slack off and give yourself any alternatives. Give it your all the first time around.

MCAT Registration & Testing Locations

You got plenty of options when it comes to your MCAT testing locations.

What you will do is visit the AAMC website and pick a MCAT testing center site in the United States or Canada my clicking on a dropdown menu for each State or providence. From there you will have a listing of all testing centers and their address. 

Just to give you an idea of things here are some random states I choose and the number of testing centers they have available:

  • California 36
  • Florida 24
  • Illinois 14
  • Pennsylvania 13

The testing centers are spread throughout the state so don't worry or think they will be concentrated only in major metropolitan will have MCAT testing center options when you register for the MCAT. 

MCAT Score Release

After you take the MCAT you are probably going to go crazy thinking about how you actually performed on the test. But don't get distracted or worked up because once you leave the testing center there is nothing more you can do. Also why speculate on the unknown.

But your MCAT score will arrive approximately 30 to 35 days after your test date.

Well, you'll have to log into the MCAT registration system to see how you did.

There's no need to worry about reporting your score to AMCAS. Ever since 2003, your MCAT score is automatically released to them. I'm sure they don't want any mischievous premed students attempting to alter or omit reporting all of their MCAT attempts to the medical colleges.

Need Help Getting a Top MCAT Score?

So you're about to register for the MCAT. Now is the perfect time to put yourself on the path to MCAT success which will open the doors to medical schools saying, "Yes" to your application.

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