MCAT Prep Course Your Best Tool For Test Success

A MCAT prep course should definitely be apart of your strategy for doing very well on the Medical College Admission Test. The MCAT is your one chance to show medical schools that you have what it takes to become a doctor and you need to use everything at your disposal to do well.

For many premed students getting motivated and simply knowing where to get started are their biggest issues.

By enrolling in any of the MCAT prep courses you can take control of the process and focus solely on the science.

A MCAT review class makes life much easier for you in so many respects. For instance:

  • You cannot procrastinate
  • Learn from experts
  • A set schedule
  • Access to problem sets and practice exams
  • Learn how to approach various types of problems
I could go on and on about the benefits of MCAT prep courses but I think you get the point by now.

To be honest I have known students who have taken the MCAT multiple times and there was a common theme. Those who used a MCAT preparation course in most cases always did better than if they had not. Even if they took a MCAT review class the first time and then on the second time decided to study without using any MCAT review courses.

A Doctor's View on MCAT Importance

I had the opportunity to be in touch with a physician who attended my undergrad twenty years ago and is now on the admissions committee at Howard University. He had some great advice for the importance of the MCAT that I am going to share with you.

The MCAT is a very important exam that will set the stage for the rest of your medical career so you want to do everything possible to excel the first time around.

This physician went on to say that you have to make the MCAT your life for the next 3 to 6 months or however long you plan on studying for the exam. He stated, no socializing, no parties, just do the MCAT preparation because anyone can sacrifice for about three months if their whole career is on the line.

Lastly, the doctor said, "If you have to retake the MCAT you better not have a drop in your score because that is a red flag. Medical schools want you to score higher the second time around."

As you can tell if the medical school admissions committees across the country are filled with people with this mentality they are not going to be forgiving of a subpar MCAT performance. Therefore, you absolutely must do everything possible to get the numbers you need to be competitive for medical school.

Use A MCAT Course To Get Ahead

Sometimes you have to take a MCAT prep course not because you necessarily need it but so that you are not at a competitive disadvantage compared to everyone else. Now typically, I would never endorse the philosophy of "If everyone else is jumping off of a bridget, then you should do likewise," but when it comes to getting into medical school there has to be a reason why everyone is doing something. Now is not the time to experiment and think you can devise your own MCAT preparation course.

You have too much on the line to be getting creative. After three to four years of a grueling premed curriculum, now is not the time to take the least expensive route or have a do it yourself mentality.

Believe at the end of the day you will be glad you sacrificed now to make a better tomorrow for yourself. I don't want you to get your MCAT score and question if you did all that you could. You absolutely must go above and beyond the first time around when it comes to the Medical College Admissions Test.

By now you should know I'm a broken record when it comes to the aspects which are really important and one of those is your performance on the MCAT. As my mentor friend who is the MD/PhD at University of Chicago says, "The MCAT is a test you want to take once and only once."

To be honest there were a few of my peers from the premed society who didn't take Dr. McDade seriously enough and guess what...

They are no longer pursuing medicine for various reasons.

Moral of the story is very simple do everything in your power to ace the MCAT and I would strongly encourage you to take a MCAT prep course. There is so much upside and very little negative that I can see by enrolling in a MCAT review class.

Since I'm using a lot of quotes, here's what another physician mentor has to say, "It never hurts to see the material twice" which definitely is the case when you are doing everything possible to standout and get yourself into medical school which all begins with a stellar performance on the Medical College Admission Test.

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