Struggling In MCAT Hell? Discover a Proven MCAT Prep System that Works, and Become a Top MCAT Scorer AdComs Must Admit...

By the time you're finished reading this page, you'll discover three specific techniques top MCAT scorers use to practically guarantee their acceptance to medical school. 

  • Tip 1: What's Your Baseline?

No matter where you are in your MCAT prep the first action step must include taking a Diagnostic MCAT. You need to know where to put your time and efforts to make the most out of your study sessions. 

Even if you haven't studied yet, I still want you to take a Diagnostic MCAT because it will give you a true sense of where you stand with the material. Start studying the subjects you did the worst on first. 

  • Tip 2: Unlike Any Test You've Taken Before

What worked in your premed classes won't cut it on the MCAT. Premed classes boiled down to memorization of facts and equations which guaranteed you a top grade in the classroom. The MCAT is a different beast because it's a critical thinking and analysis exam. Time to think outside the box and start thinking like a doctor.

Thinking like a doctor means have a solid foundation in the basic sciences and being able to apply those concepts to solve new problems. 

  • Tip 3: Performance Feedback Matters

If you're studying and you have no way of knowing how you're doing, then you're studying wrong. Top students are meticulous about charting their progress and adjusting their studying accordingly.

It's time to move away from passively reading and re-reading your notes. Get active with studying using flashcards, making 3 minute lessons and applying strategies where it's obvious whether you know a concept or not.

Need to Ace the MCAT?

If you're premed you know this, your classmates know this and of course Adcoms too. You're taking the MCAT for one reason only and that's to get into medical school.

Did you know?

AdComs use your MCAT score as the main factor of determining who will get into medical school.

If you don't have the numbers you can kiss your chances of becoming a doctor goodbye. The data backs me up on this point where 60% of first time applicants to medical school are REJECTED! You have a better chance of tossing a coin in the air and calling heads or tails. Not the type of odds I'd like to have with something as important as med school.

Life's not fair and neither is getting into medical school.

What if I told you med schools use computers to screen applicants. When you have over 10,000 applications for a class size of 120 students you need a way to cut down on how many applications you will review and the computer is the easiest way to do this.

If you don't meet the minimum MCAT score and GPA for that specific medical school your application is automatically tossed into the reject pile. Meaning no human will ever read your application.

All those grueling premed classes, wasted. Those 4 hour labs wearing goggles which fogged up and left red marks on your face, wasted. Taking a full courseload of classes and rushing off to volunteer at the hospital or nursing home, wasted. Shadowing the top pediatric heart surgeon and getting an amazing letter of recommendation, wasted. 

If you don't have a top MCAT score nothing else matters on your application because no AdCom will read it. 

This is why it's absolutely critical you perform well on the MCAT.

CASE STUDY: How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating and Finally See a Jump In My MCAT Score in Less Than One Month

I was tired of putting in all this time and effort without seeing results. Maybe because my test was a few weeks away and I was scared of not doing well, something seemed to change within me. 

I kept recalling the words of my mentor Dr. McDade, MD/PhD "The MCAT is a test you want to take once and only once." This combined with having classmates from undergrad already in med school was the final straw. 

I told myself, "I was in the same premed classes with them, there's nothing special about them and if they can make it to medical school by doing well on the MCAT then I can do the same."

My life became, "MCAT, MCAT, MCAT" I was determined to get a MCAT score that would turn heads. Here's what I did:

Every Saturday I would take a full-length MCAT. Sunday was spent reviewing my test, figuring out why I got something right or wrong. This gave me focus for the rest of the week where I actually knew what to study. 

I was now tracking my performance and beginning to make progress. 

Instead of wasting time online like in the past, I dug in deep and told myself, "This may be the last time you review this material and what happens if it becomes an entire section on your actual MCAT?

Talk about raising the stakes with my studies. 

I now had a system to follow, a plan was in place and I was using a schedule.

As my test date got closer I was nervous but felt I was making progress as I saw a boost in my MCAT scores with the practice problems I was doing on a daily basis along with my weekly full-length MCATs on Saturdays. 

One day I was in the Northwestern University library and an old man came over to me and goes, "Excuse me, what are you studying for?" I told him, "My MCAT" and he responded, "You must be a true scholar because I see you here every Saturday without fail and I'm sure you will do great." Talk about a confidence boost, this compliment helped me realize my MCAT efforts would pay off.  

I survived MCAT hell.

I took my exam and walked away feeling good about the overall exam experience. There were some sections which I totally didn't know and others I was like, "Thank you Jesus" because it matched what I had studied and what I knew. 

Now I just had to wait the four weeks for my official MCAT score report to arrive. 

I tried not to think about what would happen but then the email came and my heart started to race, my stomach was doing flip-flops and my Degree deodorant was working overtime. 

I logged into the AAMC website, feeling extremely anxious and jittery. 

I took one look at my score and was ecstatic. 

"I Beat the MCAT and Climbed the Biggest Hurdle Standing Between Me and Getting Into Med School"

I informed my family and sent emails to my advisors letting them know how I had done on the MCAT. Shockingly, a few weeks later I received a letter from HMS aka Harvard Medical School where they were encouraging me, yes me to apply to their medical school based on my MCAT score. 

What happened to me can happen to you too. 

I started out at the bottom of the MCAT pool thinking all I had to do was follow the assigned readings and doing practice problems and I'd get a good MCAT score. 

This is not how it works at all

You have to plan, you need a system in place and you need constant feedback on your performance if you want to have any chance of getting a decent MCAT score. 

With my renewed efforts and laser focus on killing the MCAT my life has totally changed. I'm now living the dream as a medical student. 

Interesting enough, after I was admitted to medical school I had the opportunity to get to know the director of admissions. He actually told me, "You know the main reason you're here is because of your MCAT score." 

So, yes the MCAT matters!

Are you ready to take your MCAT prep to the next level?

Do you want a great MCAT score that gets you into medical school?

How about a systematic approach to the MCAT that's proven to work and boost your score?


This is a video course for the premed student who wants to be once and done with the MCAT. 

Yes, you'll be able to burn all your MCAT materials once you complete this course without worrying you'll need to retake the MCAT again.

You're about to gain access to a proven system that will give you the most bang for your buck as you prepare for the biggest test you've ever taken in your life. SAT/ACT are a piece of cake compared to the MCAT so now's the time to go all in and put yourself on the path to becoming a doctor today.

Ever wondered what's the first thing you should do to prepare for the MCAT

I have the answer for you, it's unconventional but it actually works. 

Look, you can do what everyone else does and score below average on the MCAT or you can decide with so much riding on the line you have to take your MCAT prep to the next level and buck the trend of what everyone else is doing.

Yes, your mother was right, "If everyone else is jumping off of a bridge, it doesn't mean you should too." The same applies with getting top MCAT scores. 

Those who are great at standardized tests study and approach the MCAT differently from everyone else. I'm prepared to reveal the unspoken rules these students follow to effortlessly breeze through their MCAT prep.

I have a whole section of my MCAT Mastery Companion Course devoted to the mindset you'll need to excel along with tactics you'll want to copy in your everyday life. 

I'm referring to strategies Olympic Athletes use and Oprah Winfrey to be the best in sports and media. You can take the same mentality and apply it to the MCAT so you'll always have a winner mentality knowing you're working towards being in the highest percentiles on each section of the MCAT.

Not sure how much time to study for the MCAT? I got you covered there too.

There's no willy-nilly artificial rules of just take 6-12 weeks of dedicated MCAT studying. Nope, that's not how you become a top MCAT scorer.

You'll begin with a Diagnostic MCAT before you even open up a book. Why? You have to know just where you stand with the material and from there I can help you set a schedule that is totally performance based. 

Every week you'll know the main MCAT content areas you need to review and study along with how to hit your weakest areas on a daily basis. I'm a big fan of feedback and you'll see why.

With my MCAT Mastery Companion Course you'll see how having constant feedback is actually considered a good thing. You may be surprised to learn my program isn't about getting you the highest scores on each practice problem you attempt. 

Instead, the goal is to discover what you know and don't know

Included is a problem attempt worksheet so you can track your progress and determine what type of errors you're making as you study. With this information at hand you'll suddenly see the patterns in the mistakes you're making which means you correct them before the big day.

I will help you fix what you don't know so that come test day, you're sailing through the MCAT on autopilot and ready for anything the test-makers may throw your way. And believe me when I tell you, you'll walk away thinking, "This stuff came from left field, none of my study books prepared me for those questions, and wow did I just waste 2-3 years of my life taking premed classes."

Don't worry.

85% of premeds feel this way after walking out of the MCAT. This is a test unlike anything you've ever taken before where the goal is to test your reasoning and critical thinking ability in a fashion that's identical to what doctors have to do everyday with every patient encounter. 

As many physicians will tell you, "books just give you the basic foundation but patients rarely present exactly like what's seen in a textbook and this is where you clinical judgment and experience becomes important."

I developed my MCAT Mastery Companion Course to get you thinking like a doctor from day one of your MCAT prep so not only can you beat the MCAT but also you'll be ready to start medical school with the correct frame of mind you'll need to treat patients.

Worried that you're not scoring high enough on your problem sets?

I have some tips and tricks to ensure you're actually making progress and not banging your head against the wall. If you've been told, "Just do more problems" I'm here to give you actual help to see a boost in your score.

There's no point in doing more of the wrong thing and expecting to see your MCAT score improve.

In my MCAT Mastery Companion Course I have specific test-taking strategies you can use for every type of problem you'll encounter on test day. These strategies are great when you're at a complete loss and have no clue how to get started on answering a question.

Or maybe you were able to narrow down to two answer choices and just can't decide which choice to go with. I will give you a no-brainer way to pick the most likely correct answer. 

Using this tip will prevent you from second-guessing yourself and giving you more time to dedicate to other problems which require some academic leaps and hurdles to get to a final answer. 

Trust me, you'll be grateful you have a strategy to breeze through the "easier" questions even when you're not sure, so that you have time for the wordy problem stems that will require a lot of brainpower. 

By the time you're done with the MCAT Mastery Companion Course you'll have everything at your fingertips to rock the MCAT

In high school I played football and let me tell you we didn't always win every game we played. But our team was united and we put in our best effort to win. There were times we went into halftime losing the game and our coaches would do two things.

1. Make adjustments based on what our opponent was doing.

2. Give us a pep talk and remind us of what we've already accomplished and what we went through already.

Finally, in one game which had playoff implications our coach pounded his fists together, shouting at us to dig deep, this is what you play for, you have the crowds, you have the band, you have everyone here watching you and this is your time to step up. 

Then he simply lowered his voice and growled, "How bad do you want this?"

The same applies for you as a premed student. 

Here's What's Included

MCAT Power Boost for Studying

In 19 jam-packed pages discover how to have real success on the MCAT and finally earn a competitive MCAT score. 

  1. It starts off with knowing how you studied in the past by taking a 13 question questionnaire so you can laser in on the tendencies you need to give up to ensure you are making the most out of each study session. What's great are the strategies you are learning can also be applied to your medical school classes once you're admitted. 
  2. You'll discover a real world example of how one doctor went from almost failing medical school to becoming number one in his class and setting some major firsts throughout his surgical career. His story is amazing and if you're feeling tired while hitting the books it will definitely serve as a wakeup call to keep studying. 
  3. Not everyone learns the same as we all have different tendencies that work for us. Discover the top 5 learning domains available to you to boost your ability to retain what you actually learn. The top MCAT scorers use multiple learning domains to ensure they leave nothing to chance and optimize their performance. 
  4. Never fall into the boring and passive activity of studying by simply reading and re-reading your books or notes. This is a complete waste of time that gives you a feel good sense of progress but will leave you shell-shocked once you start doing problems. Revealed is the Cone of Learning and how you can use it to systematically recall more information by doing less. 
  5. Wouldn't it be great to know the difference between two study methods knowing with one set of skills you're remember over 90% of what you studied after two weeks compared to remembering only 10%. This actually can happen when you use the correct approach to your studying which I share with you. 
  6. You have a problem there's 3 years worth of premed classes you need to review in-order to prepare for the MCAT, that's going to be a lot of info. I'm sharing with you 5 methods of integration which will be your learning tools for acing the sciences. This will be the foundation to getting outside the typical premed silo of learning by subject and helping you apply concepts across different subject areas, training you to think like a doctor and in the same way the test-makers want you to on the MCAT.
  7. Spaced-repetition will be your friend so you can recall anything you ever learned. I reveal how you can use spaced repetition with a special free software so just as you're about to forget a fact you're automatically tested on it ensuring it stays in your longterm memory. This will be great because if you're on a 3 month study plan for the MCAT you won't forget the material you learned on day one.
  8. Do you want to become a MCAT genius? If so then pay attention. This is what trips up most students but it won't be you because you'll gain access to the systematic Self-Test and Review way of preparing for the MCAT. Using this approach you cannot go wrong. I give you three different ways you can implement this system into your daily study routine and see a huge percentile jump in how you're scoring on the MCAT.
  9. Never take a lackadasical approach to a study session again. I show you a way to maximize the precious moments you have when preparing for the MCAT. If you have a tendency to procrastinate then this is just what you need. This is going to completely transform your study sessions and turn you into a MCAT machine who ruthlessly gets through the most amount of material before exam day. 
  10. Don't burnout. Do you have questions about how long each study session should be? I got you covered here too. The goal is to find the optimal timeframe of studying that works for you so you're pushing yourself hard enough but not so hard you fatigue out. I give you two timed methods of studying that will ensure you stay focused and also builds up your stamina for test day. 

Tactics for Answering Questions

The name of the game on the MCAT is answering the most questions correctly in the amount of time you're allotted. This means you have just over 6 hours to answer 230 questions. Sounds like a lot right.

  • No worries I'm going to unlock the vault to a 6-step process that naturally leads you to the best answer choice every time. 
  • No matter what the test writers show on test day you can zoom through each question on autopilot with this roadmap. No more debating with yourself whether A or C is correct instead, you can choose and move forward knowing you did everything possible to get to the right answer choice.

Besides, when you have a system in place you'll gain more time to focus on the tougher questions which require more thinking power.

Have you ever gambled?

  • The MCAT is not the place to gamble you need to get as many questions correct as you possibly can. I share with you a way to increase your odds of picking the best answer choice. You're totally going to love this method too and it's so easy. Each time you apply this strategy you can improve your odds from 25% to 33% to 50% of being correct. Wouldn't you like to automatically go from a 25% chance of being correct to a 50% chance?

Do you get flustered with all the answer choices that pop up on the computer screen?

  • How about a way to decrease what you have to think about on each question. When I teach you how to eliminate extra information you can finally focus on the meat of the problem and position yourself to have a higher MCAT score by getting more questions right. 
  • Now this is going to blow your mind. Have you ever tried reverse engineering your way to the right answer? If you haven't get ready to see your MCAT scores soar. This is a nuclear option when you're stuck but you're oh so close to getting the question right. 

Using reverse engineering can make the difference in putting you in an entirely different percentile that gets you past the computers and has AdComs drooling over your application. At the end of the day, simply answering just a few more questions correctly can move you into a higher percentile ranking and helping your chances of getting into medical school. 

  • You're going to be answering a lot of questions as you prepare for the MCAT and you'll want to chart your progress. To help you keep track of your performance you'll have special access to the MCAT Error Analysis Worksheet. Using this worksheet will help you uncover the trends in your tests and help you fix the mistakes you repeatedly make. Just by fixing your common mistakes you can see a dramatic boost in your MCAT scores. 

Discover How to Tackle the MCAT CARS section

As a premed, school has been all about math and science but now the MCAT wants you to read and comprehend too. Don't worry I have a ton of tips of my sleeve to get you the most points on the CARS section. 

Even if English isn't your first langue or you read slow I will show you a stepwise system you can use to tackle any passage on test day.

  1. The Lawyer Way revealed. This is a top secret approach that will change your MCAT life. Yes, what I am going to share in the Lawyer Way to the CARS section of the MCAT is absolutely amazing and will make a huge difference in your ability to read the passages and actually understand the subtle differences in the answer choices. By the time you're done you'll be able to shout, "take that" to the test writers as you zoom through this portion of the MCAT.
  2. When you Know Your Author you are practically cheating on the MCAT. This is the key to success in all of CARS. I reveal how you can master the author of each passage by getting inside their heads and knowing where they're trying to lead you in their writings and answer choices. Once you learn this skill you'll suddenly realize the CARS section isn't one big mystery rather a fun game to be played.
  3. Reading is Fundamental. I'll show you tactical skills you can use to ensure you work as efficiently as possible as you go through the CARS passages. If you ever had trouble keeping your focus you can say goodbye to those days and you'll be concentrating so hard you just might believe you're on Adderall. 
  4. Stealing the Main Idea. I have a four step process you can use to get straight to the main idea of any CARS passage. By using this approach you'll have everything you need to answer 90% of the CARS questions. If you completely master these four steps then you'll also be able to answer questions without even reading the passages, now this can definitely save you a ton of time. But this is only advised for the more advanced premed students. 
  5. CARS Study Plan. The CARS section is unique and you have to approach it differently from all other parts of the MCAT. To ensure you have what you need to do great, I have developed an exclusive study plan for all of the CARS section of the MCAT. All you have to do is follow exactly what I outlined for you and you can put the CARS section on autopilot without any worries. 

Exclusive BONUS

Expert MCAT tutoring.

You now have live one-on-one MCAT tutoring.

Work with a MCAT tutor who scored in the 99.99th Percentile on their MCAT.

You get 90 minutes of one-on-one, live tutoring.

This is an unbeatable deal to get your most pressing questions answered by someone who tutors full-time and works with students who attend the top colleges and universities on the east coast.

At the time of your purchase, I will put you in touch with C.J. and let him guide you to a top MCAT score.

How I Built MCAT Mastery Companion Course

I give you a big picture perspective helping you to see the forrest. Then we will dig in together to see the individual trees.

I'm a very logical person and you'll find my logical approach to the MCAT very beneficial in a number of ways. It's a system I have developed not only for personal success on the MCAT but the countless other students who I've helped along the way.

Growing up my Dad would say, "There's a difference between smarts and common sense".

You may be smart enough to pass your classes but you also need common sense to know when a no brainer opportunity is right before your eyes.

I'm practically giving you the keys to a great MCAT score right now.

As I said earlier, you can go with one of the commercial MCAT prep courses and spend $2,299 for an online course from Kaplan. Where no one is dedicated to your success. All you'll get is the study materials and content. But no one is walking you through how to approach the content and training you to think like a doctor which is what's required for MCAT success and the rest of your career.

Seriously, if all you needed was a commercial MCAT course wouldn't everyone have the same scores who took the course. Commonsense tells us, that's not the case. You have to take it up a notch and that's where my program comes in.

If you need Kaplan, Princeton Review or ExamKrackers by all means purchase those programs. But think of DoctorPremed as the companion resource to get you thinking at a higher level for killer MCAT scores. 

Here's why DoctorPremed is right for most premeds. It teaches you how to think like a doctor something you'll need for the rest of your medical career. In your premed courses you were taught to memorize, regurgitate some facts and know equations meant doing well on your test, but the MCAT is an entirely different beast. 

A lot of times you sign up for these commercial prep courses and the goal is to get through all the assignments based on the schedule some random tutor decided worked for them personally so it should work for every other premed. I hate to break it to you but that's not realistic.

Usually, you have to score very high to be a MCAT instructor and that means these instructors aren't the average MCAT taker so they're going to skip over or just not inform you of test-taking strategies that work for them.

They're not doing this to be evil.


It's just that what they have taken for granted for a long time, they would never think would be something you have to explicity layout for a test-taker. Meaning you're missing out on golden nuggets of learning.

To put it in perspective take your favorite professional athlete. 

Let's say it's a soccer play and you ask them how they're able to headbutt the ball and score goals with ease.

They will tell you it's just something that happens, they see the field get in position and strike and boom goal scored. 

What they fail to tell you is that it first started with studying the game. Knowing where their opponent likes to stand on the field. Understanding that footwork is crucial. Having a sense of how to headbutt correctly at the right force at the proper angle to get past defenders and most importantly the goalie.

Obviously, your pro athlete didn't mention all of this because he's not even thinking about these "little" details instead it's being calculated automatically in his head and his body naturally adapts.

The same happens in a lot of MCAT prep courses when you have expert instructors. They're giving you a very basic overview but not going into the nitty gritty details you'll need to have success on the MCAT.

Everything is neatly laid out for you in stepwise fashion so you never have to think about what you should be doing next with my program. You can always correct course along the way.

The goal of my program is to give you constant feedback on where you stand in your MCAT prep so each week you're getting better and better because I want to see you marching towards a top MCAT score. 

Once you get started with the program you'll be amazed at how easy it is to implement with any MCAT prep course or even work through my course as a standalone program. You're getting the best of both worlds but more importantly, gaining the mentality to walk into your MCAT exam with confidence and receive a MCAT score report that actually reflects what you know. 

I told you about the unheard of 90 day money back guarantee too. Try to find a match for that anywhere else. Yep, it's true 90 days no questions asked. Dude, what are you waiting for, get on board now and become a Student Doctor. 

You Worked too Hard for the MCAT
to Keep You Out of Medical School

In four years after you start medical school you'll be a doctor and set for the rest of your life. 

Your family and friends want you to succeed. 

They have been there for you through the roughest of premed times offering encouragement and motivation. You're supposed to be the newest doctor in the family

Don't let your parents down

You spent countless hours in lab under goggles which would leave red marks around your eyes, constantly fog and maybe you had to fudge the data when the experiments weren't getting the correct results. 

You sat in the lecture hall taking so many exams having to regurgitate so many formulas and equations. 

And don't even get me started on the hours you spent outside the classroom volunteering and shadowing doctors.

You did all of this for one and only one reason, to get into medical school.

I don't want to see all of that go to waste and neither do your parents or mentors. They're invested in you becoming a doctor just as much as you are. 

How much does becoming a doctor matter to you?

Invest only $397 to have the peace of mind, the confidence your studying won't be useless and you'll be walking into the MCAT...the biggest exam of your life knowing you did everything possible to earn your white coat and put some initials behind your name. You owe it to yourself, your family and all your future patients who are depending on you to be their DOCTOR! If you want to be a student doctor next year then the decision is not brain surgery, open your wallet, pull out your plastic and invest the only $397 into the MCAT Mastery Companion Course in-order to get into medical school this application cycle.

Course Open - Enroll Now

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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

I stand by my MCAT Mastery Companion Course 100%. I want you to be completely satisfied. I'm doing the unheard and offering a 30 day money back guarantee!

You must be delighted from the value you get from my course where I share what I learned during 4 years of undergrad, 2 years of grad school and 4 years of medical school to help you ace the MCAT. 

The strategies found inside work and you don't need 36 hour days to get through everything I have in store for you. As a medical student I know how precious time can be. 

Show me you did the exercises, took a full-length/diagnostic MCAT and made an honest attempt with the material without an improvement in your score and I will issue your refund. 

Go ahead give the MCAT Mastery Companion Course a try and test out all the dozens of specific strategies for acing the MCAT. You'll be kicking yourself for not coming across this course sooner and must conclude just one of the included MCAT booklets alone is worth your entire investment.

If you're looking to just "try" the program aka "it wasn't what I was expecting" and are not a serious student then don't buy. Let's not waste each other's time.