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Feeling Discouraged With Your Lack of MCAT Progress? Here's What To Do To Start Scoring Higher 

Let me guess: To do well on the MCAT you signed up for a MCAT prep course, have been studying relentlessly and spoke to a friend of a friend who aced their MCAT in hopes they could share insights with you.

I get it.

You're frustrated about not hitting your target MCAT score.

It definitely isn’t because you’re not trying.

In all likelihood every waking moment of your life is consumed by the MCAT and what it means for your future.

If you’re serious about actually beating the MCAT, read on.

Dr Jason Spears

Hi, I’m Dr. Jason Spears, the founder of DoctorPremed and former premed society president at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) who helps students like yourself successfully get into medical school.

Just like you I desperately needed to do well on the MCAT so that I could realize my dream of becoming a doctor.

However, despite taking a Kaplan MCAT classroom course I wasn’t making any progress.

I felt doomed because with each passing week my score looked exactly like my "failing" baseline score.

This shouldn’t be happening to me.

I was in the library seven days a week with nothing to show for my hard-work except being on a first name basis with the librarians and janitors.

My frustration, anger and despair began to roar its ugly head.

I was an upset and moody college senior who believed the academic world let me down in regards to what it actually took for MCAT success.

My only break from the MCAT would be the gym where I could blow off some steam.

I thought wrong, because even at the gym I couldn't escape the MCAT. 

Doing well was my only chance of getting into medical school so I found myself studying for the MCAT while riding the recumbent bike.

I thought I could cycle past the agony of my poor FL practice test scores. However, reality came crashing down when I made the decision I was in no place to sit for the MCAT and made the decision to push back my test date

It had been drilled into my head by AdComs that a poor showing on the MCAT could be the kiss of death for getting into medical school.

It's one thing to change your test date and another to face your parents who are questioning why are you delaying your MCAT. They just didn't understand and yes I was studying all the time but I wasn't prepared for the most important test of my life. 

One evening after coming home from the library I spoke with my twin brother who was in law school at the time.

He could sense something was wrong as I vented all my frustrations stating, “This makes absolutely no sense I’m a Political Science major at Northwestern, CARS is giving me trouble and that was supposed to be my easiest section.”

George listened to what I had to say and then said, “Man, what are you worried about we do critical reading all the time in law school… let me show you how it’s done.”

I gave him some CARS passages and to my shock he absolutely nailed each one of them. He then showed me how to do the same.

Never would I have made the connection that lawyers would be the key to finally mastering MCAT CARS passages

This was a huge confidence boost where I thought, “one section down, just three more to go.”

At church the pastor put me in touch with a physician who opened my eyes on how to “think like a doctor” and grasp what the MCAT was really testing.

Things were different now because the more I studied the more my MCAT scores improved. I finally felt confident about my upcoming MCAT exam. 

Several weeks later I was ecstatic when my MCAT score report arrived

When you get a letter from Harvard Medical School inviting you to apply based on your MCAT you know you did well. 

I was once in your shoes with no hope but I was able to turn things around.

You should have the same opportunity to earn a top MCAT score that will get you into medical school.


MCAT Mastery Companion Course

Study less. Learn more. Score higher.

The MCAT Mastery Companion course will allow you to finally breakthrough all the barriers that have been holding you back from earning a top MCAT score.

This course will take you from stressed out, overworked and discouraged to having confidence and being assured of earning a better MCAT score. 

Your MCAT Mastery Companion course is not a replacement for a primary resource to learn the required subjects tested on the MCAT. Instead, use my course together with your primary MCAT prep materials for a knockout 1-2 punch.  

And of course I will show you how to “think like a doctor” which is the biggest obstacle to your success. 

The MCAT Mastery Companion course is presented online via videos, ebooks, downloads and worksheets.

Here’s everything you get when you join…

Module 1

  • Your fast start guide to MCAT Mastery. 
  • If you’re stressed out and your exam is coming up soon this will give you the fastest path to success.
  • Discover a fail safe way to always get the correct answer. Do this for every question and watch your scores skyrocket.
  • Unlock my index card strategy and never be seduced into picking the wrong answer choice.

Module 2

I share how AdComs view MCAT retakes and how their official policy isn't what actually happens. 

Need to know when's the best time to take your MCAT? I have you covered and layout the why's surrounding taking your MCAT in the spring.

Have questions about what score you need?

You'll enjoy learning about what should be your target MCAT score along with mental strategies you need to be using for a score boost. 

Plus, I share how medical schools actually rank applicants too.

There's a proven tactic you can begin using in your premed classes to ensure you are best prepared for the MCAT so that you don't waste time studying low yield topics.

Have you ever wondered why some students do well on the MCAT while others bomb it regardless of their GPA heading into the exam. It all has to do with knowing how to "think like a doctor". Once you master this your scores will skyrocket.

Time is precious.

I share the tools and resources that are highly recommended for excelling on the MCAT.

Plus, there is an undisputed leader in which question bank you should be using and it may shock you to learn who is the king of MCAT test prep.

Module 3

Use the diagnostic to know your baseline. Do it even if you’re ready because the payoff is immense.

Discover how to be laser focused on studying the areas that will dramatically improve your total MCAT score. Doing this alone can move you into an entirely different MCAT percentile.

Why AAMC MCAT content guidelines are your best friend leading up to your exam. Plus, a trick for determining what you need and don’t need to know from your premed classes.

The MCAT is unlike any test you’ve ever taken. What got you here won’t get you a top MCAT score. Your premed classes have actually been setting you up for failure.

How to "Think Like a Doctor" to finally understand what the MCAT really is testing. Understanding this is worth more than pure gold.

Module 4

Active learning optimization to transform into a high scoring MCAT machine. I share the tactics that help you overcome any plateau or blocks even if you’ve been studying for weeks without seeing improvement.

The “gifted” students are the ones who are constantly adjusting and optimizing using quantifiable data to their advance. I’m going to open up the vault so you can see what’s actually going on behind the scenes if you want to make the most of your MCAT prep.

How to learn it and then never forget it again. Using spaced-repetition will take you to an entirely new level of academic achievement. This methodology not only helps with the MCAT but you can use it during medical school too. 

Anki when done right will be your secret weapon for a photographic memory.

Teaching is the highest form of mastery here’s how you can use this to your exclusive advantage especially for the most confusing MCAT topics.

Have complete control of your MCAT when you take full advantage of 3 Minute Lectures.

I’ll walk you back in time to the Roman Empire so that you will never forget anything again with memory palaces built just for you.

Access to the MCAT power boost for studying. This will blow the doors of the hinges of how fast and accurate your studies will become.

Discover what the elite tutors teach their students for explosive results.

Module 5

The best tactics for answering MCAT questions correctly.

Your 6 step approach to answering MCAT questions.

How to narrow down to the correct choice and see exponential growth in your performance.

Understand the hidden psychology behind question writing.

The only factors you need to track when reviewing incorrect answers.

Using Error Analysis worksheet to track your performance.

Module 6

The Lawyer’s Way to tackling CARS passages.

How to know the author to make CARS a breeze.

The wrong advice you must filter out for CARS.

Top resources the MCAT world doesn’t want you to know about for CARS.

Immediately see results using my 5 minute CARS formula.

An Amazing Guarantee: Try MCAT Mastery for 7 days, 100% risk free

I want you to try my entire course. If you don’t benefit from it, I insist you get 50% of your money back.

It’s simple: Join the course and try it out for yourself. If MCAT Mastery does not help you improve within 7 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises, followed along with the tutoring and I’ll give you 50% of your money back.

This guarantee lasts 7 days, which completely covers the course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it is right for you.

MCAT Mastery will show you how to improve your MCAT score. And it’s 100% risk-free.

MCAT Mastery Companion Course

Study less. Learn more. Score higher.

Get started today


Join the course

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email me. I'm happy to help: 1-484-706-9260 / [email protected]

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I took a practice test today and improved 8 points. So we're on an upward trajectory. Thank you for all your help!

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You were able to give me great MCAT advice. After watching your videos instead of feeling defeated, ashamed, inadequate for the task ahead, persuaded to consider another career choice, discouraged , I felt confident that with work, determination and dedication I could actually "beat" the MCAT.

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Great videos man. Thanks for taking the time to make them and giving us solid advice. My MCAT score has been frustrating but I have a feeling with your course it will now improve before my test.

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Got the MCAT score I wanted. These tips really helped my CARS score. I am by no means a fast reader either.

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I've been struggling for months on the MCAT. But soon after using your methods I've been getting every question right.

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Wooww, I'm following your advice since this morning and woow! I am seeing a sharp increase in my MCAT score!!!

Do you want to improve your MCAT score - while studying less?

This is what MCAT Mastery offers. You'll learn how to Study Less and Learn More all so that you can Score Higher.

The MCAT is the number one factor that AdComs look at when making an admissions decision. Now is your chance to take control of your future and become the doctor you're meant to be.

I know what it is like to be frustrated because you are unable to get the score you want no matter how hard you work. 

As a premed student who is so close to applying to medical school after years of science classes, hundreds of shadowing/volunteering hours now is not the chance to figure out the MCAT on your own.

I want to provide you a roadmap for MCAT success.

MCAT Mastery is for you if you've been studying, doing problems but still are coming up short on the MCAT.

Just imagine logging into the AAMC website and seeing your official MCAT Score Report where you earned a score that will open up doors for medical school. You're super excited, your parents are proud and you know you'll spend the rest of your life as a doctor.

Joining MCAT Mastery is risk-free with my 100% money-back guarantee. You can go through the program and decide if MCAT Mastery is right for you.

You're in control.

What do you want to do Future Doctor?

MCAT Mastery Companion Course

Study less. Learn more. Score higher.

Get started today


Join the course

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email me. I'm happy to help: 1-484-706-9260 / [email protected]

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