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I think the Kaplan MCAT Classroom Course is the best way to prepare for the exam. Click below to get started with a course that will definitely get you the score you need.

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions (Kaptest.com)

You are going to have access to more resources than you will ever need, learn from a teacher who has already taken the test, and engage in a cooperative learning environment with other students.

Besides, I used it and got recruited to medical schools based on my MCAT score.

How It Works

The Kaplan MCAT course is very simple. You will enroll in a course which meets three times a week for three months. Remember, the statistics say if you are going to perform well on the MCAT exam you will need to commit at least 300 hours to MCAT prep.

At each class meeting there are going to be specific goals which you will accomplish. It all starts with doing the pre-reading before coming to class and doing the practice problems. Once you're in class you have the opportunity to go over questions which confused you, learn test taking strategies, and do actual practice problems.

After you start getting into the swing of things you'll begin to take full-length MCAT practice tests on your own. Don't dread these exams because it is a way for you to apply what you're learning throughout the course and see if it is working for you. But, the most important aspect of taking any full-length exam is to review the answer key in its entirety and understand why you got a particular question right or wrong.

This would be the easiest overview of how the Kaplan MCAT Classroom Course works and I personally believe it makes a big difference in your level of preparation for the test and ultimately, what type of MCAT score you get.


One general chemistry term is "saturation," well with the Kaplan MCAT course you will get super-saturated with resources. This is a good thing, because there will always be something for you to review, learn, or study if you so desire. I can remember specifically the online mini-lessons which are tailored to every subtopic tested on the MCAT exam.

For instance, a lot of people struggle with Verbal Reasoning and there are online guides that will help you prepare for this section of the test. I used them and saw lots of improvement in how I performed on the Verbal Reasoning section.

But aside from mini-lessons you will get a complete set of review books for each section, totaling 1,500 pages and as and added bonus there is an online version.

4 QuickSheets.

These QuickSheets are great because they are laminated sheets that have the must know equations and facts which come up a lot on the MCAT. If you're going to memorize anything it would be what's found on these sheets. I liked the fact that they are extremely portable too. I took mine to the gym and it made for some good reading while running on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike. Not to mention, I got in shape at the same time too.

Other resources include flashcards and we all know the benefit of these.

One unique aspect of the Kaplan MCAT program is their High-Yield Problem Solving Guide, which walks you step-by-step in solving difficult problems and provides the reasoning of why you are doing each step. This is really beneficial and can go a long way in boosting your MCAT score.

How does having a teacher sound for the MCAT? This is very helpful because you are learning from someone who has already been through the test and they can provide their insight on how to avoid common mistakes and lend a personal touch to the teaching of the material. I had an excellent teacher and know that when all the resources which Kaplan has are used, you will do exceptionally well on the test.


The Kaplan MCAT Classroom Course is expensive, but I think it would be more expensive for your medical career if you did not take the course. I took the course and did everything which was asked of me and then more.

For instance, I was the guy in the library (3-South Tower) every Saturday taking a full-length practice exam and then spending three hours on Sunday reviewing my exam. The hard work paid-off, because I am very satisfied with how I performed on the test. It was good enough that several schools recruited me based solely on my MCAT score and one included a very notable Ivy League medical school.

But if you don't have the funds to enroll in a classroom course see if you can find family or friends who will help cover the costs. Otherwise, my advice would be to at least purchase the books or the Online MCAT Course so you can study on your own or with a group of peers.

You have too much riding on your future and you've worked very hard to get where you're at today, to lose it all on one MCAT, so do everything possible to be prepared to take the test. As always, this is an exam which you want to take once and only once.

Knowing I had put everything into my MCAT prep, I did something gutsy and got rid of all my MCAT manuals (otherwise, like any premed I have all of my books because who knows when I'll need to review something from biology) before receiving my score. I figured I put everything I had into this test and getting rid of the materials was a symbolic gesture that I would perform well and not have to take a retest!

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions (Kaptest.com)

In the spirit of disclosure, Kaplan was the MCAT test prep organization at Northwestern University and one of the perks of being president of the premed society was receiving a free Kaplan classroom MCAT course.

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