Kaplan MCAT Review - Taking Your MCAT Prep to The Next Level

With a Kaplan MCAT Review you are leaving nothing to chance and giving yourself your best shot at getting into medical school. At the end of the day only two numbers matter:
  • Science G.P.A.
  • MCAT Score
At this point your science GPA is pretty much set in stone meaning you only have control over your MCAT.

I sincerely believe using a Kaplan MCAT prep is the best way to prepare for the Medical College Admission Test and make getting into medical school a reality.

I personally used the Kaplan MCAT and actually got recruited to several top medical schools based on my MCAT score. So trust me when I say a Kaplan MCAT class works.

How It Works

You are going to enroll in a Kaplan MCAT course that meets about three times a week for three months. Your Kaplan MCAT prep courses can be either live in-person or completed online. The point is to enroll so that you have your best chance of MCAT success come test day.

For each class session there are going to be specific goals and objectives that will need to be accomplished. Before arriving to your Kaplan MCAT Review session you will need to do the pre-reading and practice problems.

Once in class you will have an opportunity to learn from your instructor whether in -person or online. This means you can go over concepts and problems that confused you, learn test-taking strategies and then to actual problems too.

You'll have to earmark about 3 hours for each of your Kaplan MCAT classes because there is a lot of material to cover. I also would like to remind you that in-order to perform well on the MCAT exam you will need to spend approximately 300 hours on MCAT preparation.

I'm confident most of you won't spend this much time studying for the MCAT on your own, which is why you should use the Kaplan MCAT because it will not be easy for you to slack off when you know you're responsible for homework and coming to class or viewing lectures online.

Once you are in the swing of things the pace picks up and you'll be expected to take full-length practice tests on your own.

Practice tests are not something you should dread though, instead use them as an opportunity to apply what you're learning and to gauge whether you're making satisfactory progress or not in your Kaplan MCAT Review course.

With any practice tests or problem sets the most important thing for you to do is to review what you go correct and wrong and to know why. If you cannot do this then you are wasting your time and could very well never correct fatal errors that may prevent you from getting into medical school.

There you go a quick overview of how the Kaplan MCAT prep works. There's something for everyone when it comes to the Kaplan MCAT because you can purchase all different levels of service...whatever will best meet your needs. I strongly believe my initial MCAT score was so great because it all started with a Kaplan MCAT Review package and I would never think about studying without using it.

Kaplan MCAT Resources

You will get more materials and tools than you can possibly use when using Kaplan. Here's just a brief overview what can be included:

  • 18 Classroom sessions
  • 5 full-length practice exams (computer-based)
  • access to 14 more full-length computer based tests
  • 11,000+ practice questions
  • 1,100 passages
The list is endless, but as you can tell you will not run out of material when it comes to a Kaplan MCAT course.

One of my personal favorites were the online mini-lessons that are tailored to the sub-topics tested on the MCAT exam.

I've been talking a lot about online Kaplan MCAT prep materials but you'll also get a set of review books too. Meaning you will have over 1,500 pages worth of reading covering all sections of the Medical College Admissions Test.

4 QuickSheets

The QuickSheets are laminated and can be considered must know facts. They are filled with equations and facts that if you take the time to learn will boost your MCAT score. I enjoy exercising so found it very convenient to take these QuickSheets to the gym while running on the treadmill or using the stationary bike.

Hey, each minute of every day counts when you're preparing for the biggest test that decides if and where you'll go to medical school!

High Yield Problem Solving Guide

The High Yield Problem Solving Guide is a step-by-step approach developed by the Kaplan MCAT that you can use to solve difficult/common problems. This guide also provides the reasoning behind each step so you can apply the same concepts to similar problems.

Kaplan MCAT Makes All the Difference

I would never take the biggest exam of my life without being full prepared and honestly believe the Kaplan MCAT Review put me in a position to to extremely well on the MCAT. But you have to work for what you want too.

For instance, I was the guy in the library (3-South Tower) every Saturday taking a full-length practice exam then spending over 3 hours on Sunday reviewing my exam. This was a lot of hard work but it paid off on test day and when I got my results back.

My scores were great enough that several medical schools were recruiting me including one Ivy League school which shall remain unnamed.

As you can tell I am a extremely strong proponent of buying a Kaplan MCAT Course because your whole medical career is at stake. If you cannot afford to enroll then see if your family and friends can assist you because the payoff can be tremendous.

You simply cannot go wrong with a Kaplan MCAT Online Course or any of the Kaplan MCAT Classes.

When your chances of getting into medical school comes down to your science gpa and MCAT score you really have no other option than using a Kaplan MCAT Review course. You put too much into being premed and getting into medical school and this is the last hurdle where you still have complete control over.

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