High Yield Study Skills

You have to study to become a doctor.

I remember when I was premed and taking my Grandpa to one of his doctor's appointments and when the doctor found out I was premed, he paused, looked at me and said, "You must be very skilled in sitting in a chair for very long periods of time."

He was speaking the truth!

I've spent countless hours in libraries hitting the books, reviewing PowerPoints or watching lectures online.

Grades and Test Scores Not Where They Should Be

At every level of your education on your journey to become a doctor you are always going to face an assessment in one form or another.

Studying will become life for a career in medicine.

If you don't pass the test then it could mean the end of the road for you and becoming a fully licensed doctor.

It begins with the MCAT where you need an average MCAT score of 508 to matriculate.

Once in medical school you have to pass your basic science coursework and if you don't it could mean repeating the year or getting kicked out of medical school.

Then to make it to your clinical years of medical school where you're in the hospital treating patients you have to pass your USMLE Level 1.

After that there's USMLE Level 2 you will need to pass before starting internship.

Then during your residency you need to take and pass USMLE Level 3.

It becomes very advantageous to get a solid foundation with study skills early on because everything you learn builds upon itself.

When you don't make the cut you're dropped.

Study Skills and Test-Taking Help

After speaking with students at all levels:

  • premed
  • post-bac
  • med students

I have a pretty good handle on the top academic issues that are giving you a lot of trouble. 

But in our evidence-based society I would be doing you and me a disservice if I didn't survey you and figure out how can I best help you get you where you need to be.

Please take a moment and complete my survey.

In the words of my anatomy lab director, "Help me, Help you!"

Study Skills and Test-Taking Survey

Grad School
Post Bac
Medical School
Test-Taking Strategies
PowerPoint/Textbook Notetaking
Overcoming Distractions/Procrastination
Techniques to Remember What Learned
Making the Most out of Practice Tests
How to Become an Active Learner
Learning Concepts vs Memorization

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