I Finally Learned What It Takes to Go From Barely Passing My Exams to Setting the Class Curve

It's three weeks before your next exam. You're trying to keep up with all the material. Everyday you come to class and your professor goes over an ungodly amount of tough concepts. 

In class everything seems to make perfect sense. You're getting it. If not, you can read the textbook and review your class notes.

Lecture is finally over, you put away your laptop, grab your belongings and head for the door.

You settle into your favorite study spot. As you get to work reviewing:

  • Electron pushing for Orgo
  • Lac operon for Biology
  • Pulleys and ramps for Physics
  • Memorizing pathways for Biochem

What seemed manageable in class is now a monster on your own. You flip through your notes, while referencing the textbook and you're still lost. Time passes by slowly.

You're not making enough progress.

Why not visit your favorite website to give yourself a mental break.

Procrastination is your downfall but who cares there's always tomorrow.

No, you can't wait and after more time than you care to admit you log off FB and buckle down. Shoot, your phone buzzes with a text message. Suddenly what should have been a quick reply turns into a full-blown texting session.

Time to make a push to salvage something of your night. 

Hey I'm Jason, currently a medical student in New York City, I earned my Masters from Boston University School of Medicine, have an undergrad degree from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and completed my premed requirements at Harvard Summer School (Cambridge, MA).

At each stage of my academic career I've been a classmate with two types of students: Those who effortlessly just know everything. But more often than not most students struggle to make sense of what they're learning in school.

I understand how overwhelming it can be when you're falling behind as your professor throws new concepts at you every day.

You finally get the courage to attend office hours and things don't go as planned. The prof tells you it comes down to reading and doing more problems. But you know this already. No matter how many problems you do nothing is improving.

Do you know the huge challenge no one really ever talks about?

The reason you're in college in the first place.

The Reason You're In College

It's not about just being in college to get A's or the 4.0 GPA. You didn't get here on your own.

Mom and Dad played a big role. Friends and relatives sacrificed a lot to make sure you would get into college. Someone picked you up from your sports practices in high school. You were chauffeured to your piano lessons. People spent a lot of time and money to ensure you would get into the best college and be successful in life. 

Asian Parent of Premed Student

Now you find yourself in college with the excitement of your acceptance letter wearing off. Maybe you've forgotten the sacrifices made for you to be here.

College is your chance. This is your opportunity to give back to those who have sacrificed to get you here. Pay it forward by doing your best academically and making your parents proud.

It all comes down to excelling in your premed classes. Heck, I prioritized Gen Chem over everything else Fall Quarter of freshman year at Northwestern. Nothing mattered except achieving a high science GPA.

I was a driven premed student.

I couldn't let my parents down. Dr. Smith my anesthesiologist mentor whom I met while in Junior High School would be disappointed too. The pressure was on. I was thinking about my future. I needed to become a doctor otherwise I would be a failure.

Failed not only myself.

Mom. Dad. Dr. Smith and my entire circle of family and friends who knew I was premed.

Premed Exams - The Pressure Is On

And there I was in a huge Chem lecture hall sitting in the sixth row from the back. Every morning showing up to class, frantically trying to scribble down everything the prof was saying. No detail was too small.

As the exam date came closer I took on a laser focus.

I would study longer and harder. It became a sense of pride to be in the library as the librarians flickered the lights on and off signaling the library was now closing. Just because the library was closing didn't mean I went to bed.

Nope the Monster energy drink was fueling me along with a very real fear of failing my test.

I told myself the story of Michael Jordan, "I can't accept not trying." With this line being repeated in my heard I would dig in deep with my problem sets, try to memorize as many equations as possible.

Three hours before the exam I told myself I need some sleep.

Would take a quick nap and remind myself I put in enough studying that even if I don't ace the test I'm at least not going to fail it.

I didn't fail my test but I wasn't setting the curve either.

After each exam I told myself I'm going to be a better student. I'm going to learn this stuff way in advance. No more pulling all-nighters. This time around it's going to be different.

It never happened freshman year.

Three Quarters of Gen Chem and I never got my act together. There was always sheer panic the night before science exam.

A Professor Forces Me to Face Reality

It was only when I got to grad school when I finally unlocked the secret for academic success in the sciences. When there's over $50k invested in grad school you better believe you're going to figure out what works and what doesn't work really fast

Besides when an MD/PhD from University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine tells you before you leave for grad school to, "Protect your GPA at all costs," you know there's a lot riding on the line. Your performance here will decide if you get a look from med schools or not.

My advisor in grad school was also the Biochem Prof for the medical students and she knew I really wanted to go to medical school and I was in the Masters program to increase my competitiveness for getting in, especially since didn't have a lot of science coursework to my name.

What she advised would forever change the trajectory of my life.

My professor said to fly down to West Virginia and work with this learning specialist there who works exclusively with medical students. I was hesitant because of the costs. But my Prof told me, "You're already thousands of dollars in debt so his fee is a drop in the bucket compared to what it's going to cost you to become a doctor."

She had a point.

There really wasn't any turning back at this point. I had invested in my education to become a doctor. To say I'm drawing the line here would have been stupid.

Plus, what premed student wouldn't want to learn study skills used to excel in medical school.

That program made a huge impact on my entire approach to studying and learning.

I was sick to my stomach actually.

Unlocking the Secret to Success in the Sciences

Everything I had been taught up to that point had been basic advice and no wonder I had to work so hard for minimal gains. This guy knew his stuff and within minutes of his teaching I knew medical school was going to happen for me.

Old Way of Studying

This is how I used to study and I can almost guarantee you study in a similar manner.

Premed Who Highlights Entire TextbookAre you the premed student who highlights your entire textbook because you believe everything is important?

Notice how the typical premed student will try to absorb everything the prof says. They think if you highlight it then you will know it.

I finally learned to study smart and do things entirely different:

New Note taking method for schoolThis is how you take useful notes. Notice how the page is not marked up in highlighter and the use of underlines, comments and a coordinated color scheme.
Map and Preview Before StudyingPreviewing my study materials and making a map to organize the content schematically so can have better understanding of the hierarchy of what I am trying to learn.
Condensing Lecture NotesMedical school is no joke. Have my laptop out and lecture notes along with powerpoint handout which then combing into a map diagram of everything. Caffeine in the form of coffee to study long and hard.

The clock is ticking to your next exam. You may have 4 weeks, 6 weeks or even 8 weeks. Whatever the time I can help you master your science curriculum and get the grade you deserve.

This way you can show your parents, your family, your mentors, your friends and most importantly yourself that you can and will be a doctor.

Medical School Dreams Crushed

Have you ever had your dreams crushed?

I remember going to the Teaching Fellow at Harvard because I needed help in Orgo. And here's what happened.

Instead of helping me the TF took a look at my performance in the class and said, "With grades like these you'll never get into medical school.


You know that feeling where your entire existence is being questioned, everything you have worked so hard up to this point is being denied and some professor, pre-health advisor or mentor is telling you to think of your Plan B and that medicine isn't for everyone.

I'm going to help you with my system to prove each and every one of these naysayers wrong.

You will get rid of bad study habits and pickup the best tactics to excel academically.

No more crapshoots about how you did on an exam. Walk out of your test confident you have a good grade.

Texting Mom after Medical School ExamFirst year of medical school and completed a series of exams and sent the obligatory text to Mom. As you can see parents are happy and can't wait for the next steps on your journey to becoming a doctor.

Case Study: Almost Failing Biochemistry and Now Ahead in the Class

Peter contacted me last year because he was failing Biochem and needed the class to graduate.

I got on the phone with Peter and over 60 minutes gave him the roadmap for turning around his academics. No detail was spared and Peter was mind blown as some of the concepts he had never, ever considered before. 

In less than three weeks Peter was contacting me to let me know his grades had shot up on his most recent exam. His professor was now telling him he was moving to the top of the class.

He no longer was in jeopardy of failing and would go on to graduate college on time too.

Once you get locked into my system you will be on your way to a successful career in medicine. You'll be the envy of your med school classmates who only know brute memorization and endless hours studying to get a passing grade while you effortlessly handle what was supposed to be a rigorous medical school curriculum.

You don't have to believe me. Take a look at these students I have helped along the way:

Jason was warm and friendly; he set me up with a plan for studying and preparing for Step 1 based on my individual needs when I felt lost. He answered all of my questions and offered advice for issues I had not even thought of! I recommend reaching out to him with any questions you may have.

Danya, Medical Student preparing for Boards

I have beyond doubt benefitted from your advice, suggestions and your consistent motivation towards my approach to medical school.

- Neel, Medical School Application Advising

I've definitely learnt a lot from you and I appreciate all your efforts.

I would like to learn a lot from you since you've gone through this whole process before and helped a lot of people too, and most important I see myself in the position you are in the future years.

- Raymond, Premed Grand Rounds Subscriber

Boost Your GPA with High Yield Study Habits

The system I created, High Yield Study Habits is one-of-a-kind and built to maximize results in the least amount of time for the science intensive curriculum.

You will have access to videos covering a core concept that is proven to be high yield and high impact for your academic improvement. The videos will prepare you for taking notes, retaining what you learn even weeks later and beating the test-writer on test day.

Worksheets and PDF files are included to ensure you have every tool at your disposal for success from the start.

Do you procrastinate?

Even, if you wait to the last minute I got you covered.

I won't drip my content out over days or weeks. You can jump right in and get the material when you need it the most. 

Obviously, if you follow the system in the order it's created you'll do the best. Peter did and it totally worked for him. Besides he only had a telephone call while you can the videos, worksheets, PDFs so I expect you to have top grades.

My High Yield Study Habits system is not just some random collection of study tips or ideas I came up with.

I spent over $2,500 with one learning specialist in West Virginia.

Another $6,900 working with a physician who teaches medical students and doctors how to pass their boards. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless other educators who have contributed to this program.

Look at the results of:

Great Advice!! It really helped me look at MCAT questions differently. Your technique really helped improve my score significantly!

- Natalie, MCAT Prep Student

Jason, this is absolutely phenomenal. I would never have expected anything this good. You really know your stuff and I’m excited about how things are coming together as I prepare to apply this year. Thanks!

- Perry, Medical School Applicant

How serious are you about getting into medical school?

Anyone can show up to class. It's another thing to study hard. And most premeds do study hard. But what you're doing isn't working. You have to discover how to study smart and truly master the material.

Monkeys memorize. You cannot do that if you want to excel as a physician. You can try to memorize complicated:

  • Bilirubin pathologies
  • Nernst Equation
  • Renal Acid/Base.

I can guarantee the payoff won't be there when you get your exam results back. You need to see the big picture and know the difference between the forest and the trees.

Start Improving Your GPA Today

Don't wait. You have exams coming up and every test you take will make a difference when it comes to your GPA.

I don't have to remind you after your MCAT score, AdComs place the most weight on your GPA. You want to have competitive numbers to give yourself a fighting chance of getting into medical school.

If you know you could use tutorials in how to study then my High Yield Study Skills Course is exactly what you need.

Go check it out now.

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