ExamKrackers Your Ultimate Program for Top MCAT Scores

ExamKrackers will give you the edge you need to beat the average MCAT score making medical college admission much easier because they present only the facts and tell you the likelihood of a particular topic showing up on the MCAT.

When it comes to your MCAT test prep you must use every resource available to you.

It is shocking to hear about the number of people who absolutely rave about these materials, even if they are enrolled in a commercial test prep course already.

While I was personally preparing for the MCAT I ran into a friend who was preparing for the MCAT as well and what struck me was the book she had, ExamKrackers for Verbal Reasoning.

I had never heard of this book and she stated, "“all the other books present things in a complicated manner," and she just needed a book which would present the facts and help her get a great MCAT score!

I was completely surprised by this because she always seemed to be one of the smart students and you would have thought a MCAT preparation course would have been all she needed.

The take home message is simple: use all available resources.

What ExamKrackers Can Do For You!

They write in a tone you can easily understand and do an excellent job in preparing you to think conceptually (this matches how you'’ll have to think on each MCAT question).

Do NOT memorize.

For this exam you cannot memorize because you will be presented with complex problems and the only way to do well is to use your reasoning ability to find the most appropriate answer choice.

The Medical College Admissions Test covers a lot of different areas and there will be some equations and facts you will have to commit to memory but for the most part memorization is not required.

You’'ll be happy to know they point out exactly what you need to memorize vs. facts which you should just know in general.

What You Will Get

When you purchase the ExamKrackers Complete MCAT Study Package, you'll receive five books for each topic covered on the exam: If you are having problems in only one section on a MCAT practice test then I would advise only getting the book which covers that particular topic. So if you need chemistry help purchase the general chemistry book or organic chemistry books only.

My baseball coach always stated that it is not practice which makes perfect, but perfect practice.

With ExamKrackers you will be getting:

  • 1,000 pages of MCAT review
  • 1,500 MCAT sample question
  • 31 short exams after each chapter.

I hope you don't think that is too much studying or material to learn. Statistics show to get a good MCAT score you will need to put in about 300 hours of study time.

Is It Worth It?

I wish I knew about these MCAT prep materials when I was studying for the test myself.
I only found out about two weeks before sitting for the MCAT and was well into my routine by then.

It is amazing how simply using a different set of materials can positively affect your MCAT scores.

If something doesn’t mesh with your learning style then don’t stick with it. I am confident ExamKrackers will be the source you utilize the most to generate an above average MCAT score.

Plus, they’'re not overpriced!!!

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