ExamKrackers MCAT Program Absolutely Works

The ExamKrackers MCAT program is one that I fully endorse and believe it is the best bang for your buck. This MCAT test preparation may not have the brand name recognition but they are definitely going to change how you prepare for the Medical College Admissions Test. With ExamKrackers there is so much upside for your performance that I have to recommend them!

With the Examkrackers Complete MCAT Study Pkg: 5 Book Package they present only the facts and tell you the likelihood of a particular topic actually showing up on the MCAT. If you're looking for a no thrills, cut out the B.S. then the ExamKrackers MCAT series is definitely for you.

What is absolutely surprising is the number of people who rave aobut this set of MCAT prep materials. Even those students enrolled in other commercial test prep courses use ExamKrackers to give themselves a competitive advantage to ensure success come test day.

ExamKrackers Verbal Reasoning

Here's how I first learned about ExamKrackers. I was in my senior year of undergrad and when getting off the shuttle from the medical school library I ran into a classmate who was also preparing for the MCAT. But what struck me was the book she had in her hand, "ExamKrackers Verbal Reasoning & Mathematical Techniques."

I had never heard of this book before and she stated, "All the other MCAT review books present things in a complicated manner," and she wanted a book that would present the facts clearly and help her great a great MCAT score!

To be honest I was surprised by this revealation because she had always seemed to be one of the smarter students and I would have thought all she would have needed was a commercial MCAT course as part of her Medical College Admission Test preparation.

What's the take home lesson?

The ExamKrackers MCAT series is a must have as you prepare to take the most important test of your premedical career. Secondly, use all available resources available to you so that you can achieve the results that you need.

ExamKrackers Makes Life Easy!

The writers of the ExamKrackers MCAT use a format that is very easy for you to understand and they do an excellent job in preparing you to think conceptually. Just as you will be required to do to answer each MCAT question.

Don't memorize.

You'll learn soon enough that you cannot memorize you way to a perfect score on the MCAT.

The are going to be complex problems that you have never seen before on the MCAT and the only way you will be able to solve them is to use your reasoning ability that you have honed in with all the materials from the Examkrackers MCAT.

Provided MCAT Prep Materials

When your purchase the Examkrackers Complete MCAT Study Pkg: 5 Book Package, you'll receive a book for each topic covered on the MCAT:

One key part of studying and doing well on the Medical College Admissions Test is doing things smartly and efficiently. Therefore, if you are having trouble with a particular topic/section on the MCAT then focus your time and energy there and not on the material you already know well.

Therefore, I would strongly encourage you to get the supplementary workbooks for your weakest areas. These books come complete with 1,001 problems and solutions found at the back of the book.

As my baseball coach always stated, it's not practice that makes perfect, rather perfect practice. So get one of the following books to boost your abilities and turn your weakest area into your strongest asset:

The 1001 Questions books are not included in the ExamKrackers Complete MCAT Study Package, but here is what you will get with the package:
  • 1,000 pages of MCAT review
  • 1,500 MCAT sample questions
  • 31 short exams after each chapter.
Please do not think this is overkill on the materials provided for the MCAT. You have to remember that in-order to get a good MCAT score you'll need to put in 300 hours of study time. Also, doing problems over reviewing material is much better too!

ExamKrackers Comes Highly Recommended

This is a great set of materials to have as you get ready to take the MCAT.

If your current MCAT materials are not getting the job done then you need to find something that works for you and I fully believe you will be amazed at what the ExamKrackers MCAT team has come up with to help you realize the score you want and need on the MCAT.

If nothing else throw out all of the other Verbal Reasoning books and use the strategy from Examkrackers Verbal Reasoning & Mathematical Techniques because it works and everything else is just fluff to make you feel good.

Overall, I give them raving reviews and now understand why all my friends used ExamKrackers to get ready for the MCAT because it really does make a world of a difference.

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