Editing Your Personal Statement After Medical School Application Is Submitted

Can your personal statement be corrected after it has been submitted?

Once your personal statement is submitted to AMCAS it cannot be corrected, altered or amended.

This is why it is very important to read over it multiple times, have another person read it in the application itself and do everything possible to ensure your best work is presented.

Additionally, the personal statement will be used for all the medical schools that you will be applying to. Even if you decide to add a medical school later in the application cycle they will still receive your original personal statement. So be extra cautious and take your time before submitting your personal statement.

Because of formatting issues it is advisable to type your personal statement directly into the application. But if this is too much of a risk for typos then use a text-based editor to ensure the fonts and formatting is constant and simply do a copy and paste of your personal statement into the application. Again, you will want to read over and check for any errors before submitting your medical school application.

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