Dr Oz Destroying Medicine For Everyone Especially Doctors

by Jason

Dr Oz, you know the famous heart surgeon on TV during the afternoons who spouts the latest miracles in medicine for the general public.

If you're in medicine you should have a bone to pick with him.

He is doing a great service to all of his viewers and those in the medical community who must then go on and tell our patients...no that's incorrect.

I actually was quite surprised to learn via my Twitter feed that Dr. Oz, had to testify before a Senate committee on what he is promoting on his various media channels such as TV, magazine and online.

The committee focused on Dr. Oz and his claims pertaining to the weight loss industry and supplements. They were taking issue that "America's Doctor" would use flowery language to describe miracle diet pills, promote supplements that will change your body effortlessly.

It was akin to a snake oil sales pitch where Dr. Oz responded that he has to engage the audience and give them hope. This is horrible.

The general public puts great trust in their medical professionals hence the idea of "trust me...I'm a doctor!" and when this trust is broken it makes things difficult for everyone.

Case in point.

I was visiting relatives and you know what happens when you are a medical student or have affiliations with medicine; people want to ask you medical questions and disclose their medical history.

Well, my Aunt is very health conscious and does everything to stay in shape. One of her concerns was about iron because she thought if felt sluggish it would be a good idea to take iron supplements.

I always state, "I'm not a medical doctor yet and no degree has been conferred upon me so this is simply my advice, you would have to consult your physician for adequate medical advice."

Yes, that is my standard disclaimer.

It has come about because of learning in medical school you have to always cover your butt and even as a medical student you can be sued.

But back to the story at hand.

My Aunt was taking two supplements containing iron. One had the daily recommended 100% and the other at 158%. Just my take on the matter was she was ingesting way too much iron and needed to cut back because there could easily be adverse effects.

This was especially the case because she had been taking them for months.

But what really rattled her was when I mentioned, how Dr Oz was in the news for his false claims against supplements and weight loss products.

My Aunt's face dropped because she is a huge fan of Dr. Oz. She went and pulled out her container of Gracinia cambogia. I go you know what that product was specifically mentioned on in the hearing.

My Aunt said she was about to go purchase more of this weight loss product and it was hard to find after Dr. Oz promoted it, aka the Oz effect.

But after our talk, my Aunt said "Thank you Jason, you just saved me time and money." She wasn't upset that I may have given her a shift in perspectives rather happy there was no need to buy these miracle cures that scientifically does not work.

I have a feeling this scenario is being played out across the country between the general public and medical professionals. I can also wager a lot of spouses are thinking, "I told you so." because many know Dr. Oz to be a quack only in it for the money or to engage his audience.

John Oliver did a great piece uncovering the exploits of Dr. Oz, click here to watch.

As more doctors use media to reach more people the profession will begin to erode.

A lot of these media doctors are about turning a profit and selling false and dreams because these are the things which line their pockets all at the expense of providing factual and peer-reviewed medical advice.

So get ready, to spend more time with your patients re-educating them on sound medicine and dispelling their claims that they "Googled" it online so it must be true. But you the doctor with 4 years of medical school and at least 3 years of residency training are wrong.

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