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"As a premed you've come to the best place to ensure you successfully get into medical school. My goal is to make medical school a reality for you.
If you want access to the advice and opinions of admissions officers at the top medical schools throughout the United States then is the place for you."

~ Jason Spears, Founder


... I'm Jason Spears.

After serving as the premed society president at Northwestern University and making contacts with the top medical school admissions officers across the country I have a wealth of knowledge, tips and advice that I'm going to share with you.

The goal is very simple: make medical school a reality for you! With the least amount of time, money or stress.

Discover Tips and Advice Covering:

  • Medical school acceptance rates
  • Choosing a college and major
  • MCAT preparation and score needed
  • Deciding on Post Baccalaureate programs
  • Getting Letters of Recommendation

Be sure to visit DoctorPremed for even more guidance during your premedical years. I'm constantly updating the site and improving things.

Good Luck,


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