Can I apply for Med-school before completing all the prerequisite courses?

by Azadeh
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I have passed all the prerequisites except the General Chemistry Lab and Organic Chemistry Lab. I want to apply first this summer and take the courses on September 2012. Do you think that would be problematic?

It is possible to apply to medical school before completing all of the prerequisite coursework. Medical schools will be primarily concerned that all of the required courses are completed by the time you matriculate (begin) medical school.

One aspect which you will want to consider is how well you will be prepared for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) if you have not taken your prerequisite courses since the MCAT does test in the content areas of: physics, general chemistry, biology and organic chemistry.

But if you fell as though you have adequate mastery in these subject areas and have performed well on MCAT practice exams and/or the actual exam then there is no reason why you should delay your application to medical school based on not having completed one of the prerequisite courses.

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