Use the Boston University MAMS Program to Achieve Your Med School Dreams

Boston University Medical School offers the Master of Arts in Medical Science, a program which has been around since 1986 and is well regarded in the medical community. This medical science program is unique in that upto 24 of the 32 required courses can be taken with first year medical students.

The program is designed for students interested in pursuing a health related field including medicine and also a PhD, DMD or DO degree.

Since the founding of the MA program at Boston University 661 students have completed the program and 552 were admitted to a MD program at 74 different medical schools. Essentially, the program is great for going into medicine or pursuing another type of advance degree. And you can never beat the location in Boston's South End.

I spent many summers in Boston and have friends who are in the Boston University School of Medicine and who are also enrolled in the Master of Public Health and the MA in Medical Science program. Everyone mentions that they enjoy all aspects of their respective programs so coming here definitely gets my vote of confidence. But getting back to the MA in Medical Science I know that generally ease you into your courses and the exams do not come as soon as they do in other programs, allowing you to get acquainted with the instructors and familiar with their teaching formats. But this is a graduate program and when the exams do begin they will come fast and often.

Program Focus

I think if you are applying to medical school it is a great opportunity to showcase your ability to handle advance coursework and how competitive of an applicant you will be as evidenced by taking the same classes as first year medical students. If you have not taken the courses required of medical school I would urge you to look elsewhere.

Lastly, this program is not for just those going to medical school it will open a lot of different doors in the health care arena from going on to receive a PhD, MD, DMD, or even a MBA (health care management).

Boston University MAMS Structure

Due to the nature of the program there is no uniform curriculum in place. There are certain requirements of courses which must be taken to receive the MA in Medical Sciences which is awarded by Boston University School of Medicine. Also, you will be required to complete an original thesis. Typically, the thesis component will be completed during the summer sessions.

In-order to complete the program in 12 months you will need to be a full-time student (12-16 credits) in the fall and spring semesters and at least 2 credits in both summer sessions. Remember you need 32 credits at the graduate level to earn your degree. Required courses include:

  • Biochemistry, 6 cr, 1st sem
  • Physiology, 6 cr, 2nd sem
  • Human Physiology A, 4 cr, 1st sem
  • Human Physiology B, 4 cr, 2nd sem
  • Elementary Biostatics, 2 cr, 1st & 2nd sem
  • or

  • Elementary Biostatics with Computer, 4 cr, 1st sem

It is also possible to direct your thesis and elective courses so as to have a concentration in:

  • Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine
  • Clinical Investigation
  • Medical Nutrition Services

Eligibility Requirements

You must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university and have taken courses in: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology and Physics. There is no GPA requirement, although a majority of students have a cumulative and science GPA of 3.0 or better.

You will need to submit an MCAT score or GRE. It is preferential to score 25 or higher on the MCAT, but exceptions can be made because many students will retake the MCAT at the conclusion of the program.


One unique aspect of Boston University's MA in Medical Science program is that there is no admission deadline. But it is advisable to apply early to receive institutional aid and also to increase your chances of admission.

There is an application fee of $50.00 to apply via paper of $60.00 to apply online. Additionally a personal statement and recommendations will be required.

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