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What Would It Mean To Know You're Guaranteed an A on Your Next Exam?

academics premed May 28, 2020

Imagine waking up to the buzz of your alarm. But this time around you didn’t pull an allnighter.

You actually got to bed at a decent time.

You shower, get dressed, grab some food and you casually stroll across campus to your exam.

You flip through the exam booklet and can’t believe it. It mirrors what you had been studying over the last few days. At a glance none of the problems look too difficult to solve. 

A smug smirk… as you imagine this test won’t be as bad as you thought. It actually might be fun to actually feel like you’re in control of the outcome for once. 

You dig in and spot the first trick. 

You’re too smart today and silently laugh as you know you just got a question correct that was designed to trip your classmates and you. But not today.

It’s smooth sailing as you move onto the next question.

And the next. 

As you finish your exam your only complaint is that maybe you spent too much time preparing. This thought shocks you because you’ve never had so much confidence turning in a test. 

Without a doubt you know you passed. 

You’re wondering just how well you did and if you were lucky enough to set the class curve.

It’s incredible to think you went from the bottom to the top of the class literally overnight. 

But it wasn’t always like this…

A Seesaw of Barely Passing or Failing

School is the source of your misery.

Everyday is an academic fight for your life. However, there’s no end in sight and the professors who write the brutal tests always seem to knock you down.

You’re living life in a constant state of survival all in the hopes of doing well in class but you’re treading water. 

Caffeine has become your best friend. You chug coffee, RedBull, Monster energy drinks because if you’re barely passing it means you need to work harder and study more. 

There’s always more to review but oh so little time. 

When you finally make it to bed it’s the worst sleep of your life because of nightmares about not achieving at least a 76% or better on the test in-order to just pass the class. 

So much is at stake with one test. 

School isn’t fair.

No matter how much or how little you study the outcome is the same… the bottom of the class.

It’s a pure crapshoot.

Either you barely passed or barely failed.

You’re doomed as you missed a passing score by just 2 points. Two measly points sends your GPA into a downward spiral that you won’t be able to recover from.

Do You Have a Plan B?

You get an email stating, “You must meet with your academic advisor.” 

You’re dreading this encounter because you know exactly what will take place. It’s not looking good for you at all.

Your prehealth advisor has you take a seat. Barely makes eye contact with you as they pull up your academic record on the computer screen. 


Your semester grades.

Embarrassing yet not shocking. 

And then the words you’ve been dreading, “With grades like these you need to seriously begin thinking about a plan B. Have you thought about what that will be? Because I can tell you right now you won’t even be eligible for a committee letter of recommendation for medical school with your current GPA.”


Not what you wanted to hear.

With your lackluster grades would you even trust yourself to get into medical school? 

However you’re not ready to give up on the dream. 

You keep telling yourself that your grades are not an accurate reflection of what you actually know. You just need another chance to prove you deserve to get into medical school because you everything will be different.

Nothing Is Working and Change Is Needed

You know you’re not an idiot and certainly not dumb.

These science classes are just hard AF.

It’s like studying a foreign language and being expected to know what’s going on from day one.

You’ve tried everything without any results.

This is not a problem that will be solved by sitting in the first row of lecture and taking copious notes. 

This is bigger. 

Don’t even get started about Office hours. 

Office hours are practically mandatory but it’s such a waste of time. 

The professor speaks too generally, barely teaches, and tells you the exam won’t be hard. However, come test day it’s one of the hardest exams you’ve ever taken and does not reflect what was supposedly taught in class. 

Tutors have only gotten you so far.

They help you complete your problem sets which makes up a decent portion of your overall grade but not enough to make a dent on the actual tests.

Tutors are great for understanding how to solve specific problems however the test always throws in a wrinkle that you didn’t even account for. 

Maybe you even tried working in a study group.

However we all know how that goes.

Someone comes to the group with a leadership mentality and wants to run the whole session. Another classmate is seriously behind and is slowing everyone down. Then there’s the student who brings up irrelevant things that’s just a complete distraction. Perhaps not even taking things as seriously as needs to be.

Ultimately, the exam is around the corner and you realize the study group was a complete waste of time and you could have accomplished a lot more on your own. 

Are you sick and tired of the uncertainty every time you take a test?

Are you fed up with people telling you all the reasons why you can’t make it instead of helping you achieve your dream?

Are you over the long nights with nothing to show for your efforts on your exams?

If you said yes to any of the above or just want to be a better student who is able to study less, learn more and see a higher Grade Point Average then I want to share with you a phenomenal grade boosting course with you today.



Study Less, Learn More, Higher GPA

Discover proven study tips and test-taking strategies to maximize your success in the classroom. Get ready to zoom to the top of the class effortlessly.

I don’t care if you’ve been failing all of your previous exams and the professor has already warned you about failing the entire class, with High Yield Study Skills you can pass. Not only will you see astonishing results, your professor will be shocked at your mastery and the grades you ultimately earn.

I’ve seen too many qualified students who have what it takes to be successful in school but who’ve never been taught how to study or take exams.

You may think getting good grades comes down to having smart genes but that’s not the case at all.

You may think some of your classmates come from families where they have a parent who is a doctor so they have a natural advantage over you but that’s a myth.

You can do just as well or even better than the “smart kids,” who come from rich families.

Heck, maybe you come from a wealthy family and you’re the black sheep because you aren’t meeting the high bar that has been set for you. 

High Yield Study Skills is going to be your positively unfair advantage for turning around your academic situation immediate.

I’ve been in your shoes and know what it means to study your tail off and have nothing to show for your efforts.

Plus, when you learn from the super smart people they can be some of the worst tutors out there because they just don’t understand the knowledge gaps you’re facing. 

It would be like asking Cristiano Ronaldo how to score a goal in soccer.

We all know he is one of the best soccer superstars in the world but the way he plays the game is at levels that you and I could not comprehend. Meaning he effortlessly knows how to maneuver and and put himself in a position to score.

It’s all second nature to him.

However, if you asked him to coach you on scoring he would have a hard time articulating just exactly what he does.

This is the same problem you run into with high achieving tutors who have never struggled academically. 

They simply cannot breakdown the material into bite-sized morsels that you can digest. This explains why you can walk out of a tutoring session a bit confused and not fully grasping everything which means you do not know it well enough and struggle to get a similar problem correct on the actual test.

How High Yield Study Skills Works

I’m going to teach you everything you need to be successful in school.

This is a straight to the point course where I give you just the facts that you can begin applying to see immediate results.

High Yield Study Skills is a video course where I’ve cut out all the filler, fluff and B.S.

As a student I know your time is extremely limited, plus not to mention a short attention span. So sit back and watch me change your academic future in 60 minutes or less.

You may think one hour is not enough time to learn what you need to learn but trust me it’s all you need. I teach but then you have to apply the lessons and that’s where the real transformation takes place.

You’ll have your ah ha moments as you implement my teachings.

And finally, school will become easy and effortless where all you have to put in the work and know you’ll have a passing score. 

What You'll Learn

  • How you use your 24 hours matters. Discover how to gain more time each day. 
  • Blind dates end up being a disaster so why would you walk into the classroom blind?
  • Become ruthless with the clock and being the most efficient student. No more marathon library sessions with nothing to show for your efforts.
  • Lectures may be boring but if you’re going to attend here’s how you make the most out of each session. This is pure gold that no one talks about.
  • Highlighting is actually hurting your performance and here’s what to do instead.
  • Actively mark up your primary sources to retain more and become more knowledgeable.
  • Discover the difference between understanding and knowing and how to ensure you have true subject mastery.
  • Become the all knowing wizard who never gets stumped when you transform into the wise teacher.
  • Never be lackadaisical again when you breakthru boredom and become laser focused. 
  • Read and records are the secret sauce for truly engaging with the material.
  • Use a proven system every time you sit down to study to guarantee your mastery and not be lulled into a false sense of accomplishment.
  • Bring out your creative side to dissect the material and drill down to the essentials.
  • Start thinking like the professor and put yourself in the driver’s seat before test day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is High Yield Study Skills?

A proven system of study skills and test-taking strategies to help students improve their academic performance. Get all the tips you need to finally take the guesswork of studying and have confidence taking your exams.

How Do I Know If I Need This Course?

If you’re already an A+ student, then this is not for you. However, if you know your GPA can be better and you tried tutors, office hours, read books and haven’t found the success you want then High Yield Study Skills is for you.

How Is This Different From Tutoring?

Tutors typically show you how to solve specific problems that you come to them with. My course gives you proven frameworks and strategies that you can apply to any type of question you will encounter. When you know the big picture then you’ll be able to handle any problem that shows up on your exam. 

How Long Does This Course Take?

Less than one hour. That’s actual teaching time. But to actually implement everything you learn will take longer. I distilled the course down to the must know information that works.

When Do I Get Access to The Course?

Immediately. As soon as you join you have access to the course.

High Yield Study Skills

The complete High Yield Study Skills course - everything you need to skyrocket your grades with mastery of proven study skills and test taking strategies. 

Immediate access - have a test tomorrow not a problem. Get full access to the course instantly. 


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