"Discover How to Beat The MCAT and Ace Your Premed Classes Too"

Are you afraid of the MCAT? Is this one test you'd rather not take? Are you scared of bombing the MCAT? Do you get nervous just at the thought of the MCAT?

Hi,Jason Spears of DoctorPremed I'm Jason and trust me when I say I've been in your shoes when it comes to preparing for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). A test that will make or break your chances of getting into medical school.

Let's be honest right off the bat and admit that studying for the MCAT is not fun, especially when the stakes are so high. Obviously, if you want to get admitted you'll have to put in the time and effort to excel on the MCAT.

At the end of the day there are two numbers that will get you admitted into medical school:

  • Science GPA
  • MCAT Score

You heard that correctly, these numbers matter the most when applying to medical school. Your letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities and personal statement although really important are not the key deciding factors used by the medical school admissions committee.

I'll share a little know secret with you too.

There are way more qualified applicants than seats available in medical school so most institutions actually use a computer to screen your application based on the numbers first.

If you can't make it past the computer then that means a real human never reads your application and your chances of getting in are toast!

Right now there is only one part of your application where you have complete control and that is your MCAT Score. Your grade point averag is pretty much set in stone and will not be changing after three plus years of coursework.

With How to Beat The MCAT I will show you how to own the MCAT and get results. You're on your way to gaining the best test-taking and learning strategies that have been developed exclusively for the MCAT and science classes.

Not A Review Book

This is not a MCAT review book. At no point should you expect to be taught the basic sciences. You have your professors and commercial MCAT prep courses to relearn the science needed for the MCAT.

In this one of a kind ebook you'll learn how to be successful on the MCAT and in all of your premed classes. You'll have a completely new framework for approaching your science courses along with methods to help your retain the material taught to you.

And of course strategies to beat the MCAT.

Book Testimony

"I just read your "How to Beat the MCAT" ebook and am really excited to get started on my journey to BEAT the MCAT! I'm almost done with my sophomore year and honestly can't wait! Every time I read your materials, I get even more inspired to start strong and finish strong with whichever task I have as a Premed. You are an awesome writer and advisor and thanks for everything you do!! I think half the battle is being mentally prepared for these types of things. The big difference with your books and advice is how you tell us which mental perspective we should take. I only have awesome things to say about your work and just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of it!" - Nazmine

My impression of How to Beat the MCAT was that it was like a coaching book. It motivated, informed and reassured the reader that even though the task is great it can be done. The reassurance wasn't just lip service because the strategies help direct the reader to things they might want to do to improve their strength and confidence.

The book provides an element of, "I'm here to help in a way that a personal tutor would." The material is not like a regular Kaplan or Princeton Review material but it focuses on some extremely common areas of struggle, like the Verbal Section.

I would recommend this book because it is not just a book of ingredients like the regular test prep. It provides a lot of direction for how you should approach test prep both physically (studying) and mentally (it's not gonna be easy but with hard work it can be done). The book is easy to read, and very practical.
Dumi P.

"I really find the content in your book incredibly insightful thus far. I'm currently on Chap 2." - C.O.

What You'll Get Out of How To Beat The MCAT

You'll learn exactly why the MCAT is so important and the role it plays in getting admitted to medical school. You'll also get an overview of what the MCAT is such as:

  • What's tested
  • How the exam is setup
  • Basics that you should know.

Think...tips, tricks and strategies galore!

Here's your chance to get the first Chapter for Free!

If you ever wanted MCAT test-taking advice you'll find it all here. Learn why you should do the discrete questions first and save the passages for later. How to get the correct answer when you've narrowed down to two answer choices.

One all time favorite is the step-by-step guide for tackling the Verbal Reasoning section of the MCAT. If you're like most premed students this is your hardest section. For starters, this isn't studying science and you have to critically analyze arguments that quite frankly are complex and hard to understand.

Verbal Reasoning is a grey area for premeds who are accustomed to a world of black or white. You can't exactly study the material in advance and many times you just want to throw up your hands in exasperation because it doesn't make any sense.

Today this all changes for you!

Never again will you be left in the dark without a clear action plan for getting the most out of the Verbal Reasoning section of the MCAT. Finally, you can turn this difficult section into points come test day.

Not sure where or how to get started in your MCAT preparation?

Look no further because you'll have a roadmap that details:

  • When you should take the MCAT
  • How much study time is needed
  • Maximize your MCAT study sessions
  • How to remain focused throughout your MCAT prep.

I will also reveal the key step that is a must before you do anything MCAT related. If you complete this one step you'll see better MCAT scores in less that and that's a promise.

Achieve Top MCAT Scores and Grades

The subtitle to How to Beat The MCAT is called "Ace Your Premed Classes Too." This is where you will learn how to completely overhaul your study methods and only use techniques that are guaranteed to raise your academic performance.

Never again are you going to walk out of an exam saying, "I studied forever and really felt that I knew the material, but this bad grade is not a reflection of my efforts or knowledge."

With this ebook you'll master how to build an academic toolkit to get the GPA and MCAT score that you need and deserve.

Uncover why passive studying never works, you know the type of studying where you pre-read, highlight, read again and suddenly realize you're out of time but haven't learned anything for the test.

No more sinking despair as you sit through an exam realizing the test is hard, you shouldn't have procrastinated, the professor is being unfair and that medical school is getting further and further out of reach.

Lucky for you this will all change as you find out how one medical student went from almost failing out of medical school to graduating with honors and becoming a world-renown neurosurgeon.

This doctor shares with you the keys to success and how to change how you learn and think.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What You Need to Know

  • Why The MCAT Matters
  • The Great Equalizer
  • MCAT Basics
  • Brains and the Periodic Table
  • Physical and Biological Sciences
  • How the MCAT is Scored
  • What MCAT Score Do I Need
  • When to Take the MCAT and Why
  • September MCAT
  • Retaking the MCAT
  • How Med Schools Really View Retakes
  • When to Start Studying

Chapter 2: Goal Setting and Preparation

  • First Take a MCAT Diagnostic

Chapter 3: Mind Over Matter

  • Mental MCAT Preparation
  • Choose Your MCAT Score
  • MCAT Visualization

Chapter 4: Know Thyself for Success

  • Lone Wolf or Group Think
  • Know Thyself
  • Attitude for Tests
  • Taking Learning to a Higher Level
  • Almost Failed Medical School
  • In-Depth Learning for Success

Chapter 5: A Systematic Approach to Studying

  • Actually Studying the Sciences
  • Active Versus Passive
  • Basic Sciences First
  • Primary Materials First
  • Synthesize and Conceptualize
  • Self-test and Then Review
  • Lists for Study Sessions
  • Length of Study Sessions

Chapter 6: Tricks to Beat the MCAT

  • Discrete Questions First
  • Answer Passages in Order Presented
  • Solving Science Based Passages
  • Types of Science Questions
  • Educated Guess Then Look
  • Unique/Unknown Is Wrong
  • Stick to One Letter
  • Use the Strike Out Function
  • Reverse Thinking
  • Six Steps to Answering Science Questions

Chapter 7: Know Your Author in Verbal Reasoning

  • The Verbal Overview
  • The Author Says It All
  • Reading Strategies and Tactics
  • How to Get the Main Idea
  • Answering Verbal Questions
  • Going Back to the Passage
  • Answer Choice Options
  • Verbal Reasoning Passage Types
  • Choosing the Correct Verbal Answer
  • Verbal Reasoning Study Plan

Chapter 8: Write Your Way to MCAT Success

  • The Writing Sample
  • What The Writing Sample Tests
  • Writing Sample Prompt
  • Writing For Success
  • Transition Words

Chapter 9: Perfect Practice

  • No Clocks Then Timers
  • Timed to Untimed
  • Sports and MCAT
  • How to Get More Rest
  • Practice Tests and Problems
  • Marathon Practice Tests
  • Practice Materials

Error Analysis Form
The End

I'll Assume All Of Your Risk
With a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee

You heard that correctly, if for any reason (or no reason at all),you are not satisfied with this ebook...simply return it.

No questions asked, and no hassles!

I will personally assist you with anything you feel my ebook did not cover!

This is my guarantee to you and there are no strings attached, whatsoever. My goal is to give you your best chance of beating the MCAT and getting into medical school and that's why I offer the best guarantee anywhere.

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The MCAT is the final portion of your medical school application that you have complete control over.

Completing a commercial MCAT course, registering for the exam and purchasing review materials can run well over $2,384.

I am offering you "How to Beat The MCAT and Ace Your Premed Classes Too" for the ridiculously low price of only $34

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