The Barry University MBS Program Has a Special Curriculum Designed to Get You Into Medical School

Barry University offers the Master in Biomedical Science degree, which has a very strong track record in helping students achieve their goals of getting into professional school.

This masters program actually has 3 curriculum tracks you can pursue. But today I will only speak about the medical curriculum.

I have to admit the school does an excellent job of getting its students into medical or dental school with over 78% of graduates matriculating to professional school.

Do you know where Barry University is located?

Miami, Florida!

Talk about beaches, warm weather and Florida taxes are low too. A couple of my buddies from undergrad wound up doing residencies in Orthopedic Surgery in Miami and they are definitely living the Miami life. The city is really impressive especially at night.

But I digress, you've come to study and do nothing else...kidding. Always be sure to find the balance between academics and your social/personal life.

Program Focus

If you need to enhance your academic record this is the ideal program to attend. This is the number one school to grant the most Master's of Biomedical Science degrees to underrepresented minorities in the country.

Barry University's MBS Structure

At Barry University, you will be exposed to a curriculum which mirrors medical school, where instead of conducting research or completing a thesis you will engage in didactic and problem-based learning methods.

These are the core courses which you will take, along with the corresponding credits:

  • Biochemistry I, II (6 credits)
  • Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • Histology & Cell Biology w/ lab (4 credits)
  • Health Law & Ethics (3 credit)
  • Electives (6 credit)
  • Gross Anatomy w/lab (6 credits)
  • Human Physiology w/lab (6 credits)
There is an extensive array of courses available to you to meet your elective and graduation requirements where you must complete 36 semester hours of coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.0. If you have a F you will be required to repeat the class and must get a B or better. Only 8 semester hours of courses can have a grade of C.

You have a number of options in how fast you want to complete your requirements for medical school. The accelerated option is for full-time enrollment and is completed in one year, while the part-time program is eighteen months in duration.

You can also elect to only complete a certificate in this Barry University program which is one year in duration and you would not have to complete the Comprehensive Exam.

Eligibility Requirements

To take advantage of the Master of Science degree you will need at least an overall GPA of 3.0 and present scores from a standardized test. Applicants usually have a MCAT score above 50 percentile or GRE above 50th percentile.

Admissions to Barry University

Admission materials for the Biomedical Science program must include:

  • Application for admission
  • Bachelor degree at minimum
  • Official transcripts
  • 2 Letters of recommendation from science professors
  • Resume and a personal statement
  • Standardized test score reports

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