Top Colleges Producing American Indian/Alaska Native Medical School Applicants

American Indian aka Alaska native medical school applicants will definitely want to review the schools listed below. 

Getting into medical school is hard enough as it is. But life just got ten times better for you today. 


You are now gaining access to the top colleges producing the highest number of American Indian/Alaska native applicants.

If you're in high school and know you want to become a doctor in the future then you definitely want to study this list of colleges when deciding where you will pursue your premed studies as an American Indian/Alaska native. 

The percentage is so that you can have a better idea about the demographic breakdown at each school in regards to the total number of premeds attending a particular college and how many of them will "look" like you too.  

A word of caution, do not use this listing as the sole factor in deciding where to attend college, there are a number of factors you should consider when applying to college.

The total number of American Indian/Alaska native applicants with their percentage out of all students who are applying to medical school from the particular college/university:

Undergraduate Institution Amer. Indian or Alaska Applicants from Institution Total Applicants from Institution % of All Amer. Indian or Alaska Native Applicants to U.S. Med Schools
Univ. of Oklahoma Norman Campus – Norman, OK 21 243 3.8
Univ. of New Mexico Main Campus – Albuquerque, NM 14 206 2.5
Univ. Arizona – Tuscon, AZ 13 406 2.4
Oklahoma Univ. Main Campus – Stillwater, OK 12 76 2.2
Univ. California Berkeley – Berkeley, CA 10 819 1.8
Univ. of Florida – Gainesville, FL 10 854 1.8
University of Texas – Austin, TX 10 756 1.8
Brigham Young University – Provo, UT 8 426 1.4
Univ. California Davis, Davis, CA 8 469 1.4
Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH 7 156 1.3
The Univ. of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, AL 6 225 1.1
Univ. of Michigan –Ann Arbor, MI 6 781 1.1
Univ. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, NC 6 453 1.1
Univ. of Wisconsin – Madison, WI 6 439 1.1
Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN 6 280 1.1
Harvard University – Cambridge, MA 5 265 0.9
Stanford University – Stanford, CA 5 294 0.9
The Ohio State University – Columbus, OH 5 502 0.9
University of Tulsa – Tulsa, OK 5 34 0.9
University of Washington – Seattle, WA 5 471 0.9

How to Use This American Indian Data

If you're an American Indian or Alaska Native be sure to apply to these schools coming out of high school because they will give you your best shot of getting into medical school. 

Obviously, you want to apply to the schools at the top of the list because they have the highest number and percentage of applicants matching your background. 

I encourage you to attend the college you are most interested in regardless of whether you have a desire to go to medical school or not. You want to be happy where you go to college especially if you decide that you no longer want to be premed. 

However, if you are 100% serious about being premed then we should certainly talk about your options to ensure you're on the best path towards earning your M.D.