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Money, Friends, MCAT and Medical School
September 11, 2010

Timely Advice To Get You to Medical School

Premed Grand Rounds

Table of Contents

In this issue...

1.) The September MCAT Push -- Should you really be applying to medical school this year if you're taking the Sept. MCAT?

2.) Get The Money You Need Now -- Concerned about how you're going to pay upwards of $160,000 if so you need to begin...

3.) How Well Do You Know Yourself -- You've been spending years getting ready to apply to medical school, but now it's time to evaluate yourself by...

4.) Students or Employees -- Simply, put are medical residents students or employees? The Supreme Court is going to decide because...

5.) DoctorPremed Updates -- We're about to go mobile and also get into the e-reader spectrum...

Last Month for MCAT

If you're applying to medical school, September is the last month for MCAT scores to be submitted, any test taken after this will be applied to next year's application. It should go without saying that all other aspects of your medical school application should be submitted by now.

Individuals, who have not completed all aspects of their application are seriously encouraged to postpone their application until next year.


You are very far behind in the application cycle and it will be an uphill battle to gain an interview slot.

Don't Go $160,000 in Debt

Yes, the average student graduates from medical school with over $150k in debt because of loans taken out to cover their education. If these numbers scare you and you don't want to be making student loan payments for the next 20 years then there is something you must be doing.

Do not wait until you start interviewing or have your first medical school acceptance to begin looking for scholarships and grants to pay for medical school.

Begin now because the money is there, you need to be proactive about finding the available money, because it will make a considerable difference once it is time to pay back your medical school loans.

It is imperative that you begin now because many of the most competitive scholarships have early deadlines, well in-advance of spring when most students begin planning on how they will pay for medical school. Remember, virtually everything about medicine comes down to being first and early.

Know Yourself Better Than Everyone Else

Time to brush up on your interviewing skills and the first rule is very simple...

You must know your application inside-out.

Spend some time now reviewing your AMCAS application, activities, work experiences, volunteering and be prepared to talk about each one at length and in detail.

In some cases, your interviewers are going to be reading your file during the interview and you never want to be in a position where they ask you to elaborate about something you wrote 5 months ago, but you cannot recall the details.

Knowing everything about yourself and what was submitted to each school is essential to doing well on a medical school interview. You're going to be nervous, in unfamiliar territory, and add undue pressure on yourself, so do everything now to give yourself your best chance of gaining admission to medical school.

As it was told to me awhile back, "If you make it to the interview stage, that means you are good enough to be admitted, but the admission committee just wants to verify you are who you say you are, and that there are no glaring social deficiencies."

Are Medical Residents Students or Employees?

If you want to practice medicine in the U.S. after obtaining your medical degree, you are required to enter an approved residency program.

Did you know the U.S. Department of the Treasury believes medical residents are not students because they work more than 40 hours a week.

The Dept. of Treasury, by making this designation wants to begin taxing medical residents on their stipends (used to cover basic living needs). This is a case that will not be over soon and as said before will be heading to the U.S. Supreme Court; directly affecting your future in medicine.

No one knows what the outcome will be but the AAMC and four other associations have just filed a brief on behalf of the Mayo Foundation and the University of Minnesota who will be standing before the court.

Friends in Medical School

Do you have friends or know someone who is in medical school? With a new school year just beginning, now is the time to have them write a review of their medical school to help you and all other premeds learn more about each medical school.

Have your friends take a moment out of their day to share their medical school experience and choosing their specific medical school.

DoctorPremed Updates

We may be slow in keeping up with mobile technology but if you have a cellphone or another mobile device and want to visit our website, things just got much easier. A mobile version of is coming soon.

One of our most popular ebooks, "The Post-Bac Guidebook for Getting Into Medical School," has been updated to feature even more of the best post-bac programs to help you get where you need and want to be. And to satisfy the demand of this ebook, we are now making it available on formats specifically for e-readers, along with publishing on the top ebook stores, "Apple's ibooks, Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Sony, etc, etc."

For more daily updates and happenings of DoctorPremed be sure to become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, it's very easy to get started on both sites because we can found with a simple name search of: DoctorPremed.

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