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Medical School Interviews and Migrant Farmer Gets Admitted
October 14, 2010

Timely Advice To Get You to Medical School

Premed Grand Rounds

Table of Contents

In this issue...

1.) October Means Interviews -- Dress to impress, know your application, and wow the admissions committee...

2.) Deadlines Are Approaching Fast -- Need to apply to a few more medical schools, know which institutions are still...

3.) Migrant Worker to Neurosurgeon -- An amazing video of how a migrant farm worker makes it into Harvard Medical School...

4.) Are There Enough Physicians -- Get the latest estimates to find out the prospects of practicing medicine, is the field crowded or not...

5.) Medical Residents Working Hard -- Learn about the latest changes which will affect how much and how long you work after medical school...

Medical School Interview Season

Medical school interview season is upon us. Now is your chance to shine and show medical schools you have what it takes to be admitted.

Do you know the goal of a medical school interview?

First of all it is not to determine if you are academically qualified to become a doctor. You have already proved this with your MCAT and GPA, otherwise you would not have been invited in the first place.

Medical school interviews are for the admissions committee to determine if you have the traits, qualities, and characteristics to become a practicing physician. They want to know you can communicate well, have good interpersonal skills, and are mature, with a solid understanding of the responsibility of being a doctor.

As an applicant, the best thing you can do for yourself is to remain calm throughout your interview and be sure you know everything in your application because it is all fair game on your medical school interview.

I should reiterate that you may feel uncomfortable and get some interviewers who will go out of their way to test your comfort zone and have you sweating "bullets" but do not take anything personally. But if you truly feel your interviewer is inappropriate in their questions and/or commentary be sure to speak with someone from the admissions office immediately.

Please be sure to share your medical school interview experience.

Deadlines Are Fast Approaching

Approximately 22 medical schools have an application deadline of October 15th, while an additional 45 or more medical schools will have their deadline before the next edition of Premed Grand Rounds.

Please be sure to visit medical school deadlines to see a listing of individual medical schools and their deadlines.

The deadlines posted are for your primary application and NOT for when your secondary application must be completed. Although you want to complete your medical school secondary applications within 2 -3 weeks upon receiving them.

Migrant Worker to Neurosurgeon

Here's a story for everyone who needs some motivation…it comes down to having a burning desire to learn and you can go from a farm worker to Harvard Medical School and onto neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Here's the migrant neurosurgeon video.

Are There Enough Physicians

The AAMC Center for Workforce Studies has released new estimates on the shortage of physicians in the future, which takes into account the effects of health care reform. It is estimated there will be a baseline shortage of 63,000 doctors beginning in 2015 and growing through 2025.

There's two ways to reduce the deficit in physicians 1.) continue to expand the number of medical schools and more importantly 2.) expand the number of residency positions made available.

Are Medical Residents Working Too Long

The ACGME has approved a new set of requirements for the nation's 110,000 residents training in ACGME accredited teaching institutions. Some of the key takeaways include keeping the current duty hour limit of 80 hours per week, averaged over four weeks. The standards do reduce the duty periods of first year residents to no more than 16 hours a day and set stricter requirements for exceptions.

Just imagine how residency must have been before duty hour restrictions went into effect…long hours, days, and nights!

DoctorPremed Updates

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