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Medical School Interviews are In Full Swing, A Doctor Has Advice
November 16, 2010

Timely Advice To Get You to Medical School

Premed Grand Rounds

Table of Contents

In this issue...

1.) Medical School Application Deadlines -- Need to apply to a few more medical schools, see which schools are...

2.) Made It To An Interview -- Have you made it to a medical school interview, got a story to share about...

3.) Do You Have a Plan B -- Applying and things are not going as planned, here's some advice and tips to...

4.) Insight on Medical School -- Ever wanted to know what medical school is like, here's what a doctor...

5.) Post-Bac Guidebook -- Need to find a post-bac or master program before applying to medical school...

6.) Minorities Enrolling -- Trends for minorities enrolling in medical school are actually on the...

Medical School Application Deadlines

If you're applying to medical school this application cycle, please know that 23 medical schools have application deadlines on November 15th and by the next issue of Premed Grand Rounds another 17 medical school application deadlines will have passed.

Remember, you do not have to complete your medical school secondary application by the posted deadline, you simply must designate that your primary application is received by then.

Successfully Getting to an Interview

Are you having success in your medical school application process, where you are being invited to interview? Please be sure to share your medical school interview experiences.

Plan B For Applying

If you have not received any medical school interviews or are concerned about your prospects please begin to devise a back up plan. You want to be prepared for the worse case scenario, but obviously hoping for the best outcome, an acceptance to medical school.

It is still early in the application process but if December and January comes and you have not been on any interviews, then your chances of gaining admission are slim.

You should begin to review your application with a trusted advisor and see what are the areas of weakness in your application and begin to address them. If interviewing or the personal statement was an issue you must rewrite and practice for next year. Academic or MCAT issues mean taking more courses to improve your grade point average or retaking the MCAT. When retaking any course or exam you need to evaluate what went wrong the first time and make dramatic changes otherwise you will have the same result.

Doctor's Advice to Medical Students

If you want some insight about your future in medicine and some advice from a physician who has taught medical students for years.

You can find more timely posts and informative articles by following me at:

New Post-Bac Guidebook Coming

If you're interested in pursuing a post baccalaureate or master program before matriculating to medical school the newest edition of, "Post-Bac Guidebook for Getting Into Medical School" is in the process of being published specifically in a format to match all of the newest e-readers on the market.

Stay tuned for when this ebook is available at the following outlets: Barnes & Noble, Sony, Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Diesel.

Minorities Enrolling in Medical School


minorities enrolling in medical schools across the country, this includes: black, Hispanic and Native American students. With a projected 90,000 doctor shortage by 2019, the nation will need more physicians, especially as the health-care overhaul, will provide insurance to 32 million additional Americans.

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