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Finally Med School Admissions Secrets Just for You
May 13, 2011

Timely Advice To Get You to Medical School

Premed Grand Rounds

Table of Contents

In this issue...

1.) Admissions Secrets -- Your exclusive guide to medical school admissions has arrived...

2.) AMCAS Ready for Business -- You can submit your application in June, but here's what you should be doing in May...

3.) Health Science Day -- Premed and beginning college, then you don't want to miss this event...

4.) Not Just Medicine Anymore -- To be a doctor means more than just practicing medicine have you considered...

Med School Admissions Secrets Has Arrived

Finally, the everything you wanted to know about getting into med school ebook,

"Med School Admissions Secrets" has arrived! I have left absolutely nothing to chance while writing this awesome step by step guide for you.

What I have done is share all the secrets, tips, and advice which I have ever learned on how to be a successful premed student and more importantly get into med school. You are about to get an insider's view from the admissions committee's perspective on what they want to see out of your application.

Clearly the MCAT matters but there is much more to getting admitted than your numbers. I show you how to complete your AMCAS application and when. How to write your personal statement so that it convinces each med school to invite you to an interview. Want examples of real secondary and med school interview questions, you got it.

If you're reading Premed Grand Rounds I really value and appreciate your support so I am doing something very special. I have gone ahead and slashed the price of this ebook to something ridiculously low to ensure you get get your copy now.

Obviously, I can't keep the price this low for long so get "Med School Admissions Secrets" now!

AMCAS is Ready for Business

If you're applying to medical school I hope you started work on your AMCAS application. The application has been open for a week already so don't delay.

There's a lot of tedious work to be done such as completing your academic record and getting your transcripts verified. These are the aspects which can slow your application so begin completing them now.

Also, I am going to be disappointed if you have not begun work on your personal statement. Your personal statement is the final component of your application which you have complete control over so take it seriously. Med schools use your personal statement to decide between two equally qualified applicants so it is very important that you write the best essay possible.

A golden nugget…MCAT and timing of your application. If you have not taken the MCAT yet or will be waiting on your scores don't wait to submit your AMCAS. Submit it now so that you will at least be on the radar of the med schools(I cover much more in Med School Admissions Secrets).

Health Science Day

Meet with the top colleges in Health Science May 18th at CollegeWeekLive HEALTH SCIENCE DAY! This one-day event features live chat with admissions representatives, faculty and students as well as presentations from experts in the Health Science field. Registration is FREE!  

CollegeWeekLive is also awarding a $1,000 scholarship for a creative representation of what drives you in Health Sciences. The “What Drives You?” scholarship is your unique opportunity to creatively express your interests, goals and “inner drive” in the fields of Health Science. Enter your submission by 12 pm EDT on May 18th and attend the show from 2-9 pm EDT and vote for the winner.

Please note: I will be presenting at this event. My presentation will cover being premed and in college, how to choose a major, and what to expect going forward. Learn more about Health Science Day!

Not Just Medicine Anymore

Here's a great read to learn how medicine has dramatically changed from what it once was. This will give you insight on the economics, business, and managed care perspective. FYI: good topic to understand while preparing for your med school interviews.

Learn how medicine is changing here.

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