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March 15, 2011

Timely Advice To Get You to Medical School

Premed Grand Rounds

Table of Contents

In this issue...

1.) Match Day -- 4th year medical students are about to find out which specialties they have matched into on...

2.) MCAT Secret Advice -- Your MCAT test date is approaching and here are some great ways to boost your score by...

3.) Ivy League Announcements -- For all those applying to the Ivy League medical schools, you are in for a big day when...

4.) New Medical School -- There are now 134 medical schools, do you know which is the newest...

5.) Doctor That's Your Wife -- What happens when you're a trauma surgeon and the patient is your wife...

Match Day

For all fourth year medical school students who are graduating, March 17th is the day they have been waiting for. You spent most of the year interviewing at specialty programs throughout the country to figure out what specialty you will match along with the specific residency program.

The Match will determine if you got into the residency of your choice where you will spend the next few years learning how to be a specific type of doctor i.e. surgeon, primary care, radiologist, etc.

This year Match Day will be on March 17th, and all medical students across the country will be notified on this day where they have matched. Clearly, a lot is at stake on this day. You rank the programs you want to attend, while the computers rank the applicants and those ranking at the same level are matched accordingly.

MCAT Secret Advice

Are you stressed out over how your MCAT preparation is going, do you feel you need to score just a bit higher?

If so, you may want to change your MCAT strategy. Instead of focusing on memorizing equations and formulas, try to learn how to take the test. There are a number of strategies available to you from MCAT SECRETS.

Trick 1:

Do you ever come across a set of answer choices and are completely unsure of which one to choose? You have a 1 in 4 chance of being correct because there are 4 choices per question, but it is possible to increase your odds of success.

Simply, eliminating one answer gives you a 1 in 3 chance of being correct and that is huge!

Remember the MCAT is designed to test your thinking and reasoning ability, which means there are going to be answer choices which seem correct, but are actually wrong because you made a miscalculation somewhere.

If you have three similar answer choices and one that is different from the rest, where is the most likely correct answer contained?

It is most likely going to be in the group of three answer choices, now you have increased your probability of being correct from 25% to 33%. If you are able to eliminate just one incorrect answer choice from this group of three your odds of being correct are 50% and I will take that number anytime on the MCAT.

You can get tips, tricks, and advice like this and much more with MCAT SECRETS. I was surprised at what was included in MCAT SECRETS and know this is a good resource for you. Although, I did find there were some sections which repeated themselves, but overall I would recommend this book.

Trick 2:

I wrote a full article on this trick for boosting your Verbal score on the MCAT, but after doing further research did not believe it would do what it could for you so I am not recommending it to you.

Instead, I think ExamKrackers Verbal Reasoning is the best resource for improving your Verbal score. They do not play any games, endorse gimmicks, or give you a false sense of hope.

Ivy League Admission Announcements

The Ivy League and a few other medical schools do things a bit differently when it comes to their offer of acceptances. Most medical schools interview applicants and in a few weeks let you know if you have been accepted or not, but not the Ivy League.

For the Ivy League, they invite their selected applicants to an interview but wait to give a final offer of acceptance. These medical schools want to interview everyone first and then make admission decisions after everyone has been interviewed, so there is no advantage of being the first to interview like most schools which operate on the rolling admissions cycle.

So congratulations to all those Ivy League applicants who find out they have been accepted to medical school this month.

Again, if you have not been accepted anywhere I seriously encourage you to consider your future options and working on a plan B, which for many can be found in a post-bac program.

New Medical School

As an applicant to medical school, you have to get excited when a new medical school is announced because it means you have a better chance of getting admitted.

Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine (FAU) has received provisional membership by the AAMC Board of Directors after being granted preliminary accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education.

Doctor, That's Your Wife

Here is a general interest news story based on a surgeon who went up to the helicopter pad to meet a patient who needed transport to a major trauma center. In the process of evaluating the patient, the doctor found out it was his wife. Read a Doctor's and Husband's Duty.

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