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Urgent: You Must Read This
June 14, 2011

Timely Advice To Get You to Medical School

Premed Grand Rounds

Table of Contents

In this issue...

1.) Moving -- Premed Grand Rounds is moving learn how you can remain a subscriber...

2.) AMCAS Application -- On June 17th AMCAS will begin submitting completed applications to the med schools...

Premed Grand Rounds is Moving


I hope everyone is doing well and is making progress with their MCAT preparation and medical school applications.

There is plenty of news to share, but let's begin with the most urgent piece of information. Premed Grand Rounds is moving to a new service provider which unfortunately means I need everyone to resubscribe to the newsletter.

In a few days you will be receiving an email with the following subject line: "your name: Confirm your Premed Grand Rounds subscription."

It is absolutely necessary for you to resubscribe to the newsletter so please follow the instructions contained in the email if you wish to continue to receive Premed Grand Rounds.

The new service is going to allow me to provide you with a richer and more personalized premed experience.

Additionally, email courses can be sent to you if you so choose, to really give you all the tips and advice that you'll need to successfully get into medical school.

Therefore, please be on the look out for the email with the subject line, "your name: Confirm your Premed Grand Rounds subscription." You must resubscribe in order to continue receiving the newsletter and the change will be happening in the next two weeks.

I can honestly say you're going to like what is in store for you.

In an over abundance of caution I will send out a few emails directing you to the new newsletter so that you don't miss out, but after then you'll be on your own so please follow the instructions that you'll be receiving.

One final notice...

If you are applying to medical school this year you want to have your AMCAS application completed early. This means by the end of this week if at all possible.


AMCAS on Friday, June 17th will begin sending/transferring your completed AMCAS application to the medical schools which you have designated. Shortly, thereafter you will begin to receive secondary applications to complete.

Good Luck,


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