University of Cincinnati Master in Physiology Program Will Put You Next to Medical Students

The University of Cincinnati offers a one-year Master's in Physiology program for individuals wishing to enter medicine. You will be right there with the first year medical students. The main exception is you won’t participate in any clinical activities or patient interactions. So if you want a true taste of medical school then this program is for you. 

Program Focus

This Master in Physiology is designed for college graduates who need an opportunity to enhance their academic record before applying to medical school. This may be for a number of reasons including:
  • improve undergraduate GPA
  • significant time off since undergrad
  • did not pursue biomedical science focus in undergrad
  • attended lesser known college

University of Cincinnati Structure

This is an eleven month program, running from mid August thru the third week of July. This is a full-time master program where you need 30 credits to graduate. The course offerings are as follows, along with credits:
Fall Semester
  • Graduate Medical Physiology I: 3
  • Fundamentals of Molecular Medicine (medical block): 5
  • Fundamentals of Cellular Medicine (medical block): 5
  • Interprofessional Education in Health Sciences & Medicine: 1
  • Surface Anatomy, Osteology, & Radiology (medical block): 2

Spring Semester

  • Graduate Medical Physiology II: 2
  • Statistics for Biomedical & Clinical Research: 2
  • GI, Endocrine & Reproductive (medical block): 6
  • Molecular Physiology: 2
  • Capstone Project: 5

Each course with the designation of medical block means you are competing directly against the medical students.


Applicants to the Cincinnati's Physiology master program generally present at least a 3.0 GPA and MCAT score of 500. 

It is strongly suggested that you have taken a biochemistry course due to the nature of the medical school curriculum.


You will complete a University of Cincinnati centralized application online by selecting "Physiology: MS" once logged into the initial application. On the application you will need to:
  • Submit Personal Statement: defining your interest in the program
  • Include MCAT score(s): GRE scores are not accepted in lieu of MCAT
  • Pay the Application fee: $100 which is nonrefundable.

There are additional materials which will need to be sent directly to the program coordinator. These materials include:

  • Official Transcript(s)
  • Letters of Recommendation: 3 individual or a committee letter
  • MCAT Score(s): provide certification via the online verification code

All of these documents should be mailed to: Program Coordinator Molecular and Cellular Physiology University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 231 Albert Sabin Way Cincinnati, OH 45267-0576


Your online application must be submitted by May 20, while all supporting documents including MCAT scores must arrive by June 1.

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