Penn Med Student National Medical Association Co-Chair (MS2)

by Austin Dixon
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

It is tough getting admission into Penn Med. One thing that you can do to distinguish yourself is to show maturity and long-term leadership commitments. While in undergrad, don't be afraid to step outside your boundaries. Be the person who charters a new student organization. Be the person elected to a student government office. Be the only person who will sign up for that intense/hated laboratory research summer program. Be the person who enroll into the class that no one takes because everyone fails... and pass that class with honors.

Med schools everywhere, including Penn Med, want leaders and those who step outside of their boundaries.

Be a leader. Be a risk-taker. Finish at or near the top of your class.

But at the end of the day...

Be normal. Have fun. For example, go out on a date or join a sports team. This is challenging to do if you want to distinguish yourself academically and extracurricularly (is that a word... English majors?) at the same time.

However, that is why it is important to have excellent, polished time management skills and effective study habits.

That brings me to my last few points. Don't be afraid to challenge your old habits and look to improve yourself (even if you believe you are doing well). Also, have confidence... so much so that in the face of the greatest adversity (e.g. when you get a "C" on that test or something tragic happens in your personal life) you still get up every morning to fight with a belief that if you want it bad enough any dream really can come true.

We are waiting for YOU to be the healthcare leader of tomorrow.

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