The Best Medical Books for Leisure Reading

The medical books I am sharing are not textbooks. Instead reading which will help you:

  • understand the medical profession
  • write your medical school application
  • and in your medical school interviews
while showcasing all the paths you can take in your medical career.

My favorite area in a bookstore is the Health/Medical section. I am always on the lookout for newly released books. Many times I will speak with premeds or medical students at a Borders (now out of business) or Barnes & Nobles and they realize I really do know my stuff about these books so they'll ask me to pick a few books that will be good for them to read.

Here you are going to find all of my recommendations. These are not textbooks instead leisure reading for anytime. Besides, it is always good to take a break from the academics and read just for fun!

Topics within medical books include:

  • academic failures who become world-renown surgeons
  • physicians who are the best in their field
  • life as a medical student
  • surviving your medical residency
  • reflections on medicine

Hour 30: Uncensored Memoir of a Doctor in Training

Insider's perspective on New York plastic surgery.

Ben Carson, MD world renown neurosurgeon.

Pursuing medicine against all obstacles.

Life as an orthopedic resident.

Becoming #1 in your surgical specialty.

Compassion while becoming a doctor

Finding oneself on your way to becoming a surgeon...a plastic surgeon

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