Medical Specialties

With over thirty medical specialties you will have a lot of options in choosing which area to practice.

Each medical practice area has its unique set of characteristics and specific role in medicine. I went ahead and outlined all of the relevant information you'll need to know as a medical student and trying to decide on the best specialty area for you.

Medicine is very diverse and you can basically do whatever you want and tailor your medical practice to fit your needs. Even two doctors in the same specialty can come away with vasty different lifestyles too.

For instance the length of training varies, with emergency medicine requiring a three year residency while thoracic surgery requires seven to eight years of training after medical school.

Ophthalmology is for individuals who are comfortable with knowing a lot about one system, the eyes, but many doctors believe this field is overcrowded and there won't be good practice opportunities in the future. 

On the other-hand, rehabilitation medicine is fairly new and does not have enough practicing physicians.

This is your one stop shop where you will find information on how your personality can help you find the best medical specialty for yourself, the differences in physician salaries, typical schedules, and much more.

Before taking a look at the specialties listed below I have an activity which you'll really enjoy. There's a medical specialty quiz where you can rate your tendencies on specific topics and it will generate a ranking of specialities based on your responses.

Hopefully, during your clinical rotations in medical school you'll learn whether you're a medicine or surgery person. Basically do you like to diagnose or cut? Once you know this you can really dig in and find the best area of medicine to meet your needs. 

The Medical Specialties

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